Arkansas water commission pitches $22 million plan to expand Springdale’s sewer capacity

(UI) — A report on options to expand the sewage service's capacity on the southeast side of Springdale and in the city of Johnson was presented to the Water and Sewer Commission on Jan. 18, Arkansas Democarat-Gazette reported. Through the year 2045, the measures might guarantee that sewage capacity is sufficient for projected development projects.

Georgia plant spills 100 million gallons of partly treated water

A wastewater plant in middle Georgia’s largest city spilled partially treated water into the Ocmulgee River after a series of equipment failures in December. WMAZ-TV reports that the Macon Water Authority’s treatment plant released more than 100 million gallons (378 million liters) of partially treated water into the river.

California storms feed systems set up to capture rainwater

As Californians tally the damage from recent storms, some are taking stock of the rainwater captured by cisterns, catches, wells and underground basins. Hidden under a newly paved parking lot next to a county courthouse, the wastewater treatment plant filters and purifies sewage and runoff simultaneously to produce water that exceeds state and federal drinking water regulations.

Half-million gallons of sewage spills into San Diego Bay

A malfunction at a wastewater pumping station spilled 500,000 gallons of raw sewage into San Diego Bay, authorities said.

Digging Deep for Resilience

(UI) — Resilience is an essential concept for water infrastructure as well, defined by the American Society of Civil Engineers as “a system’s ability to withstand and adapt to the impacts of natural and/or manmade disasters.” As climate instability increases the likelihood of heavy downpours, sewer systems without ample capacity are increasingly vulnerable to overflow.

Governor Hochul invests additional $143 million into New York water infrastructure projects

(UI) — Gov. Kathy Hochul announced $143 million in financial assistance for seven water infrastructure improvement projects, the latest action to upgrade New York's water and sewer systems, reduce water pollution, and safeguard vital drinking water supplies.

Japan eyes delay of Fukushima radioactive wastewater release

Japan has revised the timing of a planned release to the sea of treated but still radioactive wastewater at the Fukushima nuclear power plant to "around spring or summer," indicating a delay from the initial target of this spring, after factoring in the progress of a release tunnel and the need to gain public support.

Missouri utility unveils $425 million water infrastructure plan

(UI) — Investor-owned water company Missouri American Water said on Jan. 12 that this year will see more than $425 million in enhancements to the state's water and wastewater systems.

Pennsylvania to invest $236 million for drinking water, wastewater, stormwater projects

(UI) — Gov. Tom Wolf has announced the investment of $236 million for 25 drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater projects across 17 counties through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

Louisiana lawmakers award $357 million in sewer, water projects

(UI) — Louisiana lawmakers have approved $356.7 million for 87 sewer and water upgrades around the state during their Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget meeting held in December.

Idaho awarded $263 million for wastewater upgrades, to help recharge Boise River water supply

(UI) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $263 million loan to Boise, Idaho, to improve the city’s wastewater treatment processes to protect the Boise River’s water quality and ultimately recharge the drought-burdened Boise River with high-quality effluent.

LuminUltra participates in study to deploy wastewater surveillance technology in Canada

(UI) — LuminUltra has partnered with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) to implement a cutting-edge, on-site laboratory to perform wastewater surveillance testing at Pearson International Airport.

Makeshift explosive discovered near south county sewer pump in St. Louis, Missouri

(UI) — Ten cans of spray paint were found taped around a firecracker within a device found behind a fence enclosing a Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) pump station in December, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

St. Joseph, Mo., set to receive $25 million in federal funding for sewer updates

(UI) — The Water Resources Development Act is expected to provide $25 million to St. Joseph, Missouri, for sewer upgrades, Yahoo Finance reported. Passed by both the House and Senate, the Water Resources Development Act , the act authorizes $50 million for funding sewer and stormwater projects throughout North Missouri, including $25 million in sewer updates allocated specifically to St. Joseph, Missouri.

EPA awards New Jersey $500 million to modernize wastewater, drinking water infrastructure

(UI) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Thursday a $500 million loan to the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank to modernize wastewater and drinking water systems serving over 10 million people throughout New Jersey.

EPA takes action to address pollution violations at Kailua Wastewater Treatment Plant

(UI) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has entered into an order on consent with the city and county of Honolulu to ensure pollutant discharge requirements are met at the Kailua Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The treatment plant is authorized to discharge wastewater via a Clean Water Act permit issued by the Hawaii Department of Health.

Two workers killed while installing sewer pipes in Texas

(UI) — In Texas, two workmen were killed in December while laying sewer pipes in a ditch more than two floors below ground, The Charlotte Observer reported. The workers were crushed under thousands of pounds of soil and rocks when a large portion of the excavation collapsed.

$600 million designated for struggling water system in Mississippi

The federal government will put $600 million toward repairing the troubled water system in Mississippi's capital city — a project that the mayor has said could cost billions of dollars.

North Carolina to invest $19 million for water infrastructure upgrades in Yadkin, Surry counties

(UC) — Governor Roy Cooper announced on Dec. 20 North Carolina’s Yadkin and Surry counties would receive $4 million for floodplain resiliency improvements, $8.1 million for water treatment plant filter and clear well replacements and $6.9 million for meters and water line replacements.

Tennessee secures $186 million loan to modernize wastewater infrastructure in Chattanooga

(UC) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a $186 million Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act loan granted to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to support its Wastewater Compliance and Sustainability Project.

Massachusetts fines city for illegal sewage discharge into Lake Quinsigamond

(UC) — The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the city of Worcester have reached a settlement following the unauthorized discharge of approximately six million gallons of untreated wastewater to Lake Quinsigamond that occurred in February 2022. The city must pay a $13,000 penalty to the state.

Aquasight launches intelligent wastewater solution to improve utility resiliency to flooding

(UC) — Aquasight's ACE Intelligent Wastewater technology provides critical insights to storm events in time for utilities to minimize flooding impacts or potential sewer overflows. The digital solution generates past, live, and forecasted storm analysis and its impacts on sewers for proactive wet weather management.

Army Corps awards 5-year, $25 million contract for water, wastewater projects to Stantec JV

(UC) — Under this contract, the Stantec-Freese and Nichols joint venture (JV) team will provide the Mobile District and WWTCX with a full range of support services on water, wastewater, and civil works projects, including treatment processes and technologies, energy reduction and optimization, models of water and wastewater networks, pump stations, and other related systems.

Rehab Technology: Tips for Using Bypass Pipe Plugs for Sewage Bypass

(UI) — Pipe plugs are designed to perform three essential functions: blocking a pipeline, conducting an air test in a pipeline, and bypassing effluent in an active pipeline. Blocking a pipeline becomes necessary during new installation or maintenance, when effluent needs to be temporarily stopped or a new pipe is air tested for leaks.

Governor Hochul awards $55.4 million for water infrastructure projects across New York

(UI) — Governor Kathy Hochul has announced $55.4 million in funding for water infrastructure improvement projects, the latest action to upgrade New York's water and sewer systems, reduce water pollution, and safeguard vital drinking water supplies.

Regulators limit fracking waste in Delaware River watershed

A regulatory agency responsible for the water supply of more than 13 million people in four Northeastern states moved Wednesday to ban gas drillers from dumping fracking wastewater in the Delaware River watershed and to make it difficult for them to take fresh water out.

Virginia’s wastewater infrastructure receives “poor” rating by engineering group

(UI) — The Virginia Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released the 2022 Report Card for Virginia's Infrastructure on Tuesday, where 11 categories of infrastructure received an overall grade of a “C”. Specifically, the state’s water infrastructure received a grade of “D+”. According to the report, a C is considered “mediocre” while a D is “poor.”

EPA awards New Jersey $169 million in funding for water infrastructure improvements

(UI) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded New Jersey nearly $169 million in funding for water infrastructure improvements that will help communities access clean, safe and reliable drinking water, increase resilience, collect and treat wastewater to protect public health, clean up pollution, and safeguard vital waterways.

US officials say 2 more places will test sewage for polio

Philadelphia and Oakland County, Michigan, are joining the small list of U.S. localities that are looking for signs of polio infections in sewage, U.S. health officials said Wednesday.

Global Water Resources to provide water services to new manufacturing facility in Arizona

(UC) — Global Water Resources Inc. has received a certificate of convenience and a permit from the Arizona Corporation Commission to provide water, wastewater and recycled water services to Procter & Gamble Co.’s new manufacturing facility in Coolidge, Arizona.