Water Construction

Brooklyn to receive 7 miles of porous pavement in $32.6 million stormwater project

The $32.6 million project aims to prevent 35 million gallons of stormwater from entering the combined sewer system annually, with construction expected to be completed by fall 2025.

North Carolina invests $253 million in water, wastewater infrastructure

North Carolina will allocate over $253 million to enhance drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure across the state. The funds will support 70 projects in 30 counties, focusing on emerging contaminants and lead service line replacements.

Miller Lane water main installation project underway in Cheyenne, Wyo.

This project is part of the BOPU’s initiative to enhance water service reliability by renewing aging infrastructure. The work will be carried out by Aztec Construction Company.

Aging water infrastructure causes major water losses in Texas cities

Texas’ largest cities lost around 88 billion gallons of water last year due to old water infrastructure and extreme heat, resulting in significant financial losses and increased pressure on the state's water supply.

South Dakota allocates $65 million for statewide water and waste projects

(UI) — The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) announced nearly $65 million in grants and loans for water and waste infrastructure projects across the state.

Washington state to invest $309 million in clean water projects

(UI) — The funding will support 136 projects, ranging from stream restoration on the Touchet River near Prescott to engineered wetlands for stormwater treatment in Ferndale.

California achieves record groundwater recharge in 2023

Despite improvements, California faces a 40 million acre-feet groundwater storage deficit due to decades of over-pumping. Addressing this requires expanding recharge projects, upgrading infrastructure, and modernizing distribution systems.

Arkansas allocates $60 million for statewide water infrastructure projects

This initiative includes $55 million for water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure projects, and $5 million for the Arkansas Rural Water Association to support water and wastewater systems.

Construction begins on new water pipeline project in Kyle, Texas

At over 20 miles in length, Segment C marks the final segment of the Alliance Water transmission system to begin construction and is anticipated to be completed in Fall 2025.

South Dakota allocates $105 million in ARPA grants for water infrastructure projects

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources has announced that the Board of Water and Natural Resources approved over $105 million in additional American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grants.

Stantec to lead phase 2 of San Diego’s Pure Water program

Stantec has been selected to manage Phase 2 of the Pure Water San Diego program, a multibillion-dollar initiative to create a sustainable local water supply while reducing ocean discharges.

Cadiz signs water delivery agreement with Santa Margarita Water District for Northern Pipeline

Cadiz Inc. has signed an agreement with Santa Margarita Water District to deliver water from the Cadiz Water Supply and Storage project in the Mojave Desert through the company's Northern Pipeline.

Healdsburg, Calif. secures $7.1 million grant for recycled water pipeline to combat drought

The city of Healdsburg recently received a $7.1 million grant from the State of California to construct the Municipal Recycled Water Pipeline Project.

Tennessee awards $17 million for infrastructure, including water and sewer upgrades

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and Economic and Community Development Commissioner Stuart C. McWhorter announced $17 million in grants for infrastructure improvements, including water and sewer upgrades.

Southport merges water and sewer services with Brunswick County

The City of Southport in North Carolina has merged its water and wastewater systems with Brunswick County Public Utilities, affecting around 3,500 customers. This transition is effective immediately.

Calgary declares state of emergency over water pipeline repairs

The city is grappling with a severe shortage of water caused by a recent breach in its main water pipeline, prompting urgent appeals from Mayor Gondek to immediately reduce water consumption.

Western states receive $142 million for water projects under infrastructure law

Acting Deputy Secretary of the Interior Laura Daniel-Davis announced a $142 million investment from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to enhance drought resilience and boost water supplies across the nation.

Eastern New Mexico water pipeline project receives $20 million grant

The Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority secures a $20 million grant from the state's Water Trust Board to advance critical phases of their rural water system. The project includes a pipeline spanning multiple phases, with construction already underway.

Illinois awards $41 million for water and sewer infrastructure upgrades

The grants will support critical repairs to water, sewer, and drainage systems in 32 communities, benefiting 52,000 residents across Illinois.

Edmond, Okla. to fund water and sewer services for new art park

The city will provide essential utilities, including water, sewer, and electric services, at no cost once the park is completed, with annual utility costs estimated between $400,000 and $500,000.

Georgia senator pushes bill to upgrade Columbus water infrastructure

The bill follows a significant water main break earlier this year that left hundreds of Columbus families without access to clean water.

Vermont launches $6.8 million program for rural water infrastructure

The Vermont Bond Bank will provide awards to small municipalities to help repair, upgrade, or replace existing water and wastewater systems that are at risk of failure or have failed.

Canada invests $10 million to upgrade water, sewer infrastructure in Haines Junction, Yukon

The Village of Haines Junction in Yukon is set to upgrade over one kilometer (1,000 meters) of water and sanitary sewer pipes, thanks to a $10 million joint investment from the federal and territorial governments.

Biden administration invests $242 million in Western water infrastructure amid severe drought

The Department of the Interior announced a $242 million investment as part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, aimed at enhancing water storage and reliability in Western communities.

Water restored in downtown Atlanta after corroded pipes burst, causing two-day outage

Problems arose Friday morning at the intersection of three major water mains west of downtown. Some pipes were old and corroded, complicating repairs in the confined area. Only one worker could access the junction at a time, but repairs were completed by Saturday evening.

Ohio allocates $122.7 million for critical water infrastructure upgrades

The latest grants will support 43 new projects with $84.5 million and provide $38.2 million in gap funding for 33 ongoing projects facing cost overruns.

Southern California to transform wastewater into drinking water with $99 million federal boost

The Metropolitan Water District's initiative to create a new water supply for Southern California by turning cleaned wastewater into high-quality drinking water received a significant funding boost on May 28.

Fusion in paradise

Just south of Miami, in the tropical paradise of the Florida Keys, a McElroy TracStar 412 spent most of winter 2023 onsite, fusing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for a massive residential water line to service one of the area’s gated resorts.

Massachusetts senators secure wins in water infrastructure bill

The bipartisan legislation, which authorizes U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects vital for the nation's water infrastructure, includes several crucial provisions addressing local needs in Massachusetts.

Los Angeles sewer fees set to surge over next four years due to infrastructure overhaul

Los Angeles sewer fees set for significant surge over four years due to urgent need for infrastructure overhaul. Proposed increases, averaging $75 to $155 by 2028, draw concerns over affordability and housing impact.