M-I SWACO Drilplex HDD Inorganic Viscosifier

M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, offers Drilplex HDD inorganic viscosifier, specially engineered for water-based bentonite drilling fluids to accommodate both maxi and mini HDD rigs. Drilplex HDD allows the formulation of fluids with shear-thinning properties, resulting in a drilling fluid with bo..

CETCO VELOXITY-PRO Drilling Fluid Improves Cuttings Removal

CETCO’s newest drilling fluid has been created to improve cuttings removal, as well as circulation. This high-quality bentonite drilling fluid increases viscosity and lowers fluid loss. VELOXITY-PRO mixes quickly and easily in freshwater and will improve borehole stability. This NSF/ANSI Standard 60..

TRU-BORE Designed For Difficult Drilling Operations

TRU-BORE® is a highly concentrated bentonite based drilling fluid designed for difficult drilling operations in both vertical and horizontal borings. It is extremely effective high performance viscosifier for horizontal drilling applications to maintain hole integrity during pullback. It is non-toxi..

Updated TTC Auger Boring School Slated For February 2017

The Trenchless Technology Center  (TTC) will hold its second Auger Boring School (ABS) on Feb. 13-17, 2017, at Louisiana Tech in Ruston, LA. Auger boring has been around since the 1930s when the first homemade machines were used to mine coal. For years, knowledge and information about the auger bor..

TTC Announces Second Annual Auger Boring School

The Trenchless Technology Center has announced details for its second annual Auger Boring School to be held Oct. 3-7 at the National Trenchless Technology Research Facility at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA. The school is being sponsored by Underground Construction magazine, American Auger..

Cradle Boring Makes A Comeback

Installing pipeline across the United States, once a booming business in the 1960s, slowed in the late 80s and 90s. Today, thanks to the discovery of shale oil and gas, it’s back – and so is the cradle boring machine. In fact, there has been a dramatic increase in pipeline projects worldwide in rec..

McLaughlin On-Target Auger Boring Steering System

The McLaughlin On Target auger boring steering system allows contractors to control the direction of the bore in a lateral movement for improved accuracy. The steering head is controlled by hydraulic actuated panels that keep the bore on the intended path. Auger boring is a cost-efficient way to ins..

Filter Out Solids From Drilling Fluids With The Vermeer R9x12T Reclaimer

The Vermeer R9x12T Reclaimer utilizes a series of shakers, cones and screens to filter out solids from drilling fluids, and it can hold up to 8,560 gallons (32,403.1 L). Powered by a 3 phase 250 kW (313 kVA) generator, the R9x12T has four shakers that can clean 600 gpm (2271 L/min). Depending on the..

MCT 450 “Mud Man” Drill Fluid Mixing and Cleaning System from Mud Technology

The MCT 450 “Mud Man” Drill Fluid Mixing and Cleaning System from Mud Technology has cutting edge technology. The 2400 gallon, two-section tank includes 450 plus gpm of cleaning capacity. It features high “G” force “AWD” linear shaker, five-inch cone desilter bank, high shear/low pressure mixing hop..

Drilling Fluid BORZAN D from Wyo-Ben Particularly Effective in Vapor Extraction

As a stand-alone drilling fluid BORZAN D is a highly concentrated xanthan gum allowing for lower addition rates than most bio-polymers. BORZAN D fluids are particularly effective in vapor extraction and other environmental wells where it can be flushed out of the bore with minimum residual wall-cake..

Mud Recycling Becoming Common For Mid-Sized HDD Rigs

Recycling and reusing drilling fluids is becoming increasingly common on jobs with mid-size horizontal directional drill (HDD) projects where previously that practice was uncommon. Recycling isn’t for every job – it would not be practical on jobs with small machines making short bores – but contrac..

TTC Auger Boring School

Inaugural TTC Auger Boring School Impresses Attendees The Trenchless Technology Center’s 2015 Auger Boring School received favorable reviews from participants in the week-long training program completed in mid-October. Sponsors included American Augers, Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, Barbco,..

American Augers Introduces Mid-Range Rig, Fluid Recycling System

American Augers has introduced two new horizontal directional drilling (HDD) products – the DD-110 directional drill and M200D drilling fluid recycling system. The 110,000-pound pullback DD-110 represents the “low” end of the company’s mid-range directional drill lineup. The M200D fluid recycling s..

Underground Construction Drilling Fluids Guide 2015

Bentonite Baroid Industrial Drilling Products (281) 871-4613, Aquagel: Premium grade Wyoming sodium bentonite used as viscosifier and filtrate reducer in freshwater drilling fluids. Meets the requirements of API Specification 13A, Section 9. NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified. Bore-..

Thunder Products Introduces Large HDD Recycling System

Thunder Products is introducing a new Thunderstorm drilling fluid recycling system at the 2015 ICUEE show in Louisville, KY, in late September. The Thunderstorm III becomes the largest of three fluid recycling system models in the Thunder Products lineup, said company President Dan Sharpe. It is de..

In-Depth Auger Boring School

Industry Experts Instrumental In Planning, Teaching Unique Industry Event Final plans are nearing completion for the Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) Auger Boring School to be held Oct. 12-16 at the National Trenchless Technology Research Facility at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA. The ..

Equipment Spotlight: Drilling Fluids/Polymers

Drilling fluids/polymers by CETCO Drilling Products, M-I SWACO, Baroid Industrial Drilling Products and Wyo-Ben.

Underground Construction's 2013 Drilling Fluids Guide

A listing of both bentonite and polymer drilling fluids, divided by type and company.