APM, SiShield partner to enhance sewer pipe and manhole protection

(UI) — APM, a leading sewer protective additive company in the United States, has entered an exclusive partnership with SiShield Technologies to bolster its ConShield products. These products offer enhanced protection against Microbial-Induced Corrosion (MIC) in sewer infrastructure.

MIC is a common issue in municipal sewers, driven by aerobic bacteria, especially Thiobacillus, which convert O2 and H2S gas into sulfuric acid, leading to rapid concrete deterioration. SiShield's antimicrobial solutions seamlessly integrate with ConShield, forming an invisible protective seal that inhibits bacterial and microbial growth.

ConShield products, registered with the EPA as antibacterial agents, effectively combat MIC by inhibiting the growth of T. bacteria, which often thrive in sanitary sewer structures. Unlike other treatments, ConShield molecularly bonds with concrete, providing long-lasting protection against degradation and contamination in municipal sewers.

The partnership with SiShield ensures a robust defense against the production of harmful sulfuric acid in sewer systems. SiShield Technologies prioritizes Sustainable Chemistry, offering non-toxic, non-leaching, and environmentally friendly water-based solutions.

ConShield, known for its stringent sewer treatment standards, sees this partnership as a significant value-add for pre-casters, municipalities, Departments of Transportation, and other stakeholders. Together, ConShield and SiShield protect municipal and private sewer infrastructures from relentless MIC threats. They effectively manage factors like temperature, effluent retention time, high biological oxygen demand levels, and turbulence that contribute to rapid bacterial growth. As APM and SiShield continue to innovate, their shared goal remains clear: to provide communities with safe and effective antimicrobial solutions for infrastructure protection.

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