Drought conditions threaten Louisianna drinking water with high salt levels, may prompt emergency declaration

The southeastern corner of the state, Plaquemines Parish, is already under a drinking water advisory due to high salt levels in the water.

EPA to invest $7.5 billion to upgrade water infrastructure across the country

This low-interest loan program helps communities invest in drinking water and stormwater infrastructure while saving millions of dollars and creating good-paying local jobs.

EPA allocates over $20 million to support water utility worker training

The water industry is facing wide-spread shortages of qualified workers due to expected retirements, needed investments in the nation’s infrastructure, and new technical and scientific skill sets required to operate and maintain these systems.

Beaumont, Texas, unveils $123 million plan to overhaul water infrastructure

(UI) — This intricate plan, spanning five years, carries a substantial price tag of $123 million, with a significant portion, $43 million, allocated to the replacement and maintenance of water pipelines during this period.

EPA unveils $500 million water equity program to address infrastructure needs across the country

EPA’s “Advancing Water Equity and Access for All Commitment” will be implemented in collaboration with the Clinton Global Initiative and academic, non-profit, philanthropic and private sector partners to ensure more communities than ever have access to essential drinking water and stormwater services.

Michigan rejects last effort to criminally charge officials in Flint water scandal

Managers appointed by Snyder turned the Flint River into a source for Flint water in 2014, but the water wasn’t treated to reduce its corrosive impact on old pipes. As a result, lead contaminated the system for 18 months.

Recent floods highlight climate risks to New England's aging infrastructure

The floods this week in Massachusetts that put a few dams at risk have raised concern the structures may increasingly be at risk as stronger and wetter storms hit the region.

Metropolitan Water to increase water supplies for 7 million people with new infrastructure projects

The projects separately work to push water from the Colorado River and Diamond Valley Lake, Southern California’s largest reservoir, into communities that currently have limited access to these diverse and stored supplies.

Milwaukee suburb delays Lake Michigan water withdrawals to fix faulty infrastructure

City officials encountered programming issues with new pumps, and the manufacturer needs time to get people to Waukesha to correct them.

Biden restores states' and tribes' authority over waterways, including gas pipelines

The rule, which takes effect in November, reverses a Trump-era action that limited the ability of states and tribes to review pipelines, dams and other federally regulated projects within their borders.

EPA unveils $19 million grant program to improve climate resilience of nation’s water infrastructure

Eligible applicants for this funding opportunity include public water systems, a water system located in an area governed by an Indian Tribe, eligible territories, and states on behalf of communities that are underserved and small or disadvantaged.

Los Angeles stormwater infrastructure proves resilient as Tropical Storm Hilary breaks records

(UI) — Tropical Storm Hilary, which swept through Southern California and Nevada on August 20, set records as one of the wettest storms in the region's history, despite not causing the expected destruction. In Los Angeles, infrastructure captured around 13 million cubic meters (10,500 acre-feet) of stormwater from the storm.

Advocates urge expanded public hearings about Baltimore’s water and sewer system

(UI) — The Baltimore Regional Water Governance Task Force announced that it would hold four in-person meetings throughout this fall before recommending a new governance model for the city’s water and wastewater system.

GPRS launches new safety initiative to address aging water, wastewater infrastructure

(UI) — Ground Penetrating Radar Systems LLC (GPRS) has announced a new safety initiative designed to help municipalities and facilities regain control of their water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure. Water & Sewer Damage Awareness Week (WSDAW) will run Oct. 23-27, 2023.

West Virginia town unable to use tap water for four weeks after groundwater pollution

Last year, the EPA added Paden City’s groundwater to a national Superfund cleanup priority list. Sites are added to the list when contamination poses significant human health and environmental risks.

Communities unite to overcome decades of undrinkable water in West Texas

In rural West Texas, water problems underscore a broader issue: a 2016 report revealed 65 Texas systems with excessive arsenic, impacting 51,000 residents. Despite this, around 65 residents convened at a July meeting united in their aim to establish the South Plains Water Supply Corporation. Moreover, relief is on the horizon with $2.5 billion in federal funding allocated for water infrastructure.

Colorado wins over $13 million in federal funding for water transmission pipeline

The Gold Hill Pipeline Project will build a pipeline for water to flow in two directions, closing the gap in the transmission network.

Pennsylvania allocates $3.5 million to improve water and sewage safety in three counties

(UI) — Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Secretary Rick Siger has announced nearly $3.5 million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to ensure safe water and sewage systems in Mifflin, Somerset, and Sullivan counties.

Rocky Top, Tenn., awarded $2.3 million for water infrastructure improvements

(UI) — Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Commissioner David Salyers today announced two loans totaling $2,325,000 for the City of Rocky Top to improve water infrastructure.

Maui faces years of testing after fires damage water utility lines across the island

So far, tests have found no concerning levels of contaminants in the drinking water. But extensive testing is still needed, with access to most of Lahaina slowed by hazardous conditions and the search for human remains.

Kansas to receive $49.1 million to upgrade water, sanitary systems

(UI) — Within Kansas, the allocation includes a $6.4 million loan earmarked for the revitalization of water systems in Perry. This initiative will encompass the modernization and installation of approximately 24,000 feet of the collection system and around 15,000 feet of associated pipelines and equipment.

North Carolina sets the stage for new federal water protection rules

A month after the U.S. Supreme Court severely restricted the federal government’s power to oversee wetlands, the Republican-dominated North Carolina legislature handed state agencies an order: Don’t give the ecologically crucial waters any more protection than newly weakened federal rules provide.

Federal court grants preliminary approval of $12.5 billion PFAS water contamination case

A federal district court in South Carolina granted preliminary approval of a $12.5 billion class action settlement on behalf of public water systems nationwide over claims that major chemical manufacturer, 3M, contaminated water sources across the country with PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals.”

After Supreme Court curtails federal power, Biden administration weakens water protections

The Biden administration weakened regulations protecting millions of acres of wetlands Tuesday, saying it had no choice after the Supreme Court sharply limited the federal government’s jurisdiction over them.

127-year-old water main gives way under NYC’s Times Square, flooding streets, subways

A 127-year-old water main under New York’s Times Square gave way early Tuesday, flooding midtown streets and the city’s busiest subway station.

EPA releases initial data in nation’s most comprehensive PFAS monitoring effort

The data collected under UCMR 5 will ensure science-based decision-making and help EPA better understand national-level exposure to these 29 PFAS and lithium.

California American Water lifts boil water notice for San Diego County District

Customers can now consume and use their tap water normally after days of extensive testing have shown no sign of contamination.

Houston and San Antonio face sewer, water struggles amid central US deadly heat wave

Deadly heat has gripped Texas for much of the summer and has now spread into other parts of the central U.S., where it is expected to persist for days. Triple-digit temperatures are buckling roads, straining water systems, and posing a threat to the power grid of the nation’s energy capital.

Governor Hochul secures $185 million for New York water infrastructure

(UI) — Governor Kathy Hochul has secured over $185 million for water infrastructure projects across New York. The Environmental Facilities Corporation Board of Directors has given the green light to provide financial assistance for vital water infrastructure improvements throughout the state.

Illinois American Water to upgrade Village of Broadlands water system with new acquisition

Illinois American Water plans to invest in the first year on critical infrastructure, including installation of water meters and other projects to enhance water quality and system reliability.