Healdsburg, Calif. secures $7.1 million grant for recycled water pipeline to combat drought

The city of Healdsburg recently received a $7.1 million grant from the State of California to construct the Municipal Recycled Water Pipeline Project.

Colorado’s Larimer County commissioners greenlight Thornton water pipeline project

On May 8, Larimer County commissioners unanimously granted approval for Thornton City's 10-mile pipeline project, marking a breakthrough after years of contentious debate and legal battles.

Nassau County legislators approve $15 million sewer infrastructure investment

The Nassau County Legislature's Rules Committee unanimously voted on May 6 to allocate nearly $15 million for sewer system upgrades within the 11th Legislative District, announced Nassau County Legislature Minority Leader Delia DeRiggi-Whitton.

Newton, Iowa, advances sanitary sewer rehabilitation project

Identified through video camera inspections, sections of the city's sewer mains were found to be in dire need of repair, particularly in areas affected by groundwater infiltration or obstructed flow due to tree roots.

Tyler City Council updated on sewer system rehabilitations under Consent Decree

The City Council of Tyler, Texas, recently received a comprehensive update from Pipeline Analysis LLC regarding the ongoing and future rehabilitation plans for the city's sewer system as mandated by the Consent Decree.

Georgia’s Cobb County proposes new stormwater management fee to tackle aging infrastructure

Cobb County is grappling with the challenges posed by aging infrastructure, prompting officials to consider innovative solutions. In response, they are suggesting the introduction of a stormwater utility fee, projected to range from $2 to $4 monthly for the average homeowner.

Olds municipality makes strides in sewer, water system overhaul, targeting I&I challenges

Following an assessment last fall, which included a vapor test to identify inflow and infiltration (I&I) issues in the sewer system, significant progress has been achieved. Out of the 38 repairs identified during the test, 36 have been completed, primarily involving the replacement of manhole lids, inserts, and cleanout plugs at various locations.

Shreveport, La., enhances water and sewer bill assistance program, expanding relief for residents

The Shreveport Water Assistance Program (SWAP), designed to provide relief for water and sewer bills, reflects a concerted effort to ensure equitable access to essential services for all citizens.

Lake Como, N.J., takes bold steps towards resolving water utility concerns

Despite a less-than-ideal offer from New Jersey American Water, Lake Como invested millions in upgrading its water system to address the immediate crisis. However, this decision led to increased water costs for residents to repay the loans taken out for the project.

North Carolina to invest $238 million in drinking water, wastewater, stormwater projects

North Carolina is set to allocate $238 million towards water infrastructure projects. The funding will support 114 projects aimed at improving drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater systems.

Rhode Island seeks input on Woonsocket's clean water infrastructure replacement plan

The Rhode Island Department of Health has issued a public notice seeking feedback on the proposed 2023 update to the Clean Water Infrastructure Replacement Plan for the City of Woonsocket Water Department.

Advocates urge expanded public hearings about Baltimore’s water and sewer system

(UI) — The Baltimore Regional Water Governance Task Force announced that it would hold four in-person meetings throughout this fall before recommending a new governance model for the city’s water and wastewater system.

Communities unite to overcome decades of undrinkable water in West Texas

In rural West Texas, water problems underscore a broader issue: a 2016 report revealed 65 Texas systems with excessive arsenic, impacting 51,000 residents. Despite this, around 65 residents convened at a July meeting united in their aim to establish the South Plains Water Supply Corporation. Moreover, relief is on the horizon with $2.5 billion in federal funding allocated for water infrastructure.

Bloomfield Township's NPDES permit relies on new ordinance for stormwater control

(UI) — Bloomfield Township's NPDES permit hinges on a new ordinance aimed at preventing non-stormwater discharges from entering the municipal separate storm sewer system, as unanimously enacted by the Township's Board of Trustees on July 24.

Vegas water agency empowered to limit home water flows in future

Nevada has taken a dramatic, but not immediate, step toward limiting the amount of Colorado River water used in the most populous part of the nation’s most arid state, after lawmakers gave Las Vegas-area water managers the levers to limit flows to single-family homes.

San Luis Obispo city officials unanimously approve water and sewer rate increases

(UI) — The city of San Luis Obispo, located in California, unanimously voted to proceed with a proposed plan, resulting in a two-year increase in water service rates for users, with a favorable vote of 5-0.

Water bills for St. Louis residents could rise by 20% due to Board of Aldermen proposal

There is a chance that water costs for St. Louis households might increase significantly. Alderwoman Anne Schweitzer of the 1st Ward submitted a measure on Friday that would raise water costs by around 20%.

California water officials to replace 500 feet of sewer pipe in San Juan Capistrano

(UI) — From June 5 to 18, the Santa Margarita Water District will repair 500 feet of sewer pipes on Los Rios Street as part of San Juan Capistrano's sewer upgrade plans.

Highland Park, Mich., struggles under $20 million water debt, threatening its future

The community near Detroit is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy because it cannot pay its bills to the utility providing drinking water to the city. The debt owed to the Great Lakes Water Authority stretches back to at least the 1990s when the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department ran the water system.

Pittsburgh water rates could increase nearly 60% over next 3 years

(UI) — In order to continue funding its plans for infrastructure upgrades, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has submitted a request to state regulators for a rate increase of over 60% over the upcoming three years.

Biden approves federal disaster relief for utilities in Vermont communities affected by winter storm

On Tuesday Gov. Phil Scott and the three members of the state’s congressional delegation said a preliminary damage assessment by the Federal Emergency Management Agency identified nearly $3 million in eligible costs from public and non-profit utilities in communities recovering from the storm.

Las Vegas water agency seeks power to limit residential use

State lawmakers on Monday are scheduled to discuss granting the power to limit what comes out of residents’ taps to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, the agency managing the Colorado River supply to the city. If lawmakers approve the bill, Nevada would be the first state to give a water agency permanent jurisdiction over the amount of residential use.

Public water utilities say Senate bill will force up rates

Legislation criticized by opponents as a vehicle for-profit water companies to take over municipal water authorities in Pennsylvania by imposing expensive regulations on them passed the Republican-controlled state Senate on Tuesday.

UCT 2022 gathers in Fort Worth, TX

UCT 2022 gathered in Fort Worth, TX to recognize educational presenters and promotors within the industry.

Thousands Without Heat, Water After Tornadoes Kill Dozens

Many Kentucky residents are without power and water after a powerful tornado blew through the state.

South Sioux City Council Approves settlement Over Biogas Plant

A settlement has been reached for a biogas plant that produced fumes affecting surrounding homeowners.

Washington, D.C. Civil Engineers Give the District’s Infrastructure a “C” Grade

Washington D.C. received an overall grade of a "C" in its most recent infrastructure report card.

Pennsylvania’s Gas-Well Revenue Down as Price, Drilling Drop

Gas well revenue in Pennsylvania is at its lowest after prices sank during the pandemic.

Boil Advisory Lifted for All of Jackson, One Month Later

February's deep freeze kept Jackson, Mississippi for 30 days following the weather.

Colorado Activates Municipal Drought Response Plan as 2021 Water Forecast Darkens

Colorado prepares for a dry season approaching in 2021.

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