February 2023 Vol. 78 No. 2

Rehab Technology

Rehab News: Vortex GeoKrete Geopolymer Approved by WRc; Cherne Launches Easy-to-Use Disc Seal Plugs

Vortex GeoKrete Geopolymer Approved by WRc 

(UI) — The Vortex Companies, a leading provider of advanced trenchless water and sewer technologies and infrastructure renewal services, received WRc-approval for its Quadex GeoKrete.

This single-component, eco-friendly, microfiber-reinforced geopolymer mortar requires only water to activate. With application flexibility, advanced corrosion protection, and structural rehabilitation properties, GeoKrete is a long-term solution for aging and compromised larger-diameter pipes, manholes and other infrastructure. 

These compelling factors have led to its adoption by storm and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation contractors throughout the UK, Europe, India, and Asia. WRc certification will help further expand GeoKrete’s acceptance and use across the Eastern Hemisphere. 

Also facilitating this focus is Vortex’s establishment of its European headquarters in Germany and other third-party approval. GeoKrete also meets the stringent European XWW-4 standard under DIN 19573 and has received a “reduced carbon footprint” certification by SCS Global Services. 

“We’re pleased to receive WRc approval for our European flagship mortar, GeoKrete,” said  
Quin Breland, managing director, Vortex Europe. “Our ability to consistently manufacture a  
high-quality product that delivers reliable, repeatable results is crucial for the long-term performance of rehabilitated structures.” 


The Vortex Companies, (855) 949-3441, vortexcompanies.com 

Prime Resins’ PR10L ACLM Earns NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certification 

Receiving NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certification of PR10L ACLM for contact with potable water highlights Prime Resins’ devotion to ensuring safe drinking water and providing environmentally friendly solutions for infrastructure improvement.

PR10L ACLM is a super-low-viscosity acrylamide grout for sealing leaks in and around structures in contact with drinking water – sanitary and stormwater mainlines, pipe penetrations, laterals, lift stations and manholes. 

As thin as water, the grout solution yields a gel upon reaction that follows infiltration to seal leaks or to deeply penetrate soils for soil stabilization. The gel time is adjustable from a few seconds to several hours. 

The reassurance of safety that comes with this certification also allows PR10L ACLM to be specified in applications where it’s a much more economical choice than alternative product types. 

It also makes PR10L, the only made-in-America acrylamide product used for leak sealing, plus the only such product that’s NSF/ANSI/CAN 61-certified. 


Prime Resins, (800) 321-7212, primeresins.com 

Cherne Launches Easy-to-Use Disc Seal Plugs 

Cherne Industries, part of the Oatey Co. family of companies, launched a line of Disc Seal plugs, featuring an excellent sealing range and convenient installation.

Designed to block flow or provide bypass flow in underground pipes with low backpressure, Disc Seals are used for pipe construction, rehabilitation, cleaning and testing. 

They are made with lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum and include two field-replaceable double bladders for a leak-proof seal up to 5 pounds per square inch (PSI) of backpressure. A plug can be easily separated into two halves to fit any manhole size. For added installation and transport convenience, the plugs come with handles. 

Cherne Disc Seal plugs are available in sizes ranging from 24 inches through 96 inches. 


Cherne Industries, (800) 843-7584, cherneind.com 


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