Judge declares mistrial in engineers' Flint water trial

A judge declared a mistrial Thursday after jurors said they couldn't reach a unanimous verdict in a dispute over whether two engineering firms should bear some responsibility for Flint's lead-contaminated water.

Lack of water in Puerto Rico town sparks federal lawsuit

Puerto Rico’s water and sewer company was hit by a federal lawsuit on Thursday demanding that it provide services to thousands of residents who lack potable water on a daily basis.

4 companies cited for Louisiana chemical plant explosion

Federal labor regulators have cited four employers for safety violations related to an explosion that injured workers at a Louisiana chemical plant.

Michigan Supreme Court adds 2nd Flint water case to docket

The Michigan Supreme Court is getting more involved in Flint water criminal cases after agreeing to hear arguments about whether a one-person grand jury violates the state constitution.

NIPSCO to pay $12M to remove NW Indiana town's tainted soil

A utility must pay to remove soil tainted by coal ash from around homes in an Indiana community where the local aquifer is contaminated by the power plant waste.

Former sewer district bookkeeper pleads guilty to embezzlement

A former North Carolina sewer district bookkeeper pleads guilty to embezzlement of nearly half a million dollars.

Former Alabama water manager arrested on theft charges

A former manager of a Mobile-area water system was arrested on theft charges after authorities conducted a search amid allegations workers had used company money for lavish personal spending.

Officials OK water in Hawaii neighborhood after leak

Water is safe to drink for residents of a Pearl Harbor neighborhood over two months after a leak from a Navy storage tank contaminated the area's water supply.

Mississippi ex-employee pleads guilty to taking water payment money

A small-town Mississippi ex-employee pleads guilty to taking money from the town's water department.

A $65M settlement is approved for polluted water lawsuit

A New York judge approved a settlement with three companies over water supply contamination.

Flint water criminal cases move slowly in court

The prosecution of nine people is slowed down by disputes over millions of documents and even whether some cases were filed in the proper court.

Judge: Lawsuit can proceed against Flint water contractor

A judge on Jan. 10 refused to dismiss a lawsuit against an engineering company, which is accused of not doing enough to stop the flow of lead-contaminated water in Flint in 2015.

$40M fine proposed for gas pipeline builder after spill

A builder responsible for a multi-state pipeline faces a proposed $40 million fine for an accidental spill of 2 million gallons of drilling mud.

United States Fines BNSF $1.5 Million for Alleged Clean Water Act Violations

The Environmental Protection Agency fines the BNSF Railway Corporation $1,513,750 to resolve alleged violations of the federal Clean Water Act.

Customers Would Get Refunds Under Settlement of Water Utility Case

Customers of an Arizona water utility would receive refunds in a settlement for unlawful rate increases.

Infrastructure Victory Creates New Challenges for Biden

President Biden faces new challenges after his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill cleared Congress.

Former Utility Worker Accused of Water Tampering Changes Plea

Former water utility worker changes his plea to tampering with a public water system.

Senate Approves $1T Infrastructure Bill

The U.S. Senate passes the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that will rebuild and replace several infrastructure systems across the country.

Florida Officials Sue Over Tampa Bay Wastewater Dumping

Florida officials are suing an old fertilizer plant over a 215 million gallon spill that occurred earlier this year.

Company Fined $35M for Wastewater Spill in North Dakota

A company was fined $35M for waiting over five months to report a 2014 wastewater spill.

$1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Heads for Senate Debate

Lawmakers send a $1 trillion bipartisan bill to the Senate for final votes.

$65M Settlement Proposed in New York Polluted Water Lawsuit

A settlement was proposed for a federal class-action lawsuit over the contamination of the water supply in Hoosick Falls in upstate New York.

Supreme Court Won’t Sidetrack Plans for Natural Gas Pipeline

The Supreme Court sided with a pipeline company that needs to use New Jersey land to build a natural gas pipeline.

New Mexico Sues for Cleanup of Abandoned Wells

New Mexico sues two oil and gas companies for abandoned wells in the state.

Dakota Access Asks for Full Appeals Court Review on Permit

Dakota Access asks for an appeal after the judge ordered a delay in the case.

Ex-Iowa Wastewater Plant Supervisor Sentenced for Tampering

A former wastewater plant supervisor was sentenced for manipulating water sample test results.

Regulators Fined Gas Utility $900K for Pipeline Violations

Regulators in Indiana fined CenterPoint for pipeline violations.

New Mexico Tribes Sue US Over Federal Clean Water Rule

Native Tribes in New Mexico are suing the EPA that lift protections over many streams, creeks and wetlands across the country.

Indiana Utility Fined $1.1M for Pipeline Safety Violations

An Indiana utility was fined for having pipeline safety violations.

Michigan Ex-Governor Loses Challenge to Flint Water Charges

A judge rejected a request to dismiss charges agains a former ex-governor in the Flint water scandal.