Pennsylvania township receives $6 million to rehabilitate 25,000 feet of sewer main

The $5.8 million project involves rehabilitating or replacing nearly 25,000 feet of sewer main with new sanitary sewer pipes and manholes. It is scheduled to begin on October 1 and be completed by May 30, 2025.

Bay Village, Ohio, begins sewer testing to improve system

Duke’s Root Control Inc. has been contracted to carry out the testing in six areas selected based on historical data, recent surveys, and the Ohio EPA's work with the Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Tech Tips: Documenting quality lateral lining installations

(UI) — With CIPP lining of mainline sewers becoming more and more accepted by system owners and utilities, greater attention is being paid to the opportunities to reduce infiltration and inflow (I&I) by utilizing CIPP lining for laterals.

Orinda rehab project uses eco-friendly geopolymer to restore aging culverts

Orinda used GeoTree Solutions’ GeoSpray 61 geopolymer mortar to rehabilitate aging culverts, protecting local streams and drinking water. The eco-friendly solution allowed for quick stream flow reinstatement with minimal environmental impact.

United Felts launches new UV CIPP portfolio for trenchless sewer rehabilitation

This portfolio combines the strengths of United GRP and EnviroCure UV, offering comprehensive solutions for varied sewer rehabilitation needs with the unmatched benefits of UV-cured technology.

Chandler, Ariz., set to rehabilitate largest sewer line along Price Road

Chandler city officials have greenlit two contracts to overhaul the city's largest sewer interceptor, a massive 66-inch pipe running along Price Road. The conduit handles approximately half of Chandler's daily treated wastewater.

CIPP rehabilitation of pressurized pipelines

It is well known that CIPP has been around for over 50 years, primarily being used to rehabilitate gravity sewer pipelines. In the 1980s CIPP was introduced for low pressure sewer applications, and late in the 1990s began to emerge for water main and higher-pressure force main rehabilitations.

Newton, Iowa, advances sanitary sewer rehabilitation project

Identified through video camera inspections, sections of the city's sewer mains were found to be in dire need of repair, particularly in areas affected by groundwater infiltration or obstructed flow due to tree roots.

British Colombia to invest $34 million in underground utility improvements with trenchless technology

Innovative approaches are being employed to reduce costs and minimize disruptions, such as the use of trenchless repair technology for the Burtch Sanitary Trunk upgrade project. The rehabilitation project will repair 2.7 km of sanitary sewer pipe using Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) technology.

Tyler City Council updated on sewer system rehabilitations under Consent Decree

The City Council of Tyler, Texas, recently received a comprehensive update from Pipeline Analysis LLC regarding the ongoing and future rehabilitation plans for the city's sewer system as mandated by the Consent Decree.

Rehab spotlight: Lining systems

Discover leading solutions in sewer lining systems, including the Flow-120 Starter Package for compact spaces, the Bluelight LED CIPP system for faster curing, and MaxLiner's versatile CIPP technology. Explore the benefits of Reline America's thinner UV GRP liner and United Felts' top-tier CIPP liners and wet-out services.

Kelowna, BC, invests $7 million in CIPP technology for sewer pipe repair

The city of Kelowna, located in the south of Canada’s British Columbia province, is set to embark on a $7-million project next week to repair 1.6 miles of sanitary sewer pipe using cutting-edge trenchless technology known as Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP).

SA Water tests successful trenchless pipeline repair technique

SA Water undertook a trial of trenchless technology, a first in the metropolitan sewer network, to address issues with a sewer pipe running beneath the popular trade hub.

Rehab News

Ellison Mills Contracting, a leading Southern Arizona’s heavy civil construction firm, has joined the ranks of certified Reline America installers; Vortex Technology Group LLC received WRc-Approved certification for its VeriCure Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) monitoring system.

Vortex Technology Group receives international certification for CIPP curing monitoring system

VeriCure CMS is a patented system, built around fiber optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology, and is designed to improve the CIPP curing process.

Vortex Companies redefines trenchless technology solutions with rebranded CIPP supplier launch

UNITED FELTS will embody the Applied Felts Inc. & FerraTex Solutions brands. These brands will be retired over the coming months. The MaxLiner brand will remain intact under the operation of United Felts.

Rausch Electronics unveils cutting-edge rehab cutter system for underground infrastructure

The Rausch Rehab Cutter system promotes advancement in the field of underground infrastructure rehabilitation efficient solutions for municipalities, contractors, and utility service providers.

PM completes large-diameter spray pipe rehab

(UI) — When PM Construction began a project in mid-March 2023 to rehabilitate two sewer pipes beneath the service road at Beltway 8 and Memorial, in Houston, the company had a November deadline. Working 24 hours a day, every day of the week, the project wrapped up in July – more than three months ahead of schedule.

Puerto Rico awarded $37 million for trunk sewer repair with CIPP technology

FEMA allocated over $37 million to repair a trunk sewer that originates in Isabela, passes through Aguadilla, Moca and Aguada, and reaches Rincón. This project will be carried out with Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology, which consists of covering the inside of the pipe with a polyester or fiberglass lining.

Aegion, Trenchless Technology Center to hold CIPP seminar in Washington

Titled “Environmental Updates Around CIPP,” the seminar will subjects such as UV vs. Standard CIPP, a presentation on styrene, and a roundtable discussion, where attendees are encouraged to bring a CIPP-related topic to discuss.

APM, SiShield partner to enhance sewer pipe and manhole protection

(UI) — APM, a leading sewer protective additive company in the United States, has entered an exclusive partnership with SiShield Technologies to bolster its ConShield products. These products offer enhanced protection against Microbial-Induced Corrosion (MIC) in sewer infrastructure.

Ensuring quality control and proper storage of cured-in-place pipe lining

(UI) — Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) has revolutionized the rehabilitation of underground pipelines, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution. What was once considered an alternative pipe replacement solution, CIPP is increasingly becoming the accepted go-to pipe rehabilitation method.

Warren Environmental set to establish roots in Georgia with relocation

(UI) — Warren Environmental and Coatings LLC, a manufacturer of proprietary epoxy products and patented application technologies, has announced its strategic relocation from Massachusetts to Georgia this fall.

USDA invests $800 million to improve rural water infrastructure, rehabilitate lead pipes

(UI) — The Biden-Harris Administration has unveiled a substantial investment of $808 million, led by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), to extend access to clean drinking water and sanitary wastewater systems across rural regions.

Kinston City Council greenlights Vernon Avenue sewer rehabilitation project

(UI) — This pivotal initiative, assigned to Herring Rivenbark Inc., aims to enhance the sewer system beneath Vernon Avenue, a prominent hub for Kinston's businesses and attractions.

First aqueduct water pipeline rehabilitated with geopolymer for SDCWA

(UI) — When the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) inspected its First Aqueduct water conveyance system in Valley Center, engineers identified that rehabilitation was required. Groundwater was infiltrating three tunnels within the system and rehabilitation was required to maintain the tunnels’ structural integrity and extend their service life.

Tech Tips: Force main rehabilitation

(UI) — Force mains, also called rising mains in the United Kingdom, are low pressure pipelines that lift the sewage from one location to another by pumping the sewage under positive pressure.

Signal Mountain, Tenn., plans $40 million sewer upgrade to address overflow issue

(UI) — For the past fifty years, Signal Mountain has been dealing with sewage issues primarily due to the placement of its pipes, which are plagued with cracks and breaks both in the streams and underground. To address this issue, Signal Mountain's water officials have presented a $40 million plan to provide relief.

Aries Industries’ announces sale of Water Well assets

(UI) — Aries Industries, an industry leader in state-of-the-art equipment for inspection and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure, is accelerating investment in its core business of wastewater/sewer inspection and rehabilitation product lines.

Pressure pipe rehabilitation – what’s on the menu?

(UI) — Trenchless methods have been widely used for the rehabilitation of gravity pipelines for some time. The advent of these technologies and methods has lowered the cost of extending the useful life of gravity pipelines as opposed to outright replacing them.