March 2015, Vol. 70, No. 3

Equipment Spotlight

Equipment Spotlight: Drilling Fluids/Polymers

Drilling fluids/polymers by CETCO Drilling Products, M-I SWACO, Baroid Industrial Drilling Products and Wyo-Ben.

CETCO Drilling Products
CLAY CUTTER PRO is to be used on any size HDD bore. Using CLAY CUTTER PRO will greatly reduce or eliminate clay cuttings from sticking to each other and to drilling tools. Swelling of the bore will be reduced or eliminated. Rotation and pullback pressures will be significantly reduced. Contact CETCO today to put CLAY CUTTER PRO to work for you! 800.527.9948,

The M-I SWACO HDD, Mining & Waterwell group offers a comprehensive line of drilling fluids additives to address any drilling condition. The MAX GEL high yield bentonite offers suspension and hole stability while the MAX BORE HDD is a one sack boring fluid that is specially designed for most any boring application. Performance is supplemented with the inhibitive polymer POLY-PLUS, as well as the readily dispersible filtration control polymer PLATINUM PAC. 832.295.2564,

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products
QUIK-BORE high yield boring fluid system is specially formulated for use in horizontal directional drilling, primarily tunneling and micro-tunneling applications. QUIK-BORE high yield boring fluid system is a proprietary blended product using Wyoming sodium bentonite. 800.735.6075,

As a stand-alone drilling fluid BORZAN D is a highly concentrated xanthan gum allowing for lower addition rates than most bio-polymers. BORZAN D fluids are particularly effective in vapor extraction and other environmental wells where it can be flushed out of the bore with minimum residual wall-cake once the drilling operation is completed. BORZAN D may also be added to conventional bentonite based drilling fluids to enhance gel strengths, control filtrate and inhibit clays. BORZAN D is highly effective in horizontal applications where higher gel strengths and low down hole pressures are desirable. 800.548.7055,

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