Sewer Manholes

Sewer maintenance: Myth-busting, best-practice training

Sewer maintenance is an ongoing challenge for cities and municipalities. Moreover, gaps in best-practice training can cost public works departments unnecessary time and expense in labor, water and energy costs when cleaning sewer lines.

Pressurized pipe break causes major sewage spill, prompts road closure in North Portland

The suspected cause of the spill was a break in a pressurized pipe from a nearby pump station responsible for carrying sewage to the city’s main wastewater treatment plant.

Olds municipality makes strides in sewer, water system overhaul, targeting I&I challenges

Following an assessment last fall, which included a vapor test to identify inflow and infiltration (I&I) issues in the sewer system, significant progress has been achieved. Out of the 38 repairs identified during the test, 36 have been completed, primarily involving the replacement of manhole lids, inserts, and cleanout plugs at various locations.

Valdosta, Ga., faces sanitary sewer crisis as 100,000 gallons spill into Withlacoochee River

A sewer line collapse sent 100,000 gallons of sewage into a ditch draining into a river, the city of Valdosta said in a statement on Jan. 12. The incident highlights the pressing need for the city's utility department to address aging infrastructure.

PM completes large-diameter spray pipe rehab

(UI) — When PM Construction began a project in mid-March 2023 to rehabilitate two sewer pipes beneath the service road at Beltway 8 and Memorial, in Houston, the company had a November deadline. Working 24 hours a day, every day of the week, the project wrapped up in July – more than three months ahead of schedule.

Innovative solution for managing I&I challenges in sanitary districts

(UI) — A major challenge sanitary districts everywhere face is recurring and growing inflow and infiltration (I&I), from substantial amounts of groundwater and stormwater entering the sewer during periods of heavy rain. This issue is of paramount importance, as heavy rainfall can cause the intrusion of large volumes of groundwater and stormwater into the sewer system, overwhelming pump stations and treatment plants, and even causing costly sewer overflows.

Asset management: Working with Duke’s ‘like having a crystal ball’

(UI) — When optimizing sewer and wastewater treatment systems, it can be overwhelming to look at more than 100 miles of sewer pipe funneling heavy flow during a rain event and wonder where that excess flow is coming from.

APM, SiShield partner to enhance sewer pipe and manhole protection

(UI) — APM, a leading sewer protective additive company in the United States, has entered an exclusive partnership with SiShield Technologies to bolster its ConShield products. These products offer enhanced protection against Microbial-Induced Corrosion (MIC) in sewer infrastructure.

Granite secures $45 million contract for Utah's SR-108 infrastructure upgrades

(UI) — Granite has been awarded $45 million to widen and improve State Route 108 in Utah. The project includes installing 10,000 linear feet of storm drainage systems, 2,000 linear feet of water main infrastructure, and 2,000 linear feet of sewer main improvements.

D.C.'s $583 million sewer overflow prevention tunnel now active

(UI) — In a significant milestone for Washington, D.C.'s ambitious Clean Rivers Project, the $583 million Northeast Boundary Tunnel has officially gone into service, marking the completion of the largest segment in a five-part, $2.7 billion system aimed at combatting chronic sewer overflows throughout the city.

Underground fire bursts through manholes, prompting evacuations in Colorado Springs

(UI) — An underground fire in downtown Colorado Springs early Monday morning led to evacuations and power outages as flames shot up through manholes, causing a significant disruption in the area.

Signal Mountain, Tenn., plans $40 million sewer upgrade to address overflow issue

(UI) — For the past fifty years, Signal Mountain has been dealing with sewage issues primarily due to the placement of its pipes, which are plagued with cracks and breaks both in the streams and underground. To address this issue, Signal Mountain's water officials have presented a $40 million plan to provide relief.

Wyoming's Encampment commences phase one of sewer lagoon project

(UI) — The sewer lagoon project in Encampment, Wyoming, is currently in its first phase despite contractor delays earlier this summer. The project's first stage involves installing a screening device to catch any materials, such as wet wipes, before they reach the sewer lagoons.

Sewer main failure causes water contamination in Georgia’s One-Mile Branch Creek

(UI) — The Utilities Department was able to detect a failure in an eight-inch sanitary sewage main after a thorough investigation and video inspections.

New York’s West Seneca set to upgrade 92,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer mains

(UI) — The Buffalo News reports that the state of New York-mandated sewage restoration project in West Seneca is about to start one of its most extensive phases. The town of West Seneca has already spent almost $17 million upgrading decaying sewage lines.

Springfield's aging sewer system in Doling Park-Pea Ridge Creek set for major replacement work

(UI) — In order to accommodate anticipated expansion and development in the region, the major objectives of the work are to decrease the frequency of sewer overflows that result in pollution and enhance the size and capacity of underground sewer pipes to the 1,200 miles of pipe and over 28,000 manholes across the city.

Placer County Supervisors approve $28 million sewer line project in west Placer

(UI) — The Placer County Board of Supervisors in California has approved a funding agreement for a $28 million backbone sewer line connection to the Placer One development project, including the Sacramento State Placer Center.

Corps of Engineers, Cahokia Heights, partner on sewer improvement project

(UI) — The $4.67 million project will involve trenchless sewer rehabilitation of the largest, deepest, and most downstream sections of the main sanitary sewer trunkline conveying flow through Cahokia Heights, Illinois.

SANI-TRED sealing solution extends manhole lifespan in recent infrastructure project

Sealing solutions such as SANI-TRED can be applied to various manhole materials, including concrete, brick, and metal, making it a versatile solution for different infrastructure projects.

Fact.MR: Manhole camera market to reach over $641 million by 2033

Rising commercial and industrial development, rapid urbanization, and increasing government investments in infrastructure development projects are market growth drivers for manhole cameras.

Big changes ahead for Midland's sewage system: 8,000 feet of pipe set for renovation

(UI) — Earlier this month, W. Sugnet Road was closed to through-traffic from W. Main Street to Valley Drive in Midland, Texas, as construction kicked off on a multiyear sewer pipe upsizing project through the Concept 5 Sewer Improvement Plan.

Pearland city officials approve plan to rehabilitate 20,000 feet of sewer pipes

(UI) — A sanitary sewer restoration contract for $2.88 million from Texas Pride Utilities was unanimously approved last month by the Pearland City Council for the Barry Rose and Old Town Site neighborhoods.

Vac-Con releases new non-CDL Titan sewer cleaning truck

(UI) — Vac-Con has introduced its non-CDL Titan three-yard combination sewer cleaning truck, which weighs under 26,000 GVWR with full freshwater tanks and features three-yards of usable capacity in the debris body.

Hurricane Ian causes millions of gallons of wastewater to spill into waterways

Hurricane Ian heavily impacted sewage and wastewater infrastructure throughout Florida, leading to multi-million-gallon spills in multiple bodies of water.

Tech Tips: Structural Rehabilitation of Manholes

According to published reports, it is estimated that there are over 20 million manholes in the USA and many of them have reached or exceeded their expected service life.

Houston approves use of SuperCover to prevent inflow and infiltration

The City of Houston recently approved the use of SuperCover. It is now the only composite manhole cover approved by the fourth largest city in America.