Georgia’s Cobb County proposes new stormwater management fee to tackle aging infrastructure

(UI) — Cobb County is grappling with the challenges posed by aging infrastructure, prompting officials to consider innovative solutions. In response, they are suggesting the introduction of a stormwater utility fee, projected to range from $2 to $4 monthly for the average homeowner, Atlanta News First (WANF) reported.

According to Ross Cavitt, Cobb County's communications director, this fee aims to proactively address the growing backlog of issues and deteriorating infrastructure plaguing the region.

The revenue generated by this proposed fee would be allocated towards resolving approximately 100 outstanding service requests, primarily concerning the repair of deteriorating pipelines and the mitigation of sinkholes scattered across Cobb County neighborhoods.

Cavitt told WANF that the new fee structure would replace the current model, which ties stormwater costs to consumption, with a system based on the amount of impermeable surface area on a property. This includes surfaces such as roofs, parking lots, and other areas where rainwater directly feeds into the stormwater system.

While some may view the proposed fee as a minor addition to their monthly expenses, many residents express concerns about the cumulative impact. Lydell Carmichael, a Cobb County resident, highlighted the potential financial burden, emphasizing to WANF that even a few dollars per month could significantly impact household budgets over time.

“I don’t love an increase to my monthly bills,” Cobb County resident Lauren Reiss told WANF.

A public hearing on the proposed stormwater utility fee is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m., with Cobb commissioners slated to vote on the matter immediately thereafter.

This story was originally published by Atlanta News First (WANF).

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