Water Inspection

Military members file claims for fuel in Hawaii Navy drinking water

A Navy sailor, an Army colonel and an Army major are the first active-duty military members taking the initial step toward suing the U.S. government over jet fuel that contaminated drinking water in Hawaii.

Mayor: Philadelphia water will not be tainted by spill

“We can all confidentially say the threat has passed — I repeat: All the city’s drinking water is safe to drink and will not be impacted by the spill,” Mayor Jim Kenney said Tuesday night. Sampling hasn’t detected any substance from the spill, and “models tracking the flow and tide of the Delaware River show the potential threat is passing us,” he said.

Texas lawmakers prepare to set aside billions to upgrade state’s aging water system

(UI) — A critical first step was made on March 20 toward advancing legislation that may rebuild Texas' deteriorating water infrastructure and develop new water sources for the state's expanding population. The proposed bills would establish a new Water Supply for Texas Fund, which the Texas Water Development Board would run, to pay for infrastructure improvements and new water projects.

Storms end Southern California water restrictions for 7 million residents

California’s 11th atmospheric river left the storm-soaked state with a bang Wednesday, bringing flooded roadways, landslides and toppled trees to the southern part of the state as well as drought-busting rainfall that meant the end of water restrictions for nearly 7 million people.

Alabama House approves $660 million in funding for water, sewer, broadband upgrades

The Alabama House on Tuesday advanced a plan to use the state’s final $1 billion in federal pandemic relief funds mostly on a mix of water and sewer infrastructure, broadband expansion and health care reimbursements.

EPA to limit toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday proposed the first federal limits on harmful “forever chemicals” in drinking water, a long-awaited protection the agency said will save thousands of lives and prevent serious illnesses, including cancer.

Much of Florida Keys loses water pressure after main break

Much of the Florida Keys lost water pressure after a water main broke, blocking traffic along the main roadway on the chain of islands and forcing businesses to close early. It was the third time a water main broke in the past week in the Florida Keys.

Governor Polis signs proposal to fund 60 drinking water projects across Colorado

(UI) — The state of Colorado will now be providing funding for about 60 drinking water projects across the state, according to legislation that was signed last month by Governor Jared Polis.

Communities await first US limits on ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose restrictions on harmful “forever chemicals” in drinking water after finding they are dangerous in amounts so small as to be undetectable. But experts say removing them will cost billions, a burden that will fall hardest on small communities with few resources.

Mayor: Water pressure should return to NJ city after break

Officials say water pressure should gradually return to a small New Jersey city across the Hudson River from Manhattan stricken by a water main break that left most residents with no water service or low water pressure.

Ayyeka introduces new sewer overflow data management technology

(UI) — Ayyeka’s latest product, Storm Scope, addresses the endless issues connected to combined sewer overflow data management. The Storm Scope software platform collects and organizes data from remote locations, transforming distant landscapes into manageable assets.

Vermont’s wastewater infrastructure deemed “poor” by engineering group

(UI) — The Vermont section of the American Society of Civil Engineers released the 2023 Report Card for Vermont’s Infrastructure on Feb. 16, in which the state’s wastewater infrastructure received a grade of “D+.” Likewise, Vermont's drinking water and stormwater infrastructure received “C” scores. According to the report, a C is considered “mediocre,” while a D is “poor.”

Train derailment prompts water utility to take precautions

A West Virginia water utility is enhancing its water treatment process as a precaution following the derailment of a train hauling chemicals that later sent up a toxic plume in Ohio.

Texas lawmakers to push water infrastructure upgrades to forefront of legislative agenda

(UI) — For the upcoming fiscal year, Texas is anticipated to have a record surplus. Now, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers is hoping to direct some of that money toward much-needed renovations to the state's water infrastructure.

Pumping Mississippi River water west: solution or dream?

While the much-needed water has improved conditions in the parched West, experts warn against claiming victory. About 60% of the region remains in some form of drought, continuing a decades-long spiral into water scarcity.

West Virginia lab owner admits to falsifying test results for city’s public water

The co-owner of a West Virginia water laboratory on Monday pleaded guilty in federal court to submitting false results for a city’s public drinking water samples that were never tested, prosecutors said.

Pennsylvania passes ‘forever chemicals’ drinking water limit

Pennsylvania has enacted a statewide drinking water limit on two forms of highly toxic chemicals, nicknamed “forever chemicals.” The rule applies to all 3,117 water systems, the Department of Environmental Protection said.

Wyoming’s water infrastructure rated “mediocre” by engineering group

(UI) — The Wyoming section of the American Society of Civil Engineers released the first Report Card for Wyoming’s Infrastructure on Tuesday, with the state’s drinking water and wastewater infrastructure receiving a grade of “C” and “D+”. According to the report, a C is considered “mediocre” while a D is “poor.”

Gas driller pleads no contest to polluting town’s water

Pennsylvania’s most active gas driller pleaded no contest Tuesday to criminal charges, capping a landmark environmental case against a company that prosecutors say polluted a rural community’s drinking water 14 years ago and then tried to evade responsibility.

New York distributes $31.3 million to six municipalities for water infrastructure upgrades

(UC) — New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced that six municipalities will receive $31.3 million in financial assistance for critical water infrastructure improvements that are crucial to protecting public health and the environment.

EPA official tours Flint’s upgraded water infrastructure

Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 administrator Debra Shore visited Flint, Michigan, this week to inspect the city’s upgraded water infrastructure.

Ecoremedy receives EPA approval for wastewater treatment technology

Ecoremedy receives an EPA ruling on its gasification technology, and now moves forward with installing the system at a Washington wastewater plant.

Large dairy farm sues state over wastewater permit changes

Farm operators say the monitoring system will cost tens of thousands of dollars initially, plus the fees indefinitely paid to experts to sample, analyze and interpret data from the wells.

PNW 2022 water outlook improves with storms, drought remains

An unexpected snowstorm in the Pacific Northwest could increase the water supply in some areas but droughts continue to persist.

Wisconsin judge to rule on DNR authority to regulate PFAS

A judge was set to rule on whether state regulators can require businesses to clean up PFAS contamination without established limits on the chemicals.

Decisions remain for Pilgram's radioactive water

Holtec International is working to remove radioactive water inside a former nuclear power plant in Massachusetts.

Maine takes step toward phase out of long-lasting chemicals

Lawmakers in Maine have made a move toward banning pesticides that contain long-lasting chemicals.

EPA upholds Trump-era decision not to regulate contaminant

The Environmental Protection Agency said that it will not regulate a drinking water contaminant that has been linked to brain damage in infants.

Lawsuit against EPA claims agency fails to protect Montana rivers from pollution

A conservation group has filed a lawsuit against U.S. environmental officials for alleged failure to intervene after the Montana Legislature rolled back longstanding water pollution rules.

Maryland officials order stop on treatment plant unpermitted discharges

Officials in Maryland are ordering the state’s largest wastewater treatment plant to stop unpermitted discharges of water pollution.