San Francisco receives $369 million loan for stormwater infrastructure upgrades

The funding comes on the heels of storm drain system failures last winter. The loan will help the city fund “resiliency projects” to relieve areas prone to flooding with stormwater upgrades.

United Utilities sewer upgrade improves water quality in England’s River Calder, Pendle Water

(UI) — A project to create a vast new underground stormwater storage tank in Nelson has reached a major milestone as engineers have now installed the lid.

Orlando’s Richard Howard brought global view, acclaim to innovative public works program

During Richard Howard's tenure, Orlando’s Public Works department was increasingly known for its innovative, sometimes experimental and largely successful approaches to wastewater and stormwater management.

Pearland city officials approve plan to rehabilitate 20,000 feet of sewer pipes

(UI) — A sanitary sewer restoration contract for $2.88 million from Texas Pride Utilities was unanimously approved last month by the Pearland City Council for the Barry Rose and Old Town Site neighborhoods.

CITCO Water announces partnership with Trivest

(UI) — CITCO Water provides an end-to-end solution for critical municipal water and wastewater needs and maintains a unique mix of recession resistant infrastructure repair, replacement, and upgrade products combined with mission critical water treatment chemicals and related technical expertise.

City installs new storm sewers and water mains in Dongan Hills, Staten Island

(UI) — The $4.17 million capital project replaced water mains and sewers and rebuilt streets and sidewalks spanning over nine blocks in Dongan Hills, Staten Island, near Ocean Breeze Park.

New Orleans to store 56,000 gallons of stormwater in new park

The park will hold approximately 56,000 gallons of stormwater, easing pressure on New Orleans’ decaying drains and pump system. Dubbed the Bayou St. John Green Infrastructure project, the new park’s stormwater capacity is equivalent to 1,100 household bathtubs.

Shimmick to secure contract for Chattanooga’s $58 million stormwater management project

(UI) — The $58 million project would provide inline stormwater storage capacity to protect the city and surrounding communities from stormwater overflows during peak storm events, ensuring the area is equipped to manage sewage and is also expected to create more than 75 jobs during construction.

Delmont, Pa. to create stormwater authority board

The department would have the authority to charge residents according to the amount their contribution to the town’s stormwater runoff collection system.

Buffalo Sewer Authority saves $145 million, cuts pollution with smart sewer technology

A collaboration with global water technology leader Xylem, the project recently won an IWA (International Water Association) award for transforming Buffalo’s sewer network by automatically redirecting excess rainwater to underused parts of its system to prevent overflows.

Shawcor acquires stormwater products provider to expand stormwater management solutions

Shawcor Ltd. has acquired the assets of Triton Stormwater Solutions, a privately owned provider of highly engineered, lightweight, composite materials-based underground infiltration chamber products, used primarily within stormwater management solutions.

Vermont’s wastewater infrastructure deemed “poor” by engineering group

(UI) — The Vermont section of the American Society of Civil Engineers released the 2023 Report Card for Vermont’s Infrastructure on Feb. 16, in which the state’s wastewater infrastructure received a grade of “D+.” Likewise, Vermont's drinking water and stormwater infrastructure received “C” scores. According to the report, a C is considered “mediocre,” while a D is “poor.”

Pennsylvania to invest $236 million for drinking water, wastewater, stormwater projects

(UI) — Gov. Tom Wolf has announced the investment of $236 million for 25 drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater projects across 17 counties through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

St. Joseph, Mo., set to receive $25 million in federal funding for sewer updates

(UI) — The Water Resources Development Act is expected to provide $25 million to St. Joseph, Missouri, for sewer upgrades, Yahoo Finance reported. Passed by both the House and Senate, the Water Resources Development Act , the act authorizes $50 million for funding sewer and stormwater projects throughout North Missouri, including $25 million in sewer updates allocated specifically to St. Joseph, Missouri.

Pennsylvania allocates $236 million to 15 counties for water infrastructure renovations

(UC) — Governor Tom Wolf announced the investment of $236 million for 23 drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and non-point source projects across 15 counties through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

New York governor kicks off construction on $11 million wastewater treatment project

(UC) — New York Governor Kathy Hochul has commenced construction on an $11 million wastewater collection and treatment facilities improvement project in St. Lawrence County, New York.

$40 million Detroit project to increase capacity in local, regional sewer system

(UC) — The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has revealed a five-year, $40 million project that redirects rainwater and snowmelt from a westside neighborhood into two new detention basins, as well as provides other neighborhood improvements.

Sewer emergency in Cape Cod resort town closes businesses

Thunderstorms brought “larger than normal wastewater volume” into the sewer system, causing overflows and damage, requiring restaurants and other food establishments to close immediately.

Detroit-area utility says it’s not responsible for flooding from 2021 storm

A Detroit-area water utility said will deny flooding claims stemming from a damaging storm last summer based on an independent review that found the flooding was caused by the amount of rainfall and not a defect in its wastewater collection and pumping system.

Combined sewage systems increase overflow issues in Wisconsin

The president of the Alliance for the Great Lakes voiced his concerns about how sewage systems are holding up in Wisconsin given the increased levels of rain, specifically the overflowing of older infrastructure that collects both wastewater and stormwater.

Detroit program to reduce basement flooding from storms

A new program will launch in Detroit to target basement flooding from intense storms by preventing the overload of sewer systems.

Overflow of Wastewater into Rivers, Lake Michigan

A sewer overflow sent wastewater into rivers and Lake Michigan.

Michigan Water Leader Quits Weeks After Floods

A water leader for the Great Lakes Water Authority resigns weeks after thousands were affected by severe sewage backups near Detroit.

Minot Marks 10th Anniversary of Historic Flood Disaster

The city of Minot in North Dakota marked its 10th anniversary of a historic flood disaster in the Souris River Valley.

Reiss Engineering and CHA Consulting Now CHA

CHA Consulting acquired Reiss Engineering and rebranded its name to CHA.

UT Arlington Joins Project to Prevent DFW Airport Flooding

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is partnering with Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on a five-year project to manage storm water and flooding at the airport.

USDA to Invest Over $630 Million in Water Improvement for Rural Communities

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing over $630 million in water infrastructure improvements for rural communities across 42 states.

Belfast Completes $5.5 Million Sewer Upgrade Project

NI Water has completed a $5.5 million upgrade of major sewers within the city center of Belfast, Northern Ireland, to reduce flooding and improve water quality in the River Lagan.

Queens, New York Breaks Ground on $139 Million Upgrade Project

A New York neighborhood has broken ground on a $139 million renovation across 25 blocks which will include, among other things, several miles of sewer and water infrastructure upgrades.

Illinois Governor Signs $45 Billion State Construction Bill

Illinois Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Friday signed into law a plan that will pour $45 billion into state construction projects to build and upgrade roads, bridges, parks and schools — and will require drivers, smokers and gamblers to pick up the tab.