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Funding still flowing despite economic headwinds, challenges

The last two years in America’s municipal infrastructure industry have seen tremendous increases in project activities driven primarily by significant boosts in government funding. If you happened to be a consulting engineer, contractor or manufacturer/supplier, business has been good. Now, 2024 has the potential to be a great year for many in infrastructure.

Massachusetts Clean Water Trust approves $44.7 million in water infrastructure funding

The Massachusetts Clean Water Trust's Board of Trustees has greenlit $44,768,312 in new low-interest loans and grants during its February 14, 2024, meeting, aimed at bolstering water infrastructure across the state.

Canton, Ohio, receives $46 million investment for safe drinking water upgrades

Through this investment, the Canton Water Department will ensure high-quality drinking water while creating dozens of good-paying, public-sector jobs operating and maintaining the system for decades to come.

Michigan officials roll out Filter First program targeting clean drinking water in schools

Bipartisan legislation in Michigan allocates $50 million to install lead-reducing water stations in schools and childcare centers, bolstering efforts to eliminate lead in public water supplies.

Arkansas town restores water service after 2-week outage

Water is again flowing in an Arkansas town that was without service for more than two weeks after below freezing temperatures hit the state, but officials say much work remains to be done to avoid another shortage to the aging local system.

New Mexico governor unveils 50-year water action plan

Governor Michelle Lujan unveiled a water action plan at the State Capitol on Jan. 30 with the goal of ensuring New Mexicans will have access to clean water for the next five decades.

Massachusetts Clean Water Trust grants $51 million for 14 municipal water projects

The grant funds will help cities, towns, counties, and water utilities pay for the $237 million in total project cost for improvements to drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.

Residents of an east Arkansas town have been without water for the past two weeks

Officials are racing to fix leaks throughout the city and restore water to residents, but they say they're facing the longer-term challenge of overhauling a system with an infrastructure that dates back decades.

Google and New Mexico partner to detect water leaks using satellite imagery

New Mexico is teaming up with Google to hunt for leaky water pipes using satellite imagery as the drought-stricken state prepares for a future in which growing demand puts more pressure on already dwindling drinking water supplies.

Memphis residents endure day 4 of water problems as freezing weather bursts pipes across the South

Memphis residents spent their fourth day boiling water for drinking as repair crews worked to fix broken pipes in hopes of easing the stress caused by a week of subfreezing temperatures, snow and ice in this southern city.

Governor Hochul greenlights $78 million for crucial water infrastructure upgrades across New York

Governor Kathy Hochul has approved $78 million in financial assistance for water infrastructure improvement projects in the Capital Region, Finger Lakes, New York City, North Country, Southern Tier and Western New York regions.

Minnesota governor unveils $119 million water infrastructure investment in 2024 infrastructure plan

In a groundbreaking move aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of Minnesotans, Governor Tim Walz revealed a comprehensive $119 million investment in water infrastructure as part of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s 2024 Infrastructure Plan.

Mississippi officials confirm safety of Jackson’s water supply following E. coli alert

Mississippi health officials lifted their health advisory after a new round of test results did not find E. coli in Jackson’s supply. The announcement reverses the Mississippi Department of Health’s instructions on Jan. 11 for Jackson residents to boil their water before consuming it.

Gainesville, Ga., halts sewer spill into Lake Lanier, addresses issue promptly

The Gainesville Department of Water Resources has successfully intervened to contain a sewage overflow into Lake Lanier

San Diego begins installation of new pure water pipeline at Miramar Reservoir

Completion of the 1-mile branched pipeline along the Miramar Reservoir bed includes pipeline assembly on shore before the pipe is loaded onto barges and permanently installed underwater. Over 1,100 feet of tunneling to reach the reservoir was completed earlier this year, and work is now underway to complete construction of the pipeline at the reservoir.

Idaho governor focuses on strengthening water infrastructure, allocates $1 billion for key projects

Gov. Brad Little has recommended — and the Legislature has approved — more than $1 billion in additional funding for water-related projects such as improving drinking water and wastewater treatment since he took office in 2019, he noted.

Developers want water policy changes in response to construction limits on metro Phoenix’s fringes

Developers plan to seek changes to Arizona’s decades-old laws restricting construction in areas without adequate water supplies after the state said this summer that it won’t issue permits for new subdivisions in some areas on metro Phoenix’s fringes.

Chemours, DuPont, Corteva affirm continued support for PFAS settlement with U.S. water systems

(UI) — The Chemours Company, DuPont de Nemours Inc. and Corteva Inc. have announced their continued support for the June 30, 2023, agreement to comprehensively resolve PFAS-related drinking water claims of a defined class of public water systems.

Drought-prone California OKs new rules for turning wastewater directly into drinking water

California regulators on Tuesday approved new rules to let water agencies recycle wastewater and put it right back into the pipes that carry drinking water to homes, schools and businesses.

Wisconsin DNR preps 2024 grant program for small water systems to deal with PFAS contamination

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is creating a new grant program to help small public water systems reduce PFAS and manganese contamination levels.

Jackson, Miss., water rates to increase early next year

The Jackson City Council on Tuesday unanimously abstained from voting on a proposal to change the city’s water billing rate structure that will result in an increase, WLBT-TV reported.

Residents in St. Croix sue government over water contaminated with lead and copper

A group of residents have sued a public utility company in the U.S. Virgin Islands after authorities there reported finding high levels of lead and copper in the tap water on St. Croix. The report caused panic and forced tens of thousands to rely on bottled water.

Hawaii secures $75 million federal funding for safe drinking water expansion

The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have joined forces to secure $75 million in federal funding for the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS).

EPA awards Maryland over $240 million for water infrastructure upgrades

(UI) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Maryland $240.5 million to support clean water efforts and to better deliver safe drinking water across the state.

Montana challenges EPA rule to protect water quality certifications, foster infrastructure development

(UI) — Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen and ten other state attorneys general filed a lawsuit against an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule on Dec. 5 stating that it makes "sweeping and unlawful" changes to federal regulations governing state-issued water quality certifications.

West Virginia to receive $109 million from EPA for water infrastructure upgrades

(UI) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will award West Virginia $109.88 million to support improvements to water systems and access to safe drinking water across the state.

EPA awards Pennsylvania nearly $387 million for water infrastructure upgrades

(UI) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Pennsylvania $386.9 million to support clean water efforts and better deliver safe drinking water across the state.

Congressmen ask DOJ to investigate water utility hack, warning it could happen anywhere

Three members of Congress have asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate how foreign hackers breached a water authority near Pittsburgh, prompting the nation’s top cyber defense agency to warn other water and sewage-treatment utilities that they may be vulnerable.

Illinois American Water invests $76.7 million in 2023 for local water infrastructure upgrades

(UI) — In 2023, Illinois American Water will have invested $297 million in water and wastewater system infrastructure replacement and enhancements throughout the state. Locally, in the company’s Central Division, the capital investment in infrastructure has reached $76.7 million in 2023.

Biden declares emergency over lead in water in US Virgin Islands

President Joe Biden declared an emergency over lead-in-water contamination in the U.S. Virgin Islands earlier this week after tests on St. Croix revealed levels more than 100 times the limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency – among the worst results a U.S. community has seen in decades.