Mastenbroek to unveil first-ever utility trencher the Bulldog

(UI) — Mastenbroek plans to launch its first-ever utility trencher the Bulldog, a small footprint, compact yet incredibly powerful trencher designed to meet the need of utility cable and pipeline layers, in March.

Rehab Technology Profile: NASSCO Standard Bearers Pete Kurz

(UI) — NASSCO continues to set standards for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure. A vast array of individuals has contributed to the success of the association, both in the past and present, that has driven NASSCO’s industry mission. This month, Underground Infrastructure profiles Pete Kurz who embraced the ideals of NASSCO to become one of its staunchest supporters and effective memorable leaders.

MentorAPM selected to provide CMMS for wastewater treatment provider AlexRenew

(UI) — Asset management software solutions provider MentorAPM has been selected to provide and implement a complete Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) for Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew), Alexandria, Virginia’s wastewater treatment provider.

Vermeer introduces QuickDig nozzle for hydro excavation

(UI) — The Vermeer QuickDig nozzle helps vacuum excavation crews maximize their efficiency while potholing and daylighting utilities, hydro/slot trenching, and digging pile holes. The Vermeer QuickDig nozzle is up to 35% more efficient than a traditional rotary nozzle because of its 18-degree cone rotation and laminar flow design.

California storms feed systems set up to capture rainwater

As Californians tally the damage from recent storms, some are taking stock of the rainwater captured by cisterns, catches, wells and underground basins. Hidden under a newly paved parking lot next to a county courthouse, the wastewater treatment plant filters and purifies sewage and runoff simultaneously to produce water that exceeds state and federal drinking water regulations.

Heath Consultants releases PPB advanced mobile leak detection system

(UI) — Heath’s Discover advanced mobile leak detection system can aid in reducing methane emissions through the identification of gas leaks. Through its sensitivity levels, the technology can detect and distinguish between a pipeline gas leak verses a non-pipeline gas leak, such as sewer, landfill and soil/biogas indications.

Volvo Construction Equipment introduces collision mitigation system for jobsite safety

(UI) — Delivering on its vision for zero accidents, Volvo Construction Equipment has launched its Collision Mitigation System for Volvo Wheel Loaders — an automatic braking feature that supports operator response and helps reduce the risk or consequences of collision when working in reverse.

LuminUltra participates in study to deploy wastewater surveillance technology in Canada

(UI) — LuminUltra has partnered with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) to implement a cutting-edge, on-site laboratory to perform wastewater surveillance testing at Pearson International Airport.

John Deere debuts new planting technology, electric excavator at CES 2023

(UI) – During John Deere’s CES 2023 keynote address, the company revealed its new planting technology and an electric excavator, that will help Deere’s customers be more productive, profitable, and sustainable.

Aquasight launches intelligent wastewater solution to improve utility resiliency to flooding

(UC) — Aquasight's ACE Intelligent Wastewater technology provides critical insights to storm events in time for utilities to minimize flooding impacts or potential sewer overflows. The digital solution generates past, live, and forecasted storm analysis and its impacts on sewers for proactive wet weather management.

Northwest Pipe Company introduces radial bending joint technology for steel pipe microtunneling

(UI) — Northwest Pipe Co., a leading manufacturer of water-related infrastructure including engineered pipeline systems and precast products, has developed the Permalok Radial Bending Joint that enables steel pipe to be installed in a curved radius in microtunneling applications.

Cat rolls out new 352 hydraulic excavator equipped with smart technology

(UC) — The new Cat 352 hydraulic excavator combines more power and a heavier counterweight to work with larger tools. The result is greater production for more profit potential.

Cat unveils new hydraulic excavator

(UC) — The new Cat 340 Hydraulic Excavator features a more powerful engine, wider track, and 7.5-ton counterweight to increase productivity by 10% over the 2020 model year Cat 336.

Close-Fit Liner: Quality Cured-in-Place Pipe is Possible

(UC) — Cured-in-place pipe has surpassed more than 50 years of successful and diversified installations. Over those years, the technology has advanced with development of new techniques and products that have influenced cost, quality and installation speed.

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Tech Tips: Proper Wet-Out of Small Diameter CIPP

(UC) — There was a time in pipeline rehabilitation when most cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners were wet-out at a facility and delivered to the contractor on-site. But as smaller diameter lateral and in-house lining has grown in popularity, most contractors and installers are wetting out in the field, and the responsibility to control quality and adhere to the appropriate standards falls squarely on their shoulders.

GF Piping Systems expands Stress Less Pipe Support System

(UC) — GF Piping Systems has expanded the size offerings of its Stress Less Pipe Support System, a system specifically designed for the needs of plastic piping.

Tech Tips: CIPP Emission Studies Update

(UC) — It has been over five years since NASSCO began the program of evaluating cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) air emissions of volatile organic compounds and the effect on worker and public safety.

Aries Industries bolsters product offerings with addition of RinnoVision manhole inspection solutions

Aries Industries, an industry leader in state-of-the-art equipment for inspection and maintenance of underground infrastructure, has expanded its broad products line with the addition of RinnoVision’s powerful manhole inspection solutions.

John Deere debuts new large sized P-tier excavator models

(UC) — John Deere has announced the addition of three new P-tier Excavator models to its line of large-size equipment. The 470 P-tier, 670 P-tier, and 870 P-tier models offer enhanced visibility features, making them an ideal solution for operators looking to increase productivity on the job.

Artificial Intelligence Speeds Houston’s Sewer Inspections Under Sharp Eye of EPA

(UC) — Working with California-based Sewer AI, through engineering and consulting firm HR Green, Houston has made artificial intelligence a core piece of its inspection and repair workflow since 2021 – the same year a federal judge approved its agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its co-plaintiffs, including the state commission that administers the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program under the federal Clean Water Act (CWA).

United Rentals to add several zero-emissions hydrogen power generators to fleet

(UC) — United Rentals Inc. has announced that it is adding several hydrogen power generators to its North American rental fleet in the coming months.

Ditch Witch introduces next-generation plowing solution PT37

(UC) — Contractors can get a new spin on a reliable classic with the new PT37 ride-on plow/trencher from Ditch Witch. This ride-on plow/trencher brings durability and usability to a proven model while retaining the simple, mechanical design preferred by many contractors.

Plastic Pipes Institute introduces free online Conduit Design Calculator

Plastic Pipes Institute introduced a free online calculator that allows you to input your project details and tells you the safe wall thickness for your intended installation.

GF Piping releases ductile iron fitting product LOKX System

GF Piping Systems has introduced its proprietary LOKX System, a ductile iron push-on style fitting designed specifically for use with C900 PVC and CIOD HDPE pipe in buried applications.

Scottish Water taps leading-edge drones and lasers to improve sewer network

(UC) — A combination of hi-tech drones and laser technology adapted for use in the wastewater industry is being deployed by the utility to survey sewers for potential problems by flying the drones inside them, often to parts of the network that traditional surveying methods can’t reach.

AECOM launches sewer system inspection software

(UC) — The PipeInsights platform augments conventional CCTV inspections using advanced machine learning algorithms to provide automated defect detection and recommend optimal maintenance decisions.

Sacramento Water Works recognized as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

Communities often don’t recognize the importance of civil engineering works until they face monumental challenges, which is what happened in Sacramento during the 1850s. The American Society of Civil Engineers recognized the city's Water Works as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

PCCA calls for GIS mapping of underground facilities

(UC) — Ensuring accurate mapping of underground facilities is a top priority for PCCA, and the association believes that electronic Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping should be required by facility operators and that the Common Ground Alliance should host this data.

Tech Tips: Styrene Emission Equipment Innovation and Research

While NASSCO has enlisted leading universities to conduct research projects for worksite emission sampling, and industrial hygiene evaluations as well as potential environmental impacts, there are a variety of new technology advances in the realm of reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the CIPP installation process and will be covered in this article.