When Hydro Excavation is not the Best Option – The Do's and Don’ts.
27 April 2023

Sponsored by: Vac-Con

Hydro excavation is a great tool for daylighting and safe digging but it’s not always the right decision. Circumstances, surroundings, and a number of other factors can all come in to play.

So, what’s the solution? Join experts from Vac-Con as they discuss the benefits of hydro-excavation and the right time and place to do it.

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Is Your HDD Tooling Costing You Time and Money?
29 March 2023

Sponsored by: Ditch Witch 

You can rub a couple sticks together to start a fire, but it’s much more effective to use a lighter. Antiquated equipment can still get the job done (some of the time), but technological advances and innovations in the HDD industry are allowing contractors to work more efficiently and make more money.

This presentation will give a brief history of HDD pipe and tooling, but more importantly, highlight how far these components have come over the years. The days of digging huge exit pits and spending hours swapping out tooling for pullback are riding off into the sunset. We’ll discuss the equipment upgrades and enhanced best practices for pipe and downhole tooling in a modern HDD world.

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Restoring and Protecting Large Diameter Culvert Pipe
31 January 2023

Sponsor: Madewell Products

Fairfax City in Virginia had a problem and turned to engineers from H&H, a national leader in infrastructure engineering, for answers.  A thorough Condition Assessment revealed twin, 9.5-foot corrugated metal pipes were aging, showing corrosion at the baseline, structural cracking of the culvert headwalls and wingwalls, and undesirable graffiti on the bridge walls.  The city’s objective is clear:  long-term, low maintenance so proactive qualities versus reactive kicked-in. 

To meet the spec, the project team at Triangle Contracting shotcrete a varying thickness (2” – 5”) liner of restoration mortar (ML-72HP) to restore and protect these large diameter culvert pipes.  The project came in under budget and finished ahead of schedule.  Learn how to replicate fast and flawless restoration of CMP and RCP pipes cost-effectively, with a true trenchless technology from Madewell Products and a nationwide network of Certified Applicators.   

Major Educational Takeaways

•    Consequences of doing nothing. 
•    Alternative Lining Methods are good but do not compare.
•    Spin Casting and Shotcrete—When and Why
•    Equipment matters—Execution is Everything


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Bluelight vs. UV – The bright future of CIPP
29 November 2022

Sponsored by: Hammerhead Trenchless

CIPP is the preferred trenchless method, with little to no digging required, to repair both short and long runs of pipes. CIPP evolved with the introduction of light curing, approximately 30 years ago and with blue light entering the European market about 11 years ago. This technique requires a resin saturated material to be inserted into the pipe and the cured using light instead of heat or steam. There are two main methods of light cure, UV and Bluelight LED, both rely on light penetration and exposure time for curing. The curing process is a time sensitive process that requires an exact speed to ensure proper cure. Light cured lateral CIPP lining is one of the most popular trends in trenchless rehabilitation technologies at this time.

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Effective use of Hydroexcavation in Damage Mitigation
28 September 2022

Sponsor: Ditch Witch 

As rights of way get more congested and job sites are moving into more urban areas, the use of vacuum excavators is increasing. Chris Thompson, Ditch Witch product manager, will address potholing and vacuum excavation best practices.

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The Advantages of Non-Destructive Hydro-Excavation
13 July 2022

Sponsor: Vac-Con

Traditional methods of excavating are under scrutiny, especially in environments dense with existing underground infrastructure. It’s not always the easiest or safest to start excavating with a backhoe, even if locating has been completed.

So, what’s the solution? Hydro-excavation is a method that has been in existence for decades, but it’s finally making its presence and advantages known in the yellow iron industries. Join experts from Vac-Con and Ring Power Utility Equipment as they discuss the many benefits of hydro-excavation and how these machines add value to construction, utility, oil field, and telecommunications fleets.

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Measuring Challenges in Blending Hydrogen with Natural Gas Downstream
26 April 2022

Sponsor: SICK

Most metering stations are optimized to operate with the steady and constant conditions of natural gas, but what happens when you blend hydrogen along with the natural gas? In this webinar, SICK experts will cover the characteristics of hydrogen, the effects of hydrogen blending on metering, and how to overcome the measuring challenges presented by blending hydrogen into natural gas with ultrasonic meters. More specifically, how remote connectivity, diagnostics and use of gas quality indication (GQI) can help to improve operational excellence. Speakers will also share insights from a FLOWSIC500 hydrogen-ready pilot installation along with measurement results from a test bench with hydrogen blended gas.

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(How to) Select the Right HDD Equipment for the Job
23 March 2022

Sponsor: Ditch Witch

Every HDD jobsite provides its own unique challenges. Whether it be drilling through solid rock, working within congested rights-of-way or having no good options for mud disposal, having the right equipment on the job can save you time and money. Cory Maker, Subsite, and Chris Thompson, Ditch Witch, will speak to many of these jobsite considerations and provide insights to assist contractors in getting the best ROI possible. Do you have the right sized drill? Is an All-Terrain drill a viable option for where you are working? Which type of tooling will allow you to put more product in the ground? How can a vacuum excavator support my crew? If you have ever asked these questions, join us for this discussion.

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