Sewer Rehabilitation

Crews repair 15-foot-deep sewer collapse near downtown Louisville, Ky.

MSD crews have been working to replace a 27-inch brick sewer line, installed in 1902, by digging down 15 feet. They are also updating the old brick manhole with a modern concrete one.

North Carolina invests $253 million in water, wastewater infrastructure

North Carolina will allocate over $253 million to enhance drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure across the state. The funds will support 70 projects in 30 counties, focusing on emerging contaminants and lead service line replacements.

Pennsylvania township receives $6 million to rehabilitate 25,000 feet of sewer main

The $5.8 million project involves rehabilitating or replacing nearly 25,000 feet of sewer main with new sanitary sewer pipes and manholes. It is scheduled to begin on October 1 and be completed by May 30, 2025.

Lakehaven Water and Sewer District settles penalty for sewage spills

(UI) — The Lakehaven Water and Sewer District has paid $40,000 to resolve violations of its water quality permit as part of a settlement agreement with the Washington Department of Ecology.

Bay Village, Ohio, begins sewer testing to improve system

Duke’s Root Control Inc. has been contracted to carry out the testing in six areas selected based on historical data, recent surveys, and the Ohio EPA's work with the Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Jacobs wins $800 million contract for King County, Wash., wastewater upgrades

(UI) — Jacobs has been awarded a contract to manage and advise on more than $800 million in infrastructure upgrades for King County Wastewater Treatment Division in Washington State.

Santa Cruz to begin sewer rehabilitation project in July

The city has enlisted SAK Construction from Rocklin to handle the repair and rehabilitation of approximately 3,250 feet of the existing 54-inch concrete sewer line stretching from Kaiser Permanente Arena to Neary Lagoon.

Tennessee awards $17 million for infrastructure, including water and sewer upgrades

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and Economic and Community Development Commissioner Stuart C. McWhorter announced $17 million in grants for infrastructure improvements, including water and sewer upgrades.

Sewer construction to temporarily close Parkers Mill and Cross Keys roads in Lexington, Ky.

Construction is part of the Parkers Mill trunk sanitary sewer project, which will increase the size of approximately 5,000 feet of sanitary sewer pipe from Alexandria Drive and Devonport Drive that crosses Versailles Road and ends near Cross Keys Park.

United Felts launches new UV CIPP portfolio for trenchless sewer rehabilitation

This portfolio combines the strengths of United GRP and EnviroCure UV, offering comprehensive solutions for varied sewer rehabilitation needs with the unmatched benefits of UV-cured technology.

Lexington's Southbend Drive closed for sanitary sewer construction

The project forms a crucial part of Lexington, Kentucky's Wolf Run Trunk F sanitary sewer initiative, aimed at replacing and enlarging over 3,500 feet of sanitary sewer line along Wolf Run Creek.

Illinois awards $41 million for water and sewer infrastructure upgrades

The grants will support critical repairs to water, sewer, and drainage systems in 32 communities, benefiting 52,000 residents across Illinois.

Austin, Texas approves $1 billion upgrade for Walnut Creek wastewater plant

Due to the complexities of maintaining operations and updating nearly 50-year-old components, a collaborative delivery method known as Construction Manager at Risk will be employed.

Canada invests $10 million to upgrade water, sewer infrastructure in Haines Junction, Yukon

The Village of Haines Junction in Yukon is set to upgrade over one kilometer (1,000 meters) of water and sanitary sewer pipes, thanks to a $10 million joint investment from the federal and territorial governments.

Chandler, Ariz., set to rehabilitate largest sewer line along Price Road

Chandler city officials have greenlit two contracts to overhaul the city's largest sewer interceptor, a massive 66-inch pipe running along Price Road. The conduit handles approximately half of Chandler's daily treated wastewater.

Carrabelle septic-to-sewer project funded by Deepwater Horizon settlement

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Northwest Florida Water Management District have launched the Carrabelle septic-to-sewer project, funded by $3.2 million from the Deepwater Horizon settlement.

CIPP rehabilitation of pressurized pipelines

It is well known that CIPP has been around for over 50 years, primarily being used to rehabilitate gravity sewer pipelines. In the 1980s CIPP was introduced for low pressure sewer applications, and late in the 1990s began to emerge for water main and higher-pressure force main rehabilitations.

Los Angeles sewer fees set to surge over next four years due to infrastructure overhaul

Los Angeles sewer fees set for significant surge over four years due to urgent need for infrastructure overhaul. Proposed increases, averaging $75 to $155 by 2028, draw concerns over affordability and housing impact.

CRW presents $450 million proposal to address sewage runoff crisis in Harrisburg, Pa.

The initiative, presented to the Harrisburg City Council, outlines a strategic approach spanning two decades to mitigate the impact of combined sewer and stormwater systems on water bodies.

Rainfall contributes to sewer overflows in Temple and Killeen, Texas

Heavy rainfall in Temple and Killeen, Texas, triggered sewer overflows, resulting in nearly 2 million gallons of overflow. Prompt cleanup efforts ensued, highlighting ongoing infrastructure challenges in the region.

Mott, North Dakota, secures $2.85 million for water and sewer system updates

The city will use the funds to replace vitrified clay-tile pipe and asbestos cement pipe sewer mains that were installed between the 1920s and 1960s and are beyond their operational life.

EPA allocates $39 million for Bloomington and Normal, Ill., wastewater infrastructure upgrade

This funding injection is aimed at fortifying the district’s Wastewater System Modernization and Rehabilitation Program, crucial for bolstering public health safeguards and environmental sustainability while spurring economic advancement.

Nassau County legislators approve $15 million sewer infrastructure investment

The Nassau County Legislature's Rules Committee unanimously voted on May 6 to allocate nearly $15 million for sewer system upgrades within the 11th Legislative District, announced Nassau County Legislature Minority Leader Delia DeRiggi-Whitton.

Newton, Iowa, advances sanitary sewer rehabilitation project

Identified through video camera inspections, sections of the city's sewer mains were found to be in dire need of repair, particularly in areas affected by groundwater infiltration or obstructed flow due to tree roots.

Sandy, Ore., expands sewer capacity following EPA approval

Sandy, Oregon, has received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a significant increase in its wastewater system's capacity, marking a crucial milestone for the city's infrastructure development.

Davis, W.Va. secures $5 million grant to revamp decades-old sewer infrastructure

Davis, a town nestled in Tucker County, West Virginia, is set to modernize its aging wastewater system thanks to a $5 million grant announced by Senator Joe Manchin.

Pro-Vac strengthens Texas presence with Hydromax acquisition

(UI) — Pro-Vac, a leading provider of essential underground infrastructure services, announced that it has acquired Hydromax, a leading provider of hydro excavation services in South Texas.

British Colombia to invest $34 million in underground utility improvements with trenchless technology

Innovative approaches are being employed to reduce costs and minimize disruptions, such as the use of trenchless repair technology for the Burtch Sanitary Trunk upgrade project. The rehabilitation project will repair 2.7 km of sanitary sewer pipe using Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) technology.

Tyler City Council updated on sewer system rehabilitations under Consent Decree

The City Council of Tyler, Texas, recently received a comprehensive update from Pipeline Analysis LLC regarding the ongoing and future rehabilitation plans for the city's sewer system as mandated by the Consent Decree.

$274 million investment to improve water quality across Pennsylvania

This investment, facilitated through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, will fund 30 projects focusing on drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and non-point source issues.