Pennsylvania American Water launches interactive map to identify, replace lead water service lines

The webpage and map were created in response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s requirements for water utilities to identify and make public the locations of lead service lines by October of 2024 and follows EPA best practices.

Underground utility data management company Reveal launches new ground penetrating radar data analysis software

Underdots creates an intuitive, accessible point-cloud visualization from multi-channel GPR data in a matter of hours. Clustered dots plotted in 3D space show the intensity and depth of radar reflections, which can reveal the presence or absence of underground utilities in large areas,

Rhode Island, 120Water partner to support state-wide digital lead service line database

By procuring 120Water’s Public Water System (PWS) Portal and State Dashboard software, all eligible Rhode Island water utilities will now have access to tools designed to digitally collect, store, manage, and report on lead service line inventory data in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) and federal and state reporting requirements.

Woolpert implements Rapid Ready asset management system for California utility provider

Rapid Ready will provide standardized maintenance and tracking for WCW’s lifecycle management assets, including manholes and sewer pipes, as well as service requests, maintenance activities, and costs in an organized fashion that supports reporting and process improvements.

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority modernizes workflow with OpenGov software

With OpenGov’s easy-to-use budgeting software, staff will be able to increase collaboration by centralizing processes, analyses and workflow management to evaluate, budget and track all capital planning activities.

Hitachi Vantara to supply Arizona Department of Water Resources with asset management solution

The solution is part of the State of Arizona’s efforts to bolster sustainability and resource management and secure the future of water for the Grand Canyon State’s 7 million residents amid the broader water supply challenges facing the Southwest.

Berkeley County Public Service Water District utilizes cloud-based asset management software

The District will be able to extend the life of its assets with a preventative maintenance schedule that includes recurring maintenance tasks, asset performance, and a plan for replacements and repairs.

Louisville Water advances digital transformation with KloudGin asset management platform

As part of Louisville Water’s digital transformation initiative, KloudGin’s platform helped Louisville Water automate cross-control processes from legacy systems to a cloud-native, mobile application.

Buffalo Sewer Authority saves $145 million, cuts pollution with smart sewer technology

A collaboration with global water technology leader Xylem, the project recently won an IWA (International Water Association) award for transforming Buffalo’s sewer network by automatically redirecting excess rainwater to underused parts of its system to prevent overflows.

RodRadar signs $1.4 million deal with Sitech Tejas

(UI) — RodRadar, developers of groundbreaking imaging technology for detecting underground utility infrastructure during excavation, has entered into a $1.4 million agreement with SITECH Tejas, a HOLT company. The deal will see the North American dealer add RodRadar’s debut product, LDR Excavate, to its portfolio of heavy civil construction solutions.

Ayyeka introduces new sewer overflow data management technology

(UI) — Ayyeka’s latest product, Storm Scope, addresses the endless issues connected to combined sewer overflow data management. The Storm Scope software platform collects and organizes data from remote locations, transforming distant landscapes into manageable assets.

Electro Scan UK to assess 31 miles of sewer condition using leak detection technology

(UI) — Electro Scan (UK) Ltd. has been awarded an additional 50 km (31 miles) of sewer condition assessment project for Southern Water, working under framework contractor Cappagh Browne. Last year Electro Scan carried out their first large project for British-based Southern Water covering 51 km (31 miles) of sewer condition assessment.

Norfield Development Partners introduce next generation mobile app for excavators and utilities

The technology is intended for excavators and utilities to create, transmit and manage excavation requests on any device from anywhere.

Heath Consultants releases PPB advanced mobile leak detection system

(UI) — Heath’s Discover advanced mobile leak detection system can aid in reducing methane emissions through the identification of gas leaks. Through its sensitivity levels, the technology can detect and distinguish between a pipeline gas leak verses a non-pipeline gas leak, such as sewer, landfill and soil/biogas indications.

John Deere Enabled through the JDLink telematics connection, John Deere’s new Connected Support leverages a suite of dealer and factory tools to deliver increased productivity, uptime and lower daily operating costs. A ke..

Doosan Infracore/Doosan Infracore North America LLC

Doosan Infracore has formed a strategic partnership with U.S. big-data unicorn Palantir Technologies for the first time in Korea, as part of the effort to accelerate digital transformation.