Trenchless Methods

United Felts launches new UV CIPP portfolio for trenchless sewer rehabilitation

This portfolio combines the strengths of United GRP and EnviroCure UV, offering comprehensive solutions for varied sewer rehabilitation needs with the unmatched benefits of UV-cured technology.

United Rentals hosts trench safety webinar for 2024 Stand Down week

Join United Rentals' free trench safety webinar on June 19 during 2024 Stand Down week to enhance excavation safety knowledge and practices.

Garney Construction, Dewberry Engineers complete “record-breaking” trenchless crossing of James River

The Design-Build team of Garney Construction and Dewberry Engineers was hired by the Hampton Roads Sewer District to design and construct a force main crossing the James River in Newport News, Virginia.

Trenchers: Unsung hero of utility installation

Trenching, with its versatility and adaptability, remains a vital method for utility installation across various terrains and conditions. The wide array of trenching machines and attachments available today allows for efficient and effective utility installations, from small residential projects to large-scale industrial applications.

Guam contractor faces $1 million fine over repeated trench safety violations, OSHA investigation reveals

Giant Construction Corp., a Tamuning contractor, is under fire with over $1 million in penalties after federal inspectors discovered trench workers exposed to fatal hazards.

National Trench Safety appoints Fernando Pinera as new CEO

National Trench Safety (NTS), the nation’s largest pure play trench safety solutions provider, has announced the appointment of Fernando Pinera as its new CEO, effective April 1, 2024.

Kelowna, BC, invests $7 million in CIPP technology for sewer pipe repair

The city of Kelowna, located in the south of Canada’s British Columbia province, is set to embark on a $7-million project next week to repair 1.6 miles of sanitary sewer pipe using cutting-edge trenchless technology known as Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP).

SA Water tests successful trenchless pipeline repair technique

SA Water undertook a trial of trenchless technology, a first in the metropolitan sewer network, to address issues with a sewer pipe running beneath the popular trade hub.

El Paso Water to use trenchless technology for water line rehabilitation project in April

El Paso Water will use trenchless technology to insert a special liner inside a 70-year-old cast iron water pipe. The project will restore the pipe to near-new condition and extend the pipe’s life by 30-50 years.

Saline, Mich. to repair over 2,000 ft of water main with trenchless technology

Work involves bypassing water piping during the cured-in-place piping (CIPP) process, which involves lining the main with resin that will harden, creating a new water line inside of the aging infrastructure.

Vortex Companies redefines trenchless technology solutions with rebranded CIPP supplier launch

UNITED FELTS will embody the Applied Felts Inc. & FerraTex Solutions brands. These brands will be retired over the coming months. The MaxLiner brand will remain intact under the operation of United Felts.

Vortex Companies acquires Applied Felts for total trenchless rehabilitation solutions

Vortex Companies takes a significant step in revolutionizing trenchless rehabilitation with the landmark acquisition of Applied Felts Inc., including MaxLiner and FerraTex Solutions.

American Pipeline Supplies amplifies role in trenchless technology sector with strategic partnership

The milestone marks a continued commitment by APS to amplify their role as a leader in the trenchless pipe repair & Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining industry.

Reline America, East Coast Infrastructure partner to expand UV-GRP Alphaliner network

(UI) — This partnership will bring UV-GRP lining to the Tidewater region, making East Coast Infrastructure a one-stop shop for infrastructure assessment and rehabilitation.

Fourth annual NAXSA Colorado Trench Safety Summit breaks record attendance for second year

(UI) — More than 500 construction and safety professionals converged on the Adams County Fairgrounds near Denver on Oct. 4 with one common goal in mind: learn more about trench safety and help prevent tragedy in the workplace.

NUCA opens state-of-the-art trench rescue training facility in Urbandale, Iowa

(UI) — This state-of-the-art facility is set to play a crucial role in enhancing the safety of industry employees who work in subsurface excavations and help prepare those in the state who are leading the rescue at any accident scene.

Trenchless Technology Center continues to prosper, provide industry research

(UI) — The Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) at Louisiana Tech University had another busy year and its Industry Advisory Board (IAB) again hit an all-time high in 2023. Research activities were in full swing and in-person training even came back, with forums in Boston and Houston.

Currently at CUIRE – Annual update of research center’s activities

(UI) — Pipe deterioration is a complex process, involving a combination of aging, chemical and environmental factors. Polymeric SAPL is a new application to structurally renew deteriorated gravity and pressure pipelines and can be applied to a wide range of concrete, masonry, corrugated metal, and steel pipelines.

Tech lesson for Silicon Valley

(UI) — Trenchless technology has been one of the most important advancements in the underground construction industry and has changed the way utility contractors approach projects. For a recent sanitary sewer upgrade project in Palo Alto, it was trenchless pipe bursting that was making an impact.

Aegion acquires trenchless pipe rehabilitation company to expand services

Founded in 1991, PUCC found its niche in the trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry by pioneering and promoting the “pipe bursting” method of pipe replacement in Tennessee and its seven border states.

Trenchless solutions for aging Orangeburg sewer pipes

Advanced pipe relining or pipe bursting services are available in many cases to reinforce or replace old pulp pipes with PVC while avoiding the expense and inconvenience of excavation.

BOND Civil & Utility announces new division BOND Trenchless

(UI) — BOND Civil & Utility, a wholly owned subsidiary of BOND Brothers Inc., has announced the creation of a newly formed division, BOND Trenchless. This new unit will allow BOND to expand its offerings with additional self-perform capabilities, providing a more vertically integrated value proposition to clients, such as investor-owned utilities (IOUs), gas transmission companies, power, and energy developers.

Pressure pipe rehabilitation – what’s on the menu?

(UI) — Trenchless methods have been widely used for the rehabilitation of gravity pipelines for some time. The advent of these technologies and methods has lowered the cost of extending the useful life of gravity pipelines as opposed to outright replacing them.

Critical repairs underway in Idylwood, Va., to avert Shreve Road sewer pipe collapse

(UI) — Prior to the discovery of the hole in the sewage line, plans were already in place for a trenchless cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation of the sewer line, a non-invasive method of repairing pipe lining without the need for excavation.

Liberty VI continues fiber network construction work in St. Croix, St. Thomas

(UI) — The ongoing work will employ various underground technologies to mitigate roadway disruptions, such as utilizing a micro-trenching technique that minimizes pavement breakage and dust emission by producing a minimal cut and using existing ducts whenever feasible.

Corps of Engineers, Cahokia Heights, partner on sewer improvement project

(UI) — The $4.67 million project will involve trenchless sewer rehabilitation of the largest, deepest, and most downstream sections of the main sanitary sewer trunkline conveying flow through Cahokia Heights, Illinois.

Choosing the right trencher: Benefits, configurations, performance optimization

(UI) — Many contractors use excavators to handle the bulk of trenching work because they already have them in their fleet. However, excavators aren’t always the optimal machine for the job, especially in challenging ground like rock and hard clay.

Trenchless methods: Trenchers remain valuable for utility construction

(UI) — In the 1970s, new residential developments were being built with all utilities underground. Of course, water, sewer, and gas lines always had been buried, but now telephone and electric dissertation wires were, too, as would cable television services that would come later.

City of Newburgh completes first underground tunnel, part of $32 million sewer improvement project

This phase of the project is being completed by a specially designed tunnel boring machine (TBM) capable of “micro tunneling” – an innovative, remote-operated trenchless construction method that allows for simultaneous excavation and pipe laying with minimal disruption to residents.

HammerHead opens CIPP order fulfillment center in Fresno, California

(UI) — A new HammerHead Trenchless Order Fulfillment Center (OFC) located in Fresno, Calif., is now fully operational. Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) installers throughout the Western United States receive their consumables orders faster.