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Underground Infrastructure offers advertisers maximum reach to construction and rehabilitation infrastructure decision-makers.

Founded in 1945, Underground Infrastructure is the market leader for in-depth coverage of North American construction and rehabilitation infrastructure; including water, sewer, gas distribution, energy pipelines, storm water, telecommunications and electric transmission and distribution. Articles include case studies, equipment reports, market analysis, revealing surveys and substantive editorial coverage of issues and regulations. With our far-ranging reach in both print and online, we help marketers reach influencers throughout the construction and rehabilitation infrastructure industries.


2023 Underground Infrastructure advertising opportunities


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Integrated Marketing Solutions: Build Your Brand, Generate Leads, Maximize ROI

We encourage you to let us help you create an integrated marketing campaign that maximizes your ROI when you leverage your advertising spend across the entire franchise, which includes Underground Infrastructure,, e-newsletters, events and ancillary products.

Why you should advertise in Underground Infrastructure:

  • Underground Infrastructure has been relied on by underground construction and rehabilitation since 1946.
  • Advertising in Underground Infrastructure has a total qualified circulation over 39,688 with a reach over 127,000 readers.
  • Underground Infrastructure readers of its magazine, website and newsletters are located throughout North America.
  • Underground Infrastructure readers are senior management personnel responsible for the specification and purchase of the equipment, materials and services used in open-cut and trenchless underground infrastructure construction and rehabilitation projects around the world.
  • Underground Infrastructure uses the BPA Worldwide audit service to ensure the accuracy and quality of our circulation numbers. For more information about our audit, contact your Underground Infrastructure  representative or the BPA Worldwide at +1 (203) 447-2800.


Mailing Address: Underground Infrastructure, PO Box 2608 Houston, TX 77252 USA

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