Rehab Technology Profile: NASSCO Standard Bearers Pete Kurz

(UI) — NASSCO continues to set standards for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure. A vast array of individuals has contributed to the success of the association, both in the past and present, that has driven NASSCO’s industry mission. This month, Underground Infrastructure profiles Pete Kurz who embraced the ideals of NASSCO to become one of its staunchest supporters and effective memorable leaders.

NA Pipeline Construction Outlook

(UI) — Seldom has a new year arrived with the degree of supply and demand uncertainty facing global energy markets at the start of 2023. Months of soaring oil and natural gas prices gave way in late 2022 as oil demand projections softened on recessionary fears and Europe’s months-long buying spree filled its natural gas storage levels to near capacity.

Utility & Communications 2023 Construction Outlook, Update

(UI) — The captain of a large aircraft carrier sees what he believes to be the light of an oncoming vessel off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The captain of the ship then radios the vessel, urgently saying to divert your course 15 degrees to the north to avoid a collision with the ship.

Digging Deep for Resilience

(UI) — Resilience is an essential concept for water infrastructure as well, defined by the American Society of Civil Engineers as “a system’s ability to withstand and adapt to the impacts of natural and/or manmade disasters.” As climate instability increases the likelihood of heavy downpours, sewer systems without ample capacity are increasingly vulnerable to overflow.

Rehab News: New Chemical Grout Injection Technology; Avanti Adds Grouts to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certified Product Line

(UI) — Injecting chemicals to stabilize, lift, seal or compact weak soils and rocks is not new. Polyurethane grout material has been used for this purpose since the 1960s. However, the limitations of this process, to shallow depths of 20 feet or less, have often been frustrating, not only for asset owners but installers, as well.

Mental Health Issues, Suicides Reaching Crisis/Epidemic Levels

(UI) — When I began my career in construction over 30 years ago, mental health and suicide were not on anyone’s list of concerns in our industry. Now, as a safety director, I strive each day to protect our workers from this hidden threat that has risen to become a crisis in our industry.

Editor’s Log: More of The Same

(UI) — In this issue of the new Underground Infrastructure magazine, we’ve connected with some of the best experts, prognosticators and writers in the markets we serve to obtain a reasonable grasp as to what 2023 will look like in financial, construction and rehabilitation terms. Indeed, there is so much material, we’ll continue the insight and analysis in our February issue.

Strategic Partnership Brings Affordable, Reliable Fiber to Rural Communities

(UC) — According to a 2021 study from BroadbandNow, at least 42 million Americans do not have access to broadband internet. Access to affordable and reliable broadband in the 21st century is largely considered a critical infrastructure necessity, just like transportation, electricity and water.

Washington Watch: FERC Rejects Environmental Concerns About Gas Pipeline Projects

(UC) — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) continues to dispatch environmental objections to pipeline projects. Even Chairman Richard Glick, who had originally made reducing greenhouse gas emissions his guiding light, is turning a deaf ear.

UCT Welcomes 2023 with High Expectations, Top Education, Profitable Networking

(UC) — With a new year rapidly approaching, final preparations for the annual Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition (UCT) are well underway. UCT is scheduled for Feb. 7–9, in Orlando, Fla, at the Orange County Convention Center.

Latest DIRT Report Indicates Utility Damage Maintains Incident Levels

(UC) — While ongoing programs are in place to reduce accidental damage to buried utility infrastructure, damages continue to happen, usually during construction or repair work, when interrupting service, and sometimes posing the risk of injury and death.

Telecom Boom Enables Growth of Small, Quality Contractor

(UC) — The changing face of telecommunications continues to present unique opportunities for the growth of small, quality contractors. Telecommunications contractor Prowire Inc. has opened a branch office in Albion, Maine, to better service its clients throughout Maine and New Hampshire. The home office is in South Paris, Maine.

Newsline: US Justice Department Sues Idaho City over Water Pollution

UC's December Newsline features information about the U.S. Justice Department suing Idaho City over water pollution, Michigan receiving $500 million to rebuild its water infrastructure, federal investigations into public spending on the failing water system in Jackson, Mississippi, and more of the latest industry developments.

Rehab Technology: Tips for Using Bypass Pipe Plugs for Sewage Bypass

(UI) — Pipe plugs are designed to perform three essential functions: blocking a pipeline, conducting an air test in a pipeline, and bypassing effluent in an active pipeline. Blocking a pipeline becomes necessary during new installation or maintenance, when effluent needs to be temporarily stopped or a new pipe is air tested for leaks.

Editor’s Log: Transitions

(UI) — In 2023, Underground Construction will morph into Underground Infrastructure. The title Underground Construction has served our magazine well for the past 25 years when, in January 1997, the publication moved away from traditional oil and gas pipeline construction-centric coverage to a broad-based utility and pipeline focus.

Close-Fit Liner: Technical Guide to Variations of Close-Fit Liners for Mainline Pipe

(UC) — CIPP is a thermoset resin system (polyester, vinyl ester, felt/fiberglass hybrid or epoxy) that is installed into the existing pipeline to be rehabilitated, with either a felt or fiberglass tube of the approximate thickness designed for the application.

ASCE MOP 145 Update on the Design of Flexible Liners for Gravity Pipes

(UC) — In November 2021, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) issued a new Manual of Practice (MOP) for the Design of Close-Fit Liners for the Rehabilitation of Gravity Pipes. The purpose of the MOP was to provide good guidance to engineers tasked with making wall thickness designs of liners, such as cured in place pipe.

Harmful Inflation Reduction Act Enacted, Includes Some Opportunities for Pipeline Construction

(UC) — In late 2021, President Biden’s controversial “Build Back Better” (BBB) legislation was blocked in the Senate, thanks to a couple of moderate senators with the courage to buck their party by opposing overreaching climate proposals at the front of the Democratic Party’s agenda.

US LNG Projects Gear up; Pipelines Help Europe Pivot from Russian Energy

(UC) — Eight months into Russia’s war on Ukraine, a global oil and gas supply squeeze has been further tightened by sanctions on the world’s largest energy exporter, sending power and fuel prices soaring.

UCA Finalists Announced

(UC) — Underground Construction magazine is proud to present the inaugural Underground Construction Awards (UCAs). Taking place on Wednesday, Feb. 8, the UCAs mark the next big event for underground industry awards.

UCT: Former Orlando PWD Named 2023 MVP

(UC) — The Most Valuable Professional of the underground infrastructure industry will be honored as part of the Underground Construction Awards (UCA) on Feb. 6, at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Fla.

RehabZone Embraces Modern, Exciting Technology

(UC) — The RehabZone has been a regular part of the annual Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition since 2002, providing information about technologies and products for trenchless rehabilitation of underground utility infrastructure.

New Products

Latest industry developments

Rehab News: HammerHead Engineer Appointed to ISO Committee; New Fulfillment Center Opened

(UC) — David Kozman, senior applications engineer at HammerHead Trenchless, was appointed as a technical expert representing the United States in ISO Technical Committee 138 (TC138), Subcommittee 8 on Rehabilitation of Pipeline Systems.

Newsline: $40 Million Detroit Project to Increase Capacity in Local, Regional Sewer System

UC's November Newsline features information about a $40 million Detroit project to increase capacity in local, regional sewer systems, a jury decides $10.4 Million award for Portland gas explosion trauma, aging infrastructure that led to E. Coli in Baltimore water, and more of the latest industry developments.

Washington Watch: INGAA Opposes New Pipeline Safety Mandates

(UC) — Interstate gas pipelines will have nine months to comply with some of the significant new safety regulations from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. The agency has been working on these rules for a decade ever since the San Bruno, Calif., gas explosion on a PG&E pipeline in 2010, which killed eight people.

Editor’s Log: Blame Game

(UC) — California Governor Gavin Newsom just can’t say enough dreadful things about the oil and gas industry. That mindset is apparently ingrained in his DNA and despite the facts, Newsom seems to live in his own mythical version of reality.

UCT 2023: RehabZone: A Trenchless Experience

(UC) — A UCT exclusive, RehabZone™ is the original, hands-on, interactive educational experience, in the exhibit hall, for the sewer and water industry. This self-paced, walk-through exhibit-within-the-exhibit provides a comprehensive look at modern rehabilitation methods in a no-sell environment.

Rehab News: Prime Resins PR 10L Acrylamide Succeeds as Water Barrier, Soil Stabilizer

(UC) — PR10L ACLM is a very-low-viscosity acrylamide grout that yields a gel upon reaction. As thin as water, the grout solution can infiltrate water for sealing leaks or to deeply penetrate soils for soil stabilization.

UCT 2023: Register Early and Save!

(UC) — Do you need affordable training? We’ve got you covered! With UCT’s low rates, everyone can attend without breaking the training budget. Register today at and save.