McKim & Creed

McKim & Creed Inc. has opened an office in Charleston, S.C. that will provide surveying and mapping services, including land surveying; unmanned aerial system; hydrographic surveying; subsurface utility engineering; and mobile, airborne and terrestrial LiDAR.

First Look: Utilizing Inertial Navigation Technology for 3D Mapping, Locating, Management

Over the last two decades, significant advances have been made in the quality and application of inertial navigation technology targeted at mapping underground pipe and duct assets. This article provides information on pipeline technologies that are available to map a minimum internal diameter (ID) of 1.6-inch to larger sizes. The pipeline mapping system offers a range of solutions that can map any pipe, regardless of its material, depth or type of utility.

Mag 6 Locating System Proves to be Versatile, Powerful, Easy-to-Use

Underground Magnetics, a new company backed by more than 70 years of combined experience, is changing the way companies buy HDD locating systems. “We produce a powerful locating system at a very competitive price point,” said Mike Young, president, who has more than 30 years of experience, includin..

InfraMarker solution brings digital connectivity to underground infrastructure locating

Berntsen berntseninternational.com With the new, 4.0 Smartphone App, Berntsen International’s patented InfraMarker solution brings digital connectivity to underground infrastructure locating, damage prevention and asset management. InfraMarker’s RFID-enabled markers are buried with fiber-optic ca..

First Look: US Radar Unveils GP Rover Combined GPR, GPS Unit

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment for locating buried utilities is an option that has been available for several years, but US Radar has taken the technology a step further combining subsurface GPR and global position system (GPS) technologies. US Radar’s new GP Rover, with advanced triple-..

Schonstedt to Give Away a Free Locator

Schonstedt Instrument Company has launched “The Best Picture of a Schonstedt in Action,” a social media contest designed to highlight the company’s locators. The winner will receive a free Maggie, Schonstedt’s newest magnetic locator. To be eligible, all pictures must include a Schonstedt locator (..

McLaughlin Unveils Vision Underground Utility Locators

McLaughlin revealed a new line of underground utility locators. The Vision locators combine proven McLaughlin technologies to ensure accuracy with new features to help contractors find underground utilities more efficiently. The Vision product line includes three models: the LX for utility contract..

Kansas Utility Adopts Game-Changing Locating and Marking Technology

WaterOne, the public utility serving approximately 400,000 people across a 272-square-mile area of Johnson County, KS, in the southwest quadrant of suburban Kansas City, has adopted a new method for locating and marking plastic or non-locatable water mains. This technology is being implemented in c..

EM, GPR: Complementary Damage Prevention Technologies

by Daniel Bigman, Ph.D. Damage prevention plays a vital role in underground construction. Identifying existing buried services prior to installing new ones is critical to maintaining site safety and limiting project costs. There are various technologies that assist in detecting and marking buried f..

What To Look For When Buying GPR

With more choices than ever in the ground penetrating radar (GPR) market, and with more end-users looking to get their hands on such an effective technology, it’s important that first-time customers know what to check off their shopping list. Here is a list for newcomers of the most important consi..

Subsite 2550GR Ground Penetrating Radar System

The 2550GR Ground Penetrating Radar System features a new, user-friendly Windows-based interface that provides operators with a number of productivity enhancing benefits. Improved software features include easier integration of GPS data and wireless connectivity that enables users to download web-ba..

Stake Center Locating Wins 'Best Of' Award For Pipeline Locating Service Contractors

Stake Center Locating, a subsidiary of S&N Communications, has been selected for the 2016 Best of Salt Lake City Award in the Pipeline Locating Service Contractors category. Each year, the Salt Lake City Award Program identifies companies that have achieved exceptional marketing success in their lo..

The DigiTrak Aurora Display Is HDD Industry's First Color Touch Screen

The DigiTrak® Aurora® Display represents the HDD Industry’s first color touch screen. Aurora is DCI’s most rugged design to date and is compatible with all current DCI locating system and future systems. Aurora incorporates DCI’s state of the art telemetry technology for improved performance even in..

McLaughlin Verifier G3 Brings Speed, Ease To Utility Locating

McLaughlin is introducing a new utility locator, the Verifier G3, that combines trusted precision with a simple, user-friendly interface. Contractors face congested underground conditions, unmarked utilities and increasingly strict regulations, making accurate, timely locating more important than ev..

The Schonstedt XTpc Pipe & Cable Locator

The Schonstedt XTpc is a single frequency locator. Choose from two pre-set frequencies: 82 kHz or 33 kHz, depending on your need. In general, 82 kHz is useful in tracing gas and as a water line detector, while 33 kHz is a better choice for tracing electrical lines. The XTpc also offers one passive f..

Locates Critical For Triumph’s Port Of Houston Project

The capability to carefully control and guide the path of an underground pilot bore is what has made horizontal directional drilling (HDD) a primary method of installing underground utilities. Indeed, HDD often is the only practical and, in some instances, the only possible way to bury pipe, conduit..

#TBT Subsite 950 R/T Locator Features Technology Advances

by Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Art Director It’s Throwback Thursday, that time of week when you realize you’re suddenly much older than you used to be. Today we take a trip back to March 2001 and our First Look column: Subsite 950 Locator Features Technology Advances. (Click here for larger view of pag..

S&N Communications Awarded a New Large Project Locating Contract

S&N Communications, a company specializing in locating, utilities and infrastructure construction, was awarded a new large project locating contract with AGL Resources, the parent company of Virginia Natural Gas; the project comprises underground utility locating in Georgia with work that was set to..

Subsite Electronics Introduces New 2550GR Utility Locating System

Perry, Okla. – Subsite Electronics, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced the 2550GR Ground Penetrating Radar System featuring a new, user-friendly Window’s-based interface that will provide operators with a number of productivity enhancing benefits. “The 2550GR offers all the same great ..

New RIDGID MR-10 Magnetic Locator

The new RIDGID MR-10 Magnetic Locator is designed to make finding buried iron and steel objects faster and easier. The MR-10 provides more precise readings than metal detectors, isolating only ferrous objects, and ignoring non-magnetic metals such as aluminum and copper. The MR-10 quickly finds bur..

Hawaii Geophysical Solves Underground Problems

Even paradise needs air conditioning. To prove the point, Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning LLC, is in the early stages of a 25-year contract that will use innovative, energy-saving technology to provide air conditioning to a large section of downtown Honolulu, HI. To address the challenges, Honolu..

DCI: Major Upgrades to Locating Systems

Digital Control Inc. (DCI) has introduced DigiTrak Falcon F5 and Falcon F2 HDD locating systems and the Aurora LWD Live application. The new DigiTrak Falcon receivers are specifically designed to minimize the effects of active interference which is present on most HDD project sites. The two Falcon ..

Heath Consultants

The Detecto Pak-Infrared is designed to be selective in detecting methane and will not generate a false alarm on other hydrocarbon gasses. Crews can operate in the field under a variety of environmental conditions due to the rugged design of the device. It utilizes a simple light beam, eliminating t..

US Radar Introduces Software Update

US Radar, a manufacturer of subsurface imaging systems, has introduced Version 5.0 of its Seeker acquisition software that automates several key capabilities to help assure the accuracy of US Radar ground-penetrating radar (GPR) systems. Seeker 5.0 simplifies the use of both the software and the GP..

Veteran Locators Win International Utility Locate Rodeo Water Division

Fifteen years ago, Tommy Toombs responded to an online job posting for an underground locating position. The hiring manager was hesitant to hire a novice but Toombs wouldn’t take no for an answer, and his persistence paid off. Now a locator at USIC Inc., Toombs’ determination helped him shine again..


At a time when profit margins are shrinking, it is important for contractors to complete utility installations quickly and safely, without damaging existing utilities. Contractors need to expose existing utilities before they start digging, and that can be time-consuming. One Call paint marks have a..


Sensors & Software LMX100 now operates in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Turkish and Russian. Sensors & Software has specifically developed LMX100 to make locating and marking utilities with GPR simple and easy. Locate and mark mode pro..