Hitachi Vantara to supply Arizona Department of Water Resources with asset management solution

(UI) – Hitachi Vantara, the modern infrastructure, data management and digital solutions subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announced that the Arizona Department of Water Resources has selected Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Catalog to centralize, categorize, sort and analyze trusted data across 330,000 distributed water resources in the state. The solution is part of the State of Arizona’s efforts to bolster sustainability and resource management and secure the future of water for the Grand Canyon State’s 7 million residents amid the broader water supply challenges facing the Southwest.

To effectively manage Arizona’s water supply, the Department of Water Resources collects, stores and conducts analysis on reported water uses of nearly 6 trillion gallons per year across thousands of wells and surface water sources. By analyzing data against records of geolocation coordinates, depth to water and uses, the agency is better equipped to establish the adjudication of water rights with trusted, accurate data. Without a metadata repository, staff had difficulty finding important data sets, leading the organization to focus on automating data quality to support its staff and resources. Considering the ongoing drought and reduced water supply from the Colorado River, having a data-driven approach to water management is crucial.

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Catalog provides intelligent data discovery, classification and visualization of relationships, allowing the department to use machine learning and automation to recognize different structured data types, including geospatial data. Hitachi Vantara’s technology enabled the Arizona Department of Water Resources to employ machine learning algorithms to sample legacy records at scale, generate accompanying metadata and categorize that data by key relationships.

The Hitachi Vantara Pentaho Data Catalog makes all that visible via an easy-to-use, integrated and centralized dashboard. As a result, the department can now understand, integrate and analyze its unique and critical data sets to meet the needs of Arizona’s water users, planners and decision makers.

“All we need to do is type in ‘well,’ and this Hitachi Vantara solution delivers an accurate, comprehensive report of hundreds of instances of that data element in our transactional databases, data warehouse and document management system, and spatial data is ready for export. It is saving us so much time,” said Lisa Williams, manager, Office of Enterprise Data Management at the State of Arizona’s Department of Water Resources. “Having a centralized metadata repository enables our staff and consultants to quickly understand that data, and its complete lineage so we know the provenance of the data. It also frees up time for our people to analyze and manage groundwater conditions.”

“Helping the planet and improving business operations go hand-in-hand. In both cases, data is the underlying key to success,” said Maggie Laird, head of Lumada Software business and corporate sustainability, Hitachi Vantara. “With natural water supplies at their lowest levels in decades, having an accurate view of data helps the State of Arizona better protect, conserve and enhance water supplies in a bold, thoughtful and innovative manner.”


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