June 2023 Vol. 78 No. 6


Editor's Log

Editor’s Log: A fiber road paved by HDD

(UI) — By the late ‘90s, fiber backbone construction was marching across the land like Sherman to Atlanta. It was the early version of cryptocurrency – every investor was going to become a multi-millionaire overnight. The market for directional drills hit unprecedented – and unrealistic – highs. HDD was the perfect technology to aid the expansion of fiber installation, along with trenching and plowing. It was the telecom version of the early 1980s oil boom.


B&B Underground and Drilling tackles reclaimed water project

(UI) — While many HDD companies perform strictly small-diameter fiber work, those focused on larger water and sewer utility work are specialty companies. Building a team for the task can be more challenging, too. That’s why B&B Underground and Drilling emphasizes the importance of training.

GPR: From glaciers to conduits, digs deeper so you don’t have to

(UI) — The ability to accurately map underground or encased infrastructure allows construction and excavation professionals to plan groundbreaking and other destructive activities more efficiently. By knowing where not to dig, cut or core, these professionals eliminate the risks associated with striking buried utilities or severing structural components, such as rebar or post-tension cables.

Despite challenges, HDD market continues impressive growth

(UI) — The 25th Annual Underground Infrastructure HDD Survey provides insight into the complex, yet generally lucrative, world of directional boring. Indeed, HDD is a technology that continues to expand to even further heights. It has clearly demonstrated how the introduction and development of this disruptive technology forever changed the face of utility and pipeline construction.

How digitally mapping, documenting HDD jobs can aid compliance, profitability

Collecting bore and equipment data may seem like added work. If you install fiber, you may worry that it will eat into tight profit margins that are common in the industry. But the truth is, you likely already have much of what you need to record the data.

Rehab Technology

Rehab News

(UI) — The regional manager changes at Avanti and Aegion acquires trenchless water rehabilitation provider Infraspec Services.

NASSCO Standard Bearers: Kathy Romans

This month, Underground Infrastructure profiles Kathy Romans, who not only has been a tremendous force within the rehabilitation industry, but an effective leader for NASSCO. In additional to her committee work and service on the board of directors, Kathy was the first woman president of NASSCO.


Newsline: Arkansas Valley clean water pipeline project starts construction after 60-year wait

Newsline: Arkansas Valley clean water pipeline project starts construction after 60-year wait; a DOJ probe finds Alabama ignored sewer issues in impoverished communities; Pittsburgh water rates could increase nearly 60% over next 3 years; and more.

Inside Infrastructure

DCA/AGA workshop provides forum on wide range of topics

In late March, the Distribution Contractors Association (DCA) and the American Gas Association (AGA) held the 8th Annual DCA/AGA Workshop in Chicago, Ill. The event brought together some 150 gas distribution operators, contractors, manufacturers and other service providers to discuss and evaluate ways to communicate and collaborate effectively.


Business News

Ring-O-Matic has expanded dealer coverage in several major markets, improving product availability and machine application expertise.