Utility Infrastructure

Utility & Communications 2023 Construction Outlook, Update

(UI) — The captain of a large aircraft carrier sees what he believes to be the light of an oncoming vessel off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The captain of the ship then radios the vessel, urgently saying to divert your course 15 degrees to the north to avoid a collision with the ship.

Power failures amplify calls for utility to rethink gas

A federal utility's decision to resort to rolling blackouts after coal and natural gas units went offline during dangerously cold conditions has intensified questions about the Tennessee Valley Authority's recent decision to double down on fossil fuels.

Latest DIRT Report Indicates Utility Damage Maintains Incident Levels

(UC) — While ongoing programs are in place to reduce accidental damage to buried utility infrastructure, damages continue to happen, usually during construction or repair work, when interrupting service, and sometimes posing the risk of injury and death.

2022 Utility & Communications Construction Update

(UC) — Interpreting the direction of the economy in the middle of the volatility of the past three months is a confusing and uncertain exercise. However, after discussing the various scenarios with business owners, manufacturers and researching teams, my view is not whether the economy is in a recession but, rather, how long the downturn will last and what the impact might look like.

South Dakota natural resources department to provide $167 million for infrastructure projects

(UC) — A new drinking water well, connection piping, sanitary sewer repairs and water line replacements are among the projects that will be funded by $167.2 million in grants and loans from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Water.org unveils $1 billion plan for water access in Africa, Asia, Latin America

The Water.org Water & Climate Fund plans to use $50 million in philanthropic money to create a billion-dollar investment portfolio to help bring new water delivery and wastewater treatment projects to underserved communities, then use those communities’ utility bills to fund further projects.

Explainer: Mississippi capital’s water infrastructure problems extensive

Mississippi’s capital city is struggling with the near collapse of its water system, prompting emergency declarations from President Joe Biden and Gov. Tate Reeves.

Omaha biogas conditioning project hopes to make wastewater profitable

Omaha, Nebraska’s city council approved a $20 million Biogas Conditioning Project that could turn the city’s wastewater into a revenue source when complete.


Tampa Planning $200 Million Water Infrastructure Repair Project, Detroit-area Utility Denies Responsibility for 2021 Storm Flooding, ASCE Publishes Updated Utility Standards, Navajo Leaders Finalize Plans for $215 Million in Water Improvements and more.

Political, logistical complications prevent Idaho cities from accepting infrastructure funding

City leaders in Idaho say they could use funding for water, wastewater, broadband and other infrastructure projects, but for a variety of reasons, 16 Idaho cities have rejected a combined $700,000 in federal coronavirus rescue money.

Federal program to help Alaska villages install broadband infrastructure

Alaska will receive at least $100 million through a new federal program to expand high-speed internet to underserved rural areas and promote workforce development, officials said.

American Society of Civil Engineers publishes updated utility standards

The American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE) on Wednesday released updated utility standards aimed at reducing redesign, unnecessary utility relocations, and differing site conditions and associated costs.

North Carolina Utility Battles I&I with Impressive Results

The Town of Wingate, N.C. Public Works Director Eugene Jones noticed two pump stations were running on average of four hours every day. However, during rain events, the pump stations would run up to 35 hours straight. After further inspection, Jones found that infiltration and inflow (I&I) was the cause of the long run times.

Odessa, Texas, without drinking water after pipe breaks amid scorching temperatures

Crews worked to restore water service Wednesday to the West Texas city of Odessa, where residents have been without water this week amid scorching temperatures after an aging pipe broke.

Harris calls water security and infrastructure a foreign policy priority

Vice President Kamala Harris said the U.S. is safer if people in other countries have sufficient water to drink, grow food and safely dispose of sewage, emphasizing that water access is a foreign policy priority.

Alaska's largest natural gas utility being sold for $800 million

The owner of the largest natural gas utility in Alaska said it is selling the company to Canada-based TriSummit Utilities Inc. for $800 million and it will include ENSTAR Natural Gas, the company's associated pipelines and its majority ownership in a gas storage facility.

Utility gets nod to build 416-mile power line across US West

U.S. land managers Thursday said they've given final permission for a 416-mile transmission line that would connect wind farms in eastern Wyoming with customers in Utah and elsewhere across the West.

Analysis finds growing number of poor, high-hazard dams

An Associated Press analysis tallied more than 2,200 high-hazard dams in poor or unsatisfactory condition across the U.S. — up substantially from a similar AP review conducted three years ago.

Georgia nuclear plant's cost now forecast to top $30 billion

A nuclear power plant being built in Georgia is projected to cost its owners more than $30 billion. The increase in the budget, by the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia, came after lead owner Georgia Power Co. announced delays and $920 million in overruns on March 3.

California city examining feasibility of recycled water treatment

San Mateo, Calif., and nearby water agencies are studying the feasibility of water facility project to expand recycled water supply, which could offset increased demand and drought conditions.

New York directs $168 million to upgrade town’s crumbling sewage system

After the docu-series “Wasteland” brought attention to the failure of the water and sewer system in Mount Vernon, New York, Governor Kathy Hochul announced $168 million in investments for replacements and upgrades.

NIPSCO to pay $12M to remove NW Indiana town's tainted soil

A utility must pay to remove soil tainted by coal ash from around homes in an Indiana community where the local aquifer is contaminated by the power plant waste.

San Diego plans to speed up utility undergrounding

In a new plan, San Diego officials plan to speed up efforts to bury utility lines across the city.

Industry Study Evaluates Underground Facility Locating Process

A comprehensive study is now available that investigates the facility locating process and offers underground facility operators recommendations to accurately locate and mark their facilities.

Former New Orleans Mayor Landrieu to Manage Biden’s $1T plan

President Biden has chosen Mitch Landrieu, former New Orleans mayor, as supervisor of the $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

Biden Signs Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

President Joe Biden signs the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law on Nov. 15.

Infrastructure Victory Creates New Challenges for Biden

President Biden faces new challenges after his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill cleared Congress.

Call for Proposals for the 2022 CGA Conference & Expo Now Open

CGA invites leaders to share their damage prevention success stories and set the agenda for the next decade of damage prevention in Anaheim, Calif., in April 2022.

AT&T: Some Fiber-Optic Infrastructure Going Under Ground

AT&T announced plans to transfer areas of its Lousiana fiber-optic infrastructure underground.

EU Chief Says Key to Energy Crisis is Pushing Green Deal

The EU Chief supports reducing natural gas use to speed up the transition to clean energy.