San Francisco receives $369 million loan for stormwater infrastructure upgrades

The funding comes on the heels of storm drain system failures last winter. The loan will help the city fund “resiliency projects” to relieve areas prone to flooding with stormwater upgrades.

Watchdog group calls for complete overhaul of New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board structure

The Sewerage & Water Board’s “unique” governing structure is responsible for several critical issues, including failing flood protection, boil-water notices and rising costs associated with a struggling billing system.

SANI-TRED sealing solution extends manhole lifespan in recent infrastructure project

Sealing solutions such as SANI-TRED can be applied to various manhole materials, including concrete, brick, and metal, making it a versatile solution for different infrastructure projects.

Federal pilot program seeks professionals for major sewer system overhaul project in West Virginia’s McDowell County

(UI) — With assistance from a federal Environmental Protection Agency pilot program, hundreds of residents of McDowell County who rely on an outdated sewer system that dumps trash into a stream might receive contemporary services, the Register-Herald reported.

United Utilities sewer upgrade improves water quality in England’s River Calder, Pendle Water

(UI) — A project to create a vast new underground stormwater storage tank in Nelson has reached a major milestone as engineers have now installed the lid.

Supreme Court limits federal power over wetlands, boosts property rights over clean water

The Supreme Court on Thursday made it harder for the federal government to police water pollution in a decision that strips protections from wetlands that are isolated from larger bodies of water.

Frequent water main breaks in Minnesota suburbs spotlights aging infrastructure problems

In St. Louis Park, officials are seeking money from the Biden administration’s 2021 infrastructure bill to repair parts of the city’s 160 miles of water mains. In addition, the city invested $400,000 into an inspection machine to locate weaknesses in water infrastructure.

Broad Channel infrastructure project receives “Envision Verified Award”

(UI) — The Broad Channel infrastructure project is raising streets and implementing new storm sewers to reduce flooding in an area that Jamaica Bay frequently inundates during high tides and storms.

Governor Hochul approves $51 million for clean water, drinking infrastructure projects in New York

(UI) — Governor Kathy Hochul has approved $51 million in financing to advance important water and sewer infrastructure projects. The funds will help with system modernization, the removal of new pollutants from drinking water, and the replacement of lead service connections.

Michigan lawmakers introduce bills to create septic codes throughout the state

While 30% of Michigan residents use septic systems, only a small fraction of counties have septic codes. Specifically, 11 out of 83 counties lack standards for septic system management, according to the Michigan Environmental Council. EGLE also reported that 330,000 systems are leaking waste into groundwater due to various failures.

Texas House approves bill to set aside billions to upgrade state’s aging water system

A bill that was approved by the Texas House on Wednesday by a vote of 136-8 would establish a new fund to kickstart significant water supply projects and repair deteriorating water infrastructure around the state, The Texas Tribune reported.

Fact.MR: Manhole camera market to reach over $641 million by 2033

Rising commercial and industrial development, rapid urbanization, and increasing government investments in infrastructure development projects are market growth drivers for manhole cameras.

City of Duluth wins $700,000 federal grant for wastewater heating project

Known as a “geothermal heating district,” the initiative will use heat generated from waste at the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District to warm over 2 million square feet worth of buildings.

Wisconsin environmental regulators settle wastewater lawsuit with large dairy farm

One of Wisconsin’s largest dairy operations has settled with state environmental regulators, which calls for the company to eventually stop spreading liquid manure in exchange for avoiding groundwater monitoring requirements.

Rehab technology: 10 expert tips to ensure safe sewer cleaning

(UI) — Municipalities must safely clean and maintain many miles of sewer line annually to eliminate blockages and prevent sanitary sewer overflows, which are regulated by the EPA. However, the use of high-pressure equipment in underground sewers can be dangerous, unless operators are well-trained and fully understand the hazards.

City of Newburgh completes first underground tunnel, part of $32 million sewer improvement project

This phase of the project is being completed by a specially designed tunnel boring machine (TBM) capable of “micro tunneling” – an innovative, remote-operated trenchless construction method that allows for simultaneous excavation and pipe laying with minimal disruption to residents.

Jackson’s federally appointed water manager to take control over sewer system

U.S. District Court Judge Henry Wingate said at a hearing that he plans on placing Jackson’s sewer system under the authority of Ted Henifin, who was appointed in November to address the city’s water troubles.

Spain to invest $2.4 billion in drought measures, including wastewater infrastructure and desalination plants

Ribera said $1.5 billion would go toward building the infrastructure to double the use of treated wastewater in urban areas and constructing new desalination plants to increase the national supply of drinking water.

Pittsburgh water rates could increase nearly 60% over next 3 years

(UI) — In order to continue funding its plans for infrastructure upgrades, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has submitted a request to state regulators for a rate increase of over 60% over the upcoming three years.

DOJ probe finds Alabama ignored sewer issues in impoverished communities

The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday said an environmental justice probe found Alabama engaged in a pattern of inaction and neglect regarding the risks of raw sewage for residents in an impoverished Alabama county and announced a settlement agreement with the state.

Tech Tips: Manhole inspection technologies

(UI) — If you attend a wastewater conference or read any sewer industry magazine, you will undoubtedly see multiple technologies for inspecting sewer manholes or underground structures. Each one has its main salespoints or technologies, but what are they providing you? How can you utilize these technologies to streamline and improve your inspection program?

Limiting SSOs with superior sewer maintenance tools, techniques

(UI) — Most municipalities are fully aware that preventing sewer overflows is a national enforcement priority for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), yet many struggle to stay compliant. Too often, when municipalities are short-staffed and must maintain miles of sewer line, they end up simply responding to emergencies.

Tennessee announces $232 million in additional funding for water infrastructure

(UI) — The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has announced 102 grants totaling $232,709,981 of which TDEC is administering in the form of drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure grants.

Big changes ahead for Midland's sewage system: 8,000 feet of pipe set for renovation

(UI) — Earlier this month, W. Sugnet Road was closed to through-traffic from W. Main Street to Valley Drive in Midland, Texas, as construction kicked off on a multiyear sewer pipe upsizing project through the Concept 5 Sewer Improvement Plan.

Orlando’s Richard Howard brought global view, acclaim to innovative public works program

During Richard Howard's tenure, Orlando’s Public Works department was increasingly known for its innovative, sometimes experimental and largely successful approaches to wastewater and stormwater management.

Pearland city officials approve plan to rehabilitate 20,000 feet of sewer pipes

(UI) — A sanitary sewer restoration contract for $2.88 million from Texas Pride Utilities was unanimously approved last month by the Pearland City Council for the Barry Rose and Old Town Site neighborhoods.

CITCO Water announces partnership with Trivest

(UI) — CITCO Water provides an end-to-end solution for critical municipal water and wastewater needs and maintains a unique mix of recession resistant infrastructure repair, replacement, and upgrade products combined with mission critical water treatment chemicals and related technical expertise.

City installs new storm sewers and water mains in Dongan Hills, Staten Island

(UI) — The $4.17 million capital project replaced water mains and sewers and rebuilt streets and sidewalks spanning over nine blocks in Dongan Hills, Staten Island, near Ocean Breeze Park.

New Orleans to store 56,000 gallons of stormwater in new park

The park will hold approximately 56,000 gallons of stormwater, easing pressure on New Orleans’ decaying drains and pump system. Dubbed the Bayou St. John Green Infrastructure project, the new park’s stormwater capacity is equivalent to 1,100 household bathtubs.

83 projects awarded $585 million to improve aging water infrastructure, advance drought resilience

(UI) — The Biden-Harris administration has awarded nearly $585 million in funding to 83 projects across 11 states to increase drought resilience and improve water delivery systems.