May 2017 Vol. 72 No. 5

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American Augers Introduces Electric Auger Boring Machine

American Augers has introduced a new electric auger boring machine (ABM), the 600,000-pound-thrust model 36/42-600E.

“Because it produces no exhaust, there are many situations where electric power offers significant benefits,” said Richard Levings, American Augers director of product management.

“Examples are when the machine operates in deep pits, and urban and environmentally sensitive areas. It also is quieter than diesel-powered models.”

However, electric ABM equipment offers other significant advantages, Levings added. “The biggest benefits will come from improved performance and better controllability.”
The 150-horsepower, WEG 460-volt electric motor is powered by a portable generator of 150 to 200 kW, depending on auxiliary loads such as lights, welders and other support equipment. The generator is positioned on the surface, never in the pit. At 15 rpm, torque is 42,500 foot pounds; at 30 rpm, torque is 29,500 foot pounds.


Working range is 12 to 42 inches in diameter. The ABM is 13 feet long, 7 feet 3½-inches high, and 6 feet 3 inches wide. Transport weight is 19,590 pounds and critical lifting weight 9,377 pounds.

“Compared to comparable diesel equipment, the electric 36/42-600E applies rotary power across a wider speed range, unlike diesel equipment which will lose rotary torque as speed is increased,” Levings said. “It has better controllability and a remote control that allows operation out of the pit. A torque limiter protects vital equipment components. Electronic readouts help fine-tune operations.

“The electric model works on existing American Augers tracks and can be set up or removed from anywhere on a track. For high-angle applications, motor tilt limitations are reduced. Another benefit with electric power is no engine start issues in extremely cold weather.”

Maintenance is comparable to a standard auger boring machine (ABM), Levings said. The electric motor requires less maintenance, but the hydraulic system is basically the same as conventional equipment.

The electric models are available now.

“To our knowledge,” Levings concluded, “the 36/42-600E is the only electric ABM available. The goal is to make this fit in seamlessly with our auger boring customers.”

Based in West Salem, OH, American Augers has served the underground construction industry since 1970. In addition to auger boring equipment, the company’s product line includes mid-size and large horizontal directional drills and downhole tools, drilling fluid mixing and recirculation systems, and auger boring equipment. American Augers is a member of the family of companies that comprise Charles Machine Works.

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