February 2023 Vol. 78 No. 2


Editor's Log

Editor’s Log: Stampede

(UI) — The President Biden Administration’s narrative has been to mercilessly shun, blame and attack “big-oil” companies, gas companies and any pipeline ever built as the root of environmental evil. The President has used his bully pulpit to supplement his unending rules and regulations against oil and gas, as the way to achieve the “carbon-free” goal of his zealous backers.


Newsline: Texas Contractor Cited after Worker Killed in Trench Collapse

A Frisco, Texas-based utility contractor failed to follow required workplace safety standards when it allowed two workers to enter a trench with no protection system while repairing a sewer main line, resulting in a collapse and death of one employee, authorities concluded after an investigation. The second worker was able to escape uninjured.


Reconstructing Utility Construction: How New Equipment Attachments Address an Infrastructure Crisis

(UI) — Utility construction is a crucial piece of addressing the infrastructure crisis around the world. The origin of utilities may bring to mind grandiose stories like Thomas Edison failing 1,000 times in his pursuit to invent the lightbulb before succeeding.

Convention Preview: Workforce Development, Damage Prevention Are High on PCCA’s Agenda

(UI) — The Power & Communication Contractors Association (PCCA) entered 2023 focused on issues surrounding the influx of federal funds into the broadband and electric power markets, primarily finding a sufficient workforce, keeping the underground space safe and dealing with various stipulations placed upon the funding. PCCA also has two meetings planned for 2023 – the 78th Annual Convention in Miami, Fla., March 3–8, and the Mid-Year Meeting in Dana Point, Calif., Aug. 6-9.

Fiber Experiences Record Growth in 2022

(UI) — As the year 2023 begins, the fiber optic cable industry hopes to build on a record year for deployment of fiber to the home (FTTH). In 2022, a record number of homes (7.9 million) were connected to fiber, according to a survey made by RVA, LLC. That brings the total of broadband-connected addresses in the United States to nearly 40 million.

Inside Infrastructure: After Surprising Election, Chaotic Start, 118th Congress Begins Its Work

(UI) — Comprehensive reforms to the permitting process for energy projects remains a priority for any entity interested in initiating projects to improve America’s dilapidated underground infrastructure. This has become a bipartisan issue after a $1.2-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill was enacted and getting projects off the ground was in the best interest of the White House and every lawmaker who voted for the IIJA.

26th Annual Municipal Sewer/Water Infrastructure Forecast & Market Analysis

(UI) — To say 2022 was an eventful year for the underground infrastructure industry would be an incredible understatement. The billions in federal monies being pumped – finally – into the nation’s infrastructure was game-changing for many cities.

DCA President Kevin Parker Puts His Passion into Processes

(UI) — While management systems and operator qualification programs might seem like dull fare from a distance, these processes have proven essential to improving the safety, quality and consistency of construction projects. Parker’s passion and decades of experience at Mears made perfect timing for his term as president of the Distribution Contractors Association, whose safety management system template and operator qualification integrity process ranked among DCA’s top priorities in 2022.

CIGMAT Focuses Research on Real-Time Monitoring

(UI) — Real-time monitoring of materials mixing, various critical processes during construction, entire service life of various infrastructures, and detecting and quantifying corrosion for maintenance are some of the main focus areas of CIGMAT.

Rehab Technology

Rehab News: Vortex GeoKrete Geopolymer Approved by WRc; Cherne Launches Easy-to-Use Disc Seal Plugs

(UI) — The Vortex Companies received WRc-approval for its Quadex GeoKrete; Cherne Industries launched a line of Disc Seal plugs, featuring an excellent sealing range, convenient installation, and more in this edition of Rehab News.


Business News

Super Products LLC celebrates a major milestone this year. Over the past 50 years, it has grown from a small manufacturing company to a nationally recognized supplier of vacuum trucks.

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Tech Tips: Solving Infiltration Problems After Structural Rehabilitation

(UI) — The process of sewer system Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) removal requires a holistic approach to truly be effective. Specifically, all four points of infiltration must be addressed to achieve ultimate success. These four points are manholes, mainline joints, service connections and service laterals.