Restoring power to Minnesota’s northwest angle

To reconnect the northernmost community of the continental U.S. and surrounding areas, the REC team had to plan and execute a project that included complicated underwater installations and transporting the necessary drills, cables and parts to complete the job on the various islands.

Editor’s log: Let’s stay real

You don’t see much original, in-depth journalism these days. That goes for business-to-business journalism in the underground infrastructure markets, but also for virtually every type of media across business and consumer markets.

Florida roots run deep for underground projects, storm preparations

SSUP focuses on neighborhood lines, typically located in customers’ backyards, where lines are most susceptible to trees and other vegetation. So far, FPL has finished more than 2,000 neighborhood projects across the state and undergrounded more than 150 neighborhood lines in Charlotte County.

New products

Discover the newest products from Volvo CE, Premier Truck Rental, Subsite and more in Underground Infrastructure Magazine's latest issue.

Tips for proper gas monitoring during manhole rehab

When it comes to manhole rehabilitaion, proper atmospheric testing and monitoring are essential to mitigate the risks to workers posed by toxic gases and hazardous atmospheres. Following these five best practices can help avert a needless tragedy.

Editor’s log: Waiting on the storms

By the end of 2024, somewhere between $80 and $100 billion will have been dished out to cities, power utilities, fiber companies and miscellaneous entities to solve a fraction of America’s underground infrastructure needs.

CIGMAT holds 29th annual conference

More than 300 participants and 14 invited speakers attended the the University of Houston’s Center for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,'s 29th annual conference and exhibition, representing owners, consulting engineers, material suppliers, contractors and academia.

Equappment: App built for better HDD, utility construction production

For three generations, Melfred Borzall’s focus has been on enabling better and smarter ways of installing underground utilities.

Fusion in paradise

Just south of Miami, in the tropical paradise of the Florida Keys, a McElroy TracStar 412 spent most of winter 2023 onsite, fusing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for a massive residential water line to service one of the area’s gated resorts.

Trencher maintenance tips to increase efficiency on utility jobs

With proper routine maintenance, a smooth-running, peak-performance trencher can help you efficiently trench through tough ground conditions and increase productivity by promoting valuable uptime. Here are three key tips to achieve that.


Federal court denies bid to halt $10 billion transmission line; Chinese hackers infiltrating U.S. infrastructure for a decade; 80% of New Jersey residents support natural gas pipelines; Charleston Water System settles lawsuit over non-flushable wipes; and more in UI's May issue of Newsline!

CIPP rehabilitation of pressurized pipelines

It is well known that CIPP has been around for over 50 years, primarily being used to rehabilitate gravity sewer pipelines. In the 1980s CIPP was introduced for low pressure sewer applications, and late in the 1990s began to emerge for water main and higher-pressure force main rehabilitations.

Trenchers: Unsung hero of utility installation

Trenching, with its versatility and adaptability, remains a vital method for utility installation across various terrains and conditions. The wide array of trenching machines and attachments available today allows for efficient and effective utility installations, from small residential projects to large-scale industrial applications.

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Get the latest updates from important industry businesses like United Rentals, CASE, PPI, DEVELON and more in Underground Infrastructure's latest issue.

Business People

Get updates from important industry agencies, business and people in Underground Infrastructure's latest issue.

NASSCO President reflects on active year, accomplishments

NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) is the industry source for trenchless technology education, resources and advocacy. The association has a storied history of accomplishment and service to the rehabilitation market.

Jacob Trapani, NASSCO Standard Bearer

This month, Underground Infrastructure Magazine profiles Jacob Trapani, who has proven to be not only a tremendous leader in private industry, helping to elevate BLD Services, but leading NASSCO through tough and changing situations during COVID.

Washington watch: Pipelines concerned about Biden EPA methane fee proposal

The proposal divides the natural gas industry into three separate baskets, each with a different equation for determining the fee. Natural gas compression facilities and gas transmission pipelines are in the same category and the fee would be assessed when emissions exceed 0.11 percent of the natural gas sent to sale “from or through” the facility.

New Products

Discover cutting-edge solutions in portable power equipment, from Vanair's EPEQ Light Duty Electrified Power Skid to EZG Manufacturing's Mobile Mud Hog Trench Mixer. Learn about U-TECK's Fiber Drop Caddy and Atlas Copco's groundbreaking X-Air⁺ 750-25 portable air compressor, revolutionizing efficiency and productivity in various industries.

Rehab spotlight: Lining systems

Discover leading solutions in sewer lining systems, including the Flow-120 Starter Package for compact spaces, the Bluelight LED CIPP system for faster curing, and MaxLiner's versatile CIPP technology. Explore the benefits of Reline America's thinner UV GRP liner and United Felts' top-tier CIPP liners and wet-out services.

Sewer maintenance: Myth-busting, best-practice training

Sewer maintenance is an ongoing challenge for cities and municipalities. Moreover, gaps in best-practice training can cost public works departments unnecessary time and expense in labor, water and energy costs when cleaning sewer lines.

Harnessing advanced technologies for underground engineering success

Underground construction endeavors are intricate, demanding meticulous planning, execution and risk management. With billions of dollars invested and millions impacted annually, the stakes are monumental.

Insights and trends: Latest developments in utility and communications construction

The beginning of 2024 is shaping up to be just as dynamic as we had expected going into the year. The election stage is set for November, the Federal Reserve is trying to thread the needle between fighting inflation and making the “soft landing,” and most distressing, we all witnessed a terrible tragedy in the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

Editor’s Log: And the smiles never stopped

In late March, UI wrapped another successful Underground Infrastructure Conference. Per usual, a wealth of information and market intelligence was gathered from remarkable speakers and experts in a variety of fields including sewer installation and rehabilitation, fiber optics, power, horizontal directional drilling, and safety.

NASSCO tech tips: Human or machine: The importance of image clarity

The use of ADR can help make observations and perform coding at much faster rates than the human brain can, while maintaining image clarity. This is wonderful news when we consider the amount of data out there still to be collected, first time or fifth time.

Inside infrastructure: Safety debate continues to address new, controversial subjects

Every four or five years, multiple committees in Congress undertake the responsibility of reauthorizing the nation’s pipeline safety program and the federal agency that oversees it.

American Augers’ catch-rig technology speeds up intersect drilling process

To streamline the collaboration of two HDD rigs efficiently working together, American Augers developed what it calls “catch-rig” technology. The system is ideally suited for river crossings and long-distance bores that require a lot of time, machines and prep work on the trail pipe at the exit hole.

Fiber Broadband Association reports NA hit highest annual FTTH growth record

The Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) recently announced results of its 2023 North America Fiber Provider Survey. Performed by RVA LLC Market Research & Consulting (RVA), the research concludes that 2023 set a new record for the highest annual FTTH growth; nine million homes were newly passed by network operators last year alone, according to Mike Render, RVA founder and CEO.

Underground Infrastructure Awards recognizes industry excellence in Oklahoma City

The 2024 Underground Infrastructure Awards (UIA) were held on the evening of Tuesday, March 19th, in Oklahoma City, OK., at the end of the first day of the prestigious Underground Infrastructure Conference (UIC). Sponsored by Underground Infrastructure magazine, the event is designed to reward the people and their incredible performances in a unique, personal and deserving fashion.

First look: Vermeer introduces RTX1250 trencher

Vermeer introduced an improved version of the RTX1250 127-horsepower ride-on trencher tractor that accepts multiple attachments. This updated model has received significant improvements, including enhancements to the tracks, axles and plow retention pins, to optimize productivity in challenging working conditions.