Federal appeals court upholds judge’s dismissal of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters’ lawsuit

A three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a federal judge’s 2021 decision dismissing a lawsuit filed by protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline, who alleged law enforcement officers used excessive force during a clash in 2016.

TC Energy secures FERC nod for pipeline expansion project in Virginia

Columbia Gas Transmission's Virginia Reliability Project (VRP) represents a strategic expansion project designed to replace two segments of the existing pipeline system, ensuring a continual and abundant supply of natural gas.

Cleanup is done on a big Kansas oil spill on the Keystone system, the company and EPA say

The operator of the Keystone pipeline system has finished cleaning up a massive December 2022 oil spill, and the creek affected by it is flowing naturally again, the company and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said.

Stantec initiates final design phase for $100 million section of Florida water pipeline

(UI) — Stantec, a global leader in sustainable design and engineering, has kicked off the final design phase of Segment B for the South Hillsborough Pipeline with longtime client Tampa Bay Water.

Navigator cancels proposed Midwestern CO2 pipeline, citing ‘unpredictable’ regulatory processes

A company on Friday said it would cancel its plans for a 1,300-mile (2,092-km) pipeline across five Midwestern states that would have gathered carbon dioxide emissions from ethanol plants and buried the gas deep underground.

Feds OK gas pipeline expansion in Pacific Northwest over environmentalist protests

The 1,377-mile (2,216-km) pipeline will run from the Canadian border through a corner of Idaho and into Washington state and Oregon, connecting with a pipeline going into California.

Biden administration wants to count downstream GHG emissions when FERC considers pipeline, power projects

(UI) — The President Biden administration announced its latest effort to throw a wrench in pipeline construction. The Biden Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) wants to rollback Trump administration pro-pipeline changes to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Interstate natural gas pipeline explosion in Idaho prompts evacuations

The explosion happened when a worker using an excavator ruptured a 22-inch (56-centimeter) natural gas pipeline near the town of about 10,600 people, said Chief Deputy Douglas Hart of the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Navigator CO2 Ventures puts proposed carbon dioxide pipeline project on hold for reassessment

The proposed 1,300-mile project would carry carbon dioxide emissions from more than 20 industrial plants across the Midwest. The Illinois permit is crucial because that’s where the company planned to store the carbon dioxide underground.

Extended reprieve for New Orleans water systems as saltwater intrusion slows

Authorities said that saltwater inching up the Mississippi River is progressing more slowly than projected, meaning water systems in the greater New Orleans area that draw drinking water from the river have additional weeks to prepare.

HDD mud spills force authorities to halt wastewater pipeline construction in NY’s Genesee County

(UI) — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has stopped construction of a wastewater pipeline in New York's Genesee County due to multiple incidents of drilling fluid spills in a protected wetland.

New Orleans aims to secure fresh water with $120-$200 million pipeline project

(UI) — While not yet finalized, the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board recently briefed city council members, outlining plans for a 10-12-mile-long pipeline. This pipeline would facilitate the withdrawal of water from a location north of Kenner, situated above the encroaching saltwater wedge.

PLIDCO introduces new line of hydrogen pipeline products

Designed for onshore and subsea high-pressure emergency pipeline repairs and routine pipeline maintenance applications, PLIDCO’s products are ideal for hydrogen, oil, gas, water, chemical, steam, slurry and other piping systems.

North Dakota panel will reconsider denying permit for Summit CO2 pipeline

North Dakota utility regulators, in an unusual move, granted a request to reconsider their denial of a key permit for a proposed carbon dioxide pipeline.

Biden restores states' and tribes' authority over waterways, including gas pipelines

The rule, which takes effect in November, reverses a Trump-era action that limited the ability of states and tribes to review pipelines, dams and other federally regulated projects within their borders.

Let your fluid cleaning system be the hero

(UI) — The role of drilling fluid on an HDD jobsite is a big one. It acts as a conveyor for removing solids from the bore hole, lubricates downhole tooling, cools electronics and stabilizes the hole. Keeping it clean and usable is an important job, and an essential one for contractors to stay profitable.

Beyond drilling: Total Boring's commitment to excellence

While Total Boring boasts a diverse fleet of drilling machines and tooling from reputable manufacturers, they rely on a single vendor for their drilling fluid needs: Wyo-Ben.

South Dakota panel denies application for CO2 pipeline; Summit to refile for permit

South Dakota regulators on Monday rejected a permit application for a proposed carbon dioxide pipeline through the state, dealing a fresh setback to the company behind the multistate project after North Dakota refused a siting permit for another leg there.

Environmentalists lose latest court battle over Louisiana gas pipeline project

A panel of three appellate judges rejected multiple arguments against the project's permit in a 26-page ruling, saying the Corps had complied with requirements of the federal Administrative Procedures Act and the Clean Water Act.

UTSA researches how horizontal directional drilling is evolving in utility construction industry

The study is intended to evaluate the factors, including barriers and drivers, influencing the successful implementation of HDD and autonomous directional drilling for underground utility installations.

South Dakota regulators deny construction permit for CO2 pipeline project

Navigator CO2 Ventures wants to build a 1,300-mile pipeline network across Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota, to carry carbon dioxide emissions from more than 20 industrial plants to be buried over a mile underground in Illinois.

Colorado wins over $13 million in federal funding for water transmission pipeline

The Gold Hill Pipeline Project will build a pipeline for water to flow in two directions, closing the gap in the transmission network.

Minnesota regulators vote to pursue environmental review for proposed carbon pipeline network

Minnesota regulators voted Thursday to proceed with an environmental review for part of a proposed but disputed pipeline network that would carry planet-warming carbon dioxide from Midwest ethanol plants to a permanent underground storage site.

Erie, Pa., receives $30.5 million to replace lead pipes

Erie Water Works claims that by 2025, 5,400 lines will be replaced. By 2027, it aspires to have a completely lead-free water supply.

Kansas to receive $49.1 million to upgrade water, sanitary systems

(UI) — Within Kansas, the allocation includes a $6.4 million loan earmarked for the revitalization of water systems in Perry. This initiative will encompass the modernization and installation of approximately 24,000 feet of the collection system and around 15,000 feet of associated pipelines and equipment.

Maui water deemed unsafe post-fire, filters ineffective in addressing contamination

The Maui fires damaged hundreds of drinking water pipes, resulting in a loss of pressure that can allow toxic chemicals along with metals and bacteria into water lines.

First aqueduct water pipeline rehabilitated with geopolymer for SDCWA

(UI) — When the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) inspected its First Aqueduct water conveyance system in Valley Center, engineers identified that rehabilitation was required. Groundwater was infiltrating three tunnels within the system and rehabilitation was required to maintain the tunnels’ structural integrity and extend their service life.

Swift completion of New Orleans sewer repairs ends release of raw sewage into Mississippi River

(UI) — The New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board has successfully ceased the discharge of untreated sewage into the Mississippi River after accomplishing vital repairs to a 60-year-old, 60-inch sewer force main situated in the St. Roch neighborhood.

Proposal aims to enhance gas, water pipelines across federal lands near Rifle, Colorado

(UI) — The proposal involves the construction of natural gas and produced water pipelines crossing federal land south of Rifle, Colorado, covering a total of seven miles. This includes 2.9 miles through U.S. National Forest land, 2.1 miles across Bureau of Land Management territory, and another 2.1 miles over private property.

Currently at CUIRE – Annual update of research center’s activities

(UI) — Pipe deterioration is a complex process, involving a combination of aging, chemical and environmental factors. Polymeric SAPL is a new application to structurally renew deteriorated gravity and pressure pipelines and can be applied to a wide range of concrete, masonry, corrugated metal, and steel pipelines.