October 2023 Vol. 78 No.10


Editor's Log

Editor’s Log: Who’s behind those pearls of wisdom (or that poison pen)?

(UI) — In the modern world, there is a mad rush to expand and embrace all things digital. I would venture to say no industry has been impacted as directly as has media. Gone are the days of print newspapers and magazines dominating media. And while print isn’t gone, it has largely been relegated to second-class status in lieu of smart phones, tablets, laptops, et. al.

Washington Watch

Biden administration wants to count downstream GHG emissions when FERC considers pipeline, power projects

(UI) — The President Biden administration announced its latest effort to throw a wrench in pipeline construction. The Biden Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) wants to rollback Trump administration pro-pipeline changes to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).


Inside infrastructure: GIS offers best way to improve underground facility maps

At a time when America is making huge investments in underground infrastructure markets, damage prevention to underground facilities is fundamental and all stakeholders must ensure that their responsibilities are met.

Groundbreaking advances made with EPBM tunnel constructed below sea level

(UI) — Houston Public Works launched the Surface Water Transmission Program (SWTP) to comply with an HGSD mandate. The 66-inch, 50-year-old pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) is the primary source for the western part of the city, and its shutdown would impact the system's capacity.

GPRS launches Water & Sewer Damage Awareness Week

(UI) — From Oct. 23–27, GPRS will offer free safety presentations to anyone responsible for water and/or wastewater systems. The firm will also share additional safety information throughout the week on its social media channels.

Utility and communications: Construction update

With technology on full display at the Underground Infrastructure Conference, coupled with the ongoing labor challenges throughout the industry, artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the minds of contractors and investors alike.

Asset management: Working with Duke’s ‘like having a crystal ball’

(UI) — When optimizing sewer and wastewater treatment systems, it can be overwhelming to look at more than 100 miles of sewer pipe funneling heavy flow during a rain event and wonder where that excess flow is coming from.

Innovative solution for managing I&I challenges in sanitary districts

(UI) — A major challenge sanitary districts everywhere face is recurring and growing inflow and infiltration (I&I), from substantial amounts of groundwater and stormwater entering the sewer during periods of heavy rain. This issue is of paramount importance, as heavy rainfall can cause the intrusion of large volumes of groundwater and stormwater into the sewer system, overwhelming pump stations and treatment plants, and even causing costly sewer overflows.

Elevate your expertise and expand your network – register for the Underground Infrastructure Conference today

Get ready for the most exciting event of the year for underground utility professionals. The 2024 Underground Infrastructure Conference (UIC) is where the industry will come together to address the pressing needs and priorities of our aging infrastructure. Join us for this groundbreaking, two-and-a-half day conference from March 19–21 in Oklahoma City, Okla., and take your knowledge and career to new heights!

New Products

New Products

DEVELON introduced new innovative technologies on its next-generation-7 Series wheel loaders in North America that help improve operator productivity, visibility and safety.

Rehab News

Warren Environmental relocates to Georgia, other rehab news

Warren Environmental and Coatings LLC, a leading manufacturer of proprietary epoxy products and patented application technologies for water and wastewater infrastructure throughout the U.S., is relocating from Massachusetts to Georgia.

Tech Tips

Touring NASSCO’s new sewergrouting.com website

Information about what is believed to be the oldest trenchless technology has just gotten easier to find. ICGC – NASSCO’s Infiltration Control Grouting Committee –has just completed a full revision of its website found at SewerGrouting.com.