Pneumatic piercing tool helps innovative utility solutions grow

Fiber installation business creates strong demand for stitch boring in residential areas

Trenchless methods: Trenchers remain valuable for utility construction

(UI) — In the 1970s, new residential developments were being built with all utilities underground. Of course, water, sewer, and gas lines always had been buried, but now telephone and electric dissertation wires were, too, as would cable television services that would come later.

Challenges become firsts in Chelsea River Crossing project

(UI) — What attracts many contractors to underground construction are the challenges they face. Contractors have the leading role in deciding on the course of events that they, alone, can control. As a result of overcoming challenges, technological firsts can be established.

Ice pigging offers low-risk, high-performance option for water system cleaning

(UI) — Park City, Utah, site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, is a 7,000-foot-high scenic wonder known for its sweeping mountain vistas, luxury homes and ski resorts, but its origins are literally more down to earth.

Rehab technology: Canada’s King Road culvert rehab provides structural spray-on solution

(UI) — Beneath four lanes of traffic on King Road in York, Ontario, Canada, a deteriorated ellipse culvert needed rehabilitation. Now, the original structure will continue to deteriorate but is no longer cause for concern.

Orlando’s Richard Howard brought global view, acclaim to innovative public works program

During Richard Howard's tenure, Orlando’s Public Works department was increasingly known for its innovative, sometimes experimental and largely successful approaches to wastewater and stormwater management.

Utility and communications: Construction Update

Coming out of conference season, sentiment remains high, and supply of labor is the one constraint that is keeping the industry in check. We continue to see consistent investment in existing infrastructure and a healthy pipeline of bid opportunities for new construction.

Tech Tips: Locating underground assets

(UI) — As municipalities and other agencies embrace the concept of asset management for their underground infrastructure, locating and identifying those assets become more important. In the past, the options for locating and identifying underground assets were a challenge.

RehabZone continues to educate infrastructure industry

For 22 years, the RehabZone has been an integral element in the annual Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exposition (UCT), and it was again, in February, at the 2023 event.

Underground Infrastructure Conference moves to OKC in 2024

(UI) — The 2024 Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition (UCT) is moving to a later date and a new location. UCT will be held March 19–21 at the just-opened Oklahoma City Convention Center.

Cloud platform gives communities control over their revenue management destiny

(UI) — When the effects of rampant inflation became apparent in Nevada’s Virgin Valley Water District in 2022, a tank installation project budgeted for $2.4 million – similar to a $2-million-project completed in 2018 – received a bid of $3.6 million. So Chief Financial Officer Wes Smith set to work recalculating the projected cost of planned capital projects.

Convention preview: 2022 year of growth, diversification for NASSCO

NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) expects to have a very productive year in 2023. The groundwork was set in 2022, when the association did an excellent job of recovering from “COVID fatigue,” according to association President Max Gowdy, “when members and staff adopted new ways to communicate, conduct business and achieve goals”

Rural water district finds success with fusion, HDPE technologies

(UI) — For decades, Randall Community Water District worked with PVC pipe, joining the pipe with bell gaskets. But when the water district was faced with a 3,000-foot bore that couldn’t be done with PVC, Manager Scott Pick realized he needed to find another solution.

Inside infrastructure: House Republicans move early on major energy package

When taking control of the House of Representatives in January, GOP leaders made it clear that a top priority in the 118th Congress would be to roll back some of the harmful climate change policy that was included in recent legislation backed by the Biden White House, and to reinstate commonsense policy that would “unleash American energy” and lower energy costs for American families.

Rewiring Florida’s Intracoastal Movable Bridges Via HDD

(UI) — The Florida Department of Transportation operates and maintains 51 movable bridges throughout the state’s eastern and western intracoastal areas. And in many popular tourist destinations, city municipalities operate many more. These moveable bridges are critical for boat traffic and over-the-road vehicles.

Convention Review: Winners of the Underground Construction Awards Announced

(UI) — Innovative organizations and individuals spanning the diverse underground construction industry were honored when winners of the inaugural Underground Construction Awards were announced during the Underground Construction Technology International Conference and Exhibition (UCT) in Orlando, Fla.

Tech Tips: Solving Infiltration Problems After Structural Rehabilitation

(UI) — The process of sewer system Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) removal requires a holistic approach to truly be effective. Specifically, all four points of infiltration must be addressed to achieve ultimate success. These four points are manholes, mainline joints, service connections and service laterals.

DCA President Kevin Parker Puts His Passion into Processes

(UI) — While management systems and operator qualification programs might seem like dull fare from a distance, these processes have proven essential to improving the safety, quality and consistency of construction projects. Parker’s passion and decades of experience at Mears made perfect timing for his term as president of the Distribution Contractors Association, whose safety management system template and operator qualification integrity process ranked among DCA’s top priorities in 2022.

26th Annual Municipal Sewer/Water Infrastructure Forecast & Market Analysis

(UI) — To say 2022 was an eventful year for the underground infrastructure industry would be an incredible understatement. The billions in federal monies being pumped – finally – into the nation’s infrastructure was game-changing for many cities.

Inside Infrastructure: After Surprising Election, Chaotic Start, 118th Congress Begins Its Work

(UI) — Comprehensive reforms to the permitting process for energy projects remains a priority for any entity interested in initiating projects to improve America’s dilapidated underground infrastructure. This has become a bipartisan issue after a $1.2-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill was enacted and getting projects off the ground was in the best interest of the White House and every lawmaker who voted for the IIJA.

Fiber Experiences Record Growth in 2022

(UI) — As the year 2023 begins, the fiber optic cable industry hopes to build on a record year for deployment of fiber to the home (FTTH). In 2022, a record number of homes (7.9 million) were connected to fiber, according to a survey made by RVA, LLC. That brings the total of broadband-connected addresses in the United States to nearly 40 million.

Rehab Technology Profile: NASSCO Standard Bearers Pete Kurz

(UI) — NASSCO continues to set standards for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure. A vast array of individuals has contributed to the success of the association, both in the past and present, that has driven NASSCO’s industry mission. This month, Underground Infrastructure profiles Pete Kurz who embraced the ideals of NASSCO to become one of its staunchest supporters and effective memorable leaders.

NA Pipeline Construction Outlook

(UI) — Seldom has a new year arrived with the degree of supply and demand uncertainty facing global energy markets at the start of 2023. Months of soaring oil and natural gas prices gave way in late 2022 as oil demand projections softened on recessionary fears and Europe’s months-long buying spree filled its natural gas storage levels to near capacity.

Utility & Communications 2023 Construction Outlook, Update

(UI) — The captain of a large aircraft carrier sees what he believes to be the light of an oncoming vessel off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The captain of the ship then radios the vessel, urgently saying to divert your course 15 degrees to the north to avoid a collision with the ship.

Digging Deep for Resilience

(UI) — Resilience is an essential concept for water infrastructure as well, defined by the American Society of Civil Engineers as “a system’s ability to withstand and adapt to the impacts of natural and/or manmade disasters.” As climate instability increases the likelihood of heavy downpours, sewer systems without ample capacity are increasingly vulnerable to overflow.

Mental Health Issues, Suicides Reaching Crisis/Epidemic Levels

(UI) — When I began my career in construction over 30 years ago, mental health and suicide were not on anyone’s list of concerns in our industry. Now, as a safety director, I strive each day to protect our workers from this hidden threat that has risen to become a crisis in our industry.

Strategic Partnership Brings Affordable, Reliable Fiber to Rural Communities

(UC) — According to a 2021 study from BroadbandNow, at least 42 million Americans do not have access to broadband internet. Access to affordable and reliable broadband in the 21st century is largely considered a critical infrastructure necessity, just like transportation, electricity and water.

UCT Welcomes 2023 with High Expectations, Top Education, Profitable Networking

(UC) — With a new year rapidly approaching, final preparations for the annual Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition (UCT) are well underway. UCT is scheduled for Feb. 7–9, in Orlando, Fla, at the Orange County Convention Center.

Latest DIRT Report Indicates Utility Damage Maintains Incident Levels

(UC) — While ongoing programs are in place to reduce accidental damage to buried utility infrastructure, damages continue to happen, usually during construction or repair work, when interrupting service, and sometimes posing the risk of injury and death.

Telecom Boom Enables Growth of Small, Quality Contractor

(UC) — The changing face of telecommunications continues to present unique opportunities for the growth of small, quality contractors. Telecommunications contractor Prowire Inc. has opened a branch office in Albion, Maine, to better service its clients throughout Maine and New Hampshire. The home office is in South Paris, Maine.

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