Current Issue: June 2024 Vol. 79 No. 6


Editor's Log

Editor’s log: Let’s stay real

You don’t see much original, in-depth journalism these days. That goes for business-to-business journalism in the underground infrastructure markets, but also for virtually every type of media across business and consumer markets.

Washington Watch

Washington Watch: Pipeline customers press pricing reduction initiatives

Pipeline customers have stimulated a two-pronged political attack on interstate pipeline pricing directed at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Congress.


Florida roots run deep for underground projects, storm preparations

SSUP focuses on neighborhood lines, typically located in customers’ backyards, where lines are most susceptible to trees and other vegetation. So far, FPL has finished more than 2,000 neighborhood projects across the state and undergrounded more than 150 neighborhood lines in Charlotte County.

Restoring power to Minnesota’s northwest angle

To reconnect the northernmost community of the continental U.S. and surrounding areas, the REC team had to plan and execute a project that included complicated underwater installations and transporting the necessary drills, cables and parts to complete the job on the various islands.

26th annual directional drilling survey: More fuel on the fire

As the fiber market continues to burn bright, so does the utilization of horizontal directional drilling. The small rig market’s appetite and need for HDD is again demonstrating remarkable consistency in 2024 according to the exclusive results of the annual Underground Infrastructure HDD Survey.

Inside Infrastructure: 8th DCA/AGA workshop bolsters communication, cooperation

The 8th annual DCA & AGA Workshop, held in Kansas City, brought together 140 industry representatives and featured discussions on pipeline safety, workforce development, cybersecurity, and legislative challenges, highlighting the critical importance of collaboration in the gas distribution industry.

Drilling under the LSU campus

A groundbreaking project at LSU utilizes horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology to install two 1,600-foot HDPE pipes, modernizing the campus's chilled water supply and return systems while minimizing surface disruption.

Tech Tips

Tech Tips: Documenting quality lateral lining installations

(UI) — With CIPP lining of mainline sewers becoming more and more accepted by system owners and utilities, greater attention is being paid to the opportunities to reduce infiltration and inflow (I&I) by utilizing CIPP lining for laterals.

Rehab Products

Orinda rehab project uses eco-friendly geopolymer to restore aging culverts

Orinda used GeoTree Solutions’ GeoSpray 61 geopolymer mortar to rehabilitate aging culverts, protecting local streams and drinking water. The eco-friendly solution allowed for quick stream flow reinstatement with minimal environmental impact.

New Products

New Products

Discover the latest innovations in construction equipment with McElroy's Tritan 560, integrating advanced features for enhanced efficiency and safety on the job site, alongside CASE's expanded lineup empowering crews with new models and upgrades.




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