Asset Management

VIAVI Solutions launches NITRO Fiber Sensing asset management solution for critical infrastructure

VIAVI Solutions Inc. launched NITRO Fiber Sensing, an integrated real-time asset monitoring and analytics solution for critical infrastructure ranging from oil, gas and water pipelines to electrical power transmission, border/perimeter security and data center interconnects.

SewerAI raises $15 million to modernize North American sewer infrastructure with AI

Using SewerAI's platform, customers have been able to double the linear feet of inspections they're able to perform each day while increasing data quality and shortening turnaround times.

Henderson, Nev., to implement Arcadis digital asset management system for 500,000 water assets

Arcadis will support the migration of information from the City's legacy system to Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA). The Arcadis team will load, configure, and build lifecycle models for their 500,000 water and wastewater assets with detailed strategies for reservoirs, HVAC, sewer mains, potable water laterals, and meters.

Chinese hackers have been infiltrating critical U.S. infrastructure for over a decade, FBI reveals

FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed that China-sponsored hackers had been infiltrating critical U.S. infrastructure, including water, sewer systems, and oil and gas operations, since at least 2011.

Woolpert implements Rapid Ready asset management system for California utility provider

Rapid Ready will provide standardized maintenance and tracking for WCW’s lifecycle management assets, including manholes and sewer pipes, as well as service requests, maintenance activities, and costs in an organized fashion that supports reporting and process improvements.

Second annual Global Buried Asset Management Congress to be held in Indianapolis

Building on the achievements of the inaugural The Global Buried Asset Management Congress (GBAMC), BAMI-I, in partnership with Purdue Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) and Southwest Environmental Financial Center (SWEFC), announced the second GBAMC, scheduled for Nov.14-16, 2024, in Indianapolis.

Olds municipality makes strides in sewer, water system overhaul, targeting I&I challenges

Following an assessment last fall, which included a vapor test to identify inflow and infiltration (I&I) issues in the sewer system, significant progress has been achieved. Out of the 38 repairs identified during the test, 36 have been completed, primarily involving the replacement of manhole lids, inserts, and cleanout plugs at various locations.

National Security Advisor calls on states to share water infrastructure cybersecurity plans by May 2024

The cybersecurity plans should include details for how states are working with both drinking water and wastewater infrastructure to determine where they are vulnerable to cyberattacks and what actions they are taking to build in cybersecurity protections.

Reline America, East Coast Infrastructure partner to expand UV-GRP Alphaliner network

(UI) — This partnership will bring UV-GRP lining to the Tidewater region, making East Coast Infrastructure a one-stop shop for infrastructure assessment and rehabilitation.

Dragos to provide free cybersecurity software to small utility providers to protect critical infrastructure

Dragos Inc. announced the Dragos Community Defense Program will provide free OT cybersecurity software for small water, electric, and natural gas providers.

Asset management: Working with Duke’s ‘like having a crystal ball’

(UI) — When optimizing sewer and wastewater treatment systems, it can be overwhelming to look at more than 100 miles of sewer pipe funneling heavy flow during a rain event and wonder where that excess flow is coming from.

VertiGIS launches underground utilities locator for contractors to prevent asset damage

This innovative solution for underground utilities revolutionizes the way companies handle the demand of 811, Call-Before-You-Dig and One-Call responses with efficiency and accuracy.

Proposal aims to enhance gas, water pipelines across federal lands near Rifle, Colorado

(UI) — The proposal involves the construction of natural gas and produced water pipelines crossing federal land south of Rifle, Colorado, covering a total of seven miles. This includes 2.9 miles through U.S. National Forest land, 2.1 miles across Bureau of Land Management territory, and another 2.1 miles over private property.

BAMI-I to present first-ever Global Buried Asset Management Congress for underground infrastructure industry

This congress aims to advance the science and practice of asset management in the underground infrastructure industry, with a main focus on the water and wastewater sector and other utilities that have buried assets.

GPR: From glaciers to conduits, digs deeper so you don’t have to

(UI) — The ability to accurately map underground or encased infrastructure allows construction and excavation professionals to plan groundbreaking and other destructive activities more efficiently. By knowing where not to dig, cut or core, these professionals eliminate the risks associated with striking buried utilities or severing structural components, such as rebar or post-tension cables.

Berkeley County Public Service Water District utilizes cloud-based asset management software

The District will be able to extend the life of its assets with a preventative maintenance schedule that includes recurring maintenance tasks, asset performance, and a plan for replacements and repairs.

Louisville Water advances digital transformation with KloudGin asset management platform

As part of Louisville Water’s digital transformation initiative, KloudGin’s platform helped Louisville Water automate cross-control processes from legacy systems to a cloud-native, mobile application.

Tech Tips: Locating underground assets

(UI) — As municipalities and other agencies embrace the concept of asset management for their underground infrastructure, locating and identifying those assets become more important. In the past, the options for locating and identifying underground assets were a challenge.

Cloud platform gives communities control over their revenue management destiny

(UI) — When the effects of rampant inflation became apparent in Nevada’s Virgin Valley Water District in 2022, a tank installation project budgeted for $2.4 million – similar to a $2-million-project completed in 2018 – received a bid of $3.6 million. So Chief Financial Officer Wes Smith set to work recalculating the projected cost of planned capital projects.

MentorAPM selected to provide CMMS for wastewater treatment provider AlexRenew

(UI) — Asset management software solutions provider MentorAPM has been selected to provide and implement a complete Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) for Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew), Alexandria, Virginia’s wastewater treatment provider.

Scottish Water taps leading-edge drones and lasers to improve sewer network

(UC) — A combination of hi-tech drones and laser technology adapted for use in the wastewater industry is being deployed by the utility to survey sewers for potential problems by flying the drones inside them, often to parts of the network that traditional surveying methods can’t reach.

4M Analytics secures $45 million to map US underground utility infrastructure

(UC) — Geo-data company 4M Analytics Ltd. has raised an additional $30 million in funding, bringing the total to $45 million raised, to fund the creation of a map of the United States' underground infrastructure.

$1 Billion Wastewater Plant Upgrade Leverages Modern Solutions

Across North America, population booms are putting pressure on the capacity limitations of aging municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Houston Area Getting Little of $1B in Harvey Flood Aid

Houston area will only be getting a small portion of the $1 billion federal funding awarded to Texas.

Idaho Eyes Sewer, Water, Broadband with Federal Rescue Money

Idaho will receive $1.1 billion in the latest round of coronavirus relief money which will go toward water, sewer and broadband infrastructure in the state.

New Mexico Sets Record for Monthly Royalty Earnings for Oil and Gas Leases

New Mexico sets a record for oil and gas leasing royalties.

The DCA Created New Microsites to Enhance the Underground Industry

The DCA launched new microsites helping to create jobs, find workers, educate underground industry.

California State Water Project Initial Allocations Lowered

A second consecutive dry winter led to the lowering of initial allocations from the State Water Project for the 2021 water year.

Pelosi Pledges Swift Work on Major U.S. Infrastructure Package

Nancy Pelosi pledges swift work by Congress on infrastructure package.

Congress Members Seek Funds to Clean Up Merrimack River

A group of congress members are seeking funds for a program to decrease the amount of sewage released into the Merrimack River.

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