Vortex introduces UV CIPP System to support underground infrastructure rehabilitation

Accommodating pipe diameters 6” to 80”, Vortex’s IMS UV Curing Systems deploy an ultra-violet ‘light chain’ and infrared sensors to capture data every 12” to ensure a complete cure and improve installation efficiencies.

SAERTEX multiCom reaches pipe liner installation milestone with recent rehabilitation project

(UI) — The company's 100,000th GRP pipe liner, which was installed in the major Spanish city of Valladolid, was used to rehabilitate a dilapidated section of sewer with an egg-shaped profile. It is part of a comprehensive rehabilitation project of the Valladolid sewer network of the local network operator Aquavall.

Cherne introduces the world’s largest test ball

(UI) — Cherne Industries, part of the Oatey Co. family of companies, has introduced its 72–120-inch Test-Ball Plug, which blocks flow in the biggest pipes in sanitary and storm sewer systems, up to 120 inches.

Plastics Pipe Institute publishes technical document on HDPE pipe use in seismic sensitive areas

(UI) — The Municipal Advisory Board (MAB) of the Plastics Pipe Institute Inc. has published a new technical document that provides data for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) water lines in earthquake-sensitive areas, the organization announced on Feb. 9.

Philadelphia awarded $340 million for water infrastructure, lead pipe replacement projects

(UI) — Portions of Philadelphia’s drinking water systems are approaching the end of their useful life and need significant upgrades to continue to deliver clean and safe water to the residents of Philadelphia. The initial loan of $19.8 million will modernize critical drinking water infrastructure by replacing approximately 160 lead service lines and 15 miles of watermains throughout the city.

EPA launches initiative to accelerate lead pipe replacement in Wisconsin

The new program will provide targeted technical assistance services to help underserved communities in Wisconsin access funds from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and replace lead pipes that pose risks to the health of children and families.

Flint, Mich., and plaintiffs agree on new date to replace lead water lines

(UI) — After again missing the court-approved date for the replacement of lead water lines last autumn, the city of Flint, Michigan, and a group of plaintiffs who sued the city agreed to set a new timetable.

Pipe Liners Club of Tulsa Celebrates 75th Anniversary, History of Service

(UI) — The Pipe Liners Club of Tulsa (PLCT) recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Tulsa’s Mayor G. T. Bynum marked the occasion with a proclamation acknowledging PLCT’s many contributions to the city’s economy and culture.

Cherne launches line of disc seal plugs designed for underground pipe construction

(UI) — Cherne Industries, part of the Oatey Co. family of companies, has launched a line of Disc Seal plugs, designed to block flow or provide bypass flow in underground pipes with low backpressure.

New Jersey water commission receives go-ahead to upgrade cast iron water pipes

(UI) — Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) has received approval for four engineering contracts to begin the initial studies necessary to make improvements to its aging cast iron water pipes, PVWC Executive Director Jim Mueller announced.

Deep freeze breaks pipes, creates water crisis across South

Days of freezing temperatures in Deep South areas that usually freeze for only hours are threatening dozens of water systems as burst pipes leak millions of gallons of water.

Northwest Pipe Company to manufacture engineered steel pipe for water project in San Diego

(UC) — Northwest Pipe Company has been selected to manufacture over 4,860 tons of engineered steel pipe with cement mortar lining and a tape wrap coating with a cement mortar overcoat for San Diego's Pure Water Program. The project primarily consists of over six and a half miles of parallel 30 and 48-inch pipelines.

Northwest Pipe Company introduces radial bending joint technology for steel pipe microtunneling

(UI) — Northwest Pipe Co., a leading manufacturer of water-related infrastructure including engineered pipeline systems and precast products, has developed the Permalok Radial Bending Joint that enables steel pipe to be installed in a curved radius in microtunneling applications.

Denver gets EPA approval for $700 million lead water pipe removal plan

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday approved a nearly $700 million plan to remove all lead water pipes in the Denver region, saying the local water utility's approach for reducing lead levels is succeeding and making swift progress. It's a recognition that cities can effectively address the lead pipe crisis if they try.

Northwest Pipe Company to manufacture engineered steel pressure Texas pipeline project

(UC) — Northwest Pipe Co. has been selected by S.J. Louis Construction and Alliance Regional Water Authority to produce engineered steel pressure pipe for Alliance Regional Water Authority Phase 1B-Segment D. Phase 1B is the second and largest phase of construction for this major water infrastructure project that will deliver approximately 5,500 acre-feet of water per year across Central Texas.

Close-Fit Liner: Technical Guide to Variations of Close-Fit Liners for Mainline Pipe

(UC) — CIPP is a thermoset resin system (polyester, vinyl ester, felt/fiberglass hybrid or epoxy) that is installed into the existing pipeline to be rehabilitated, with either a felt or fiberglass tube of the approximate thickness designed for the application.

Close-Fit Liner: Quality Cured-in-Place Pipe is Possible

(UC) — Cured-in-place pipe has surpassed more than 50 years of successful and diversified installations. Over those years, the technology has advanced with development of new techniques and products that have influenced cost, quality and installation speed.

$410 million awarded to Missouri for wastewater, stormwater infrastructure upgrades

(UC) — Governor Mike Parson announced on Nov. 18 that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has awarded Missouri $410 million to help improve drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure as well as lead service line inventories.

ASCE MOP 145 Update on the Design of Flexible Liners for Gravity Pipes

(UC) — In November 2021, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) issued a new Manual of Practice (MOP) for the Design of Close-Fit Liners for the Rehabilitation of Gravity Pipes. The purpose of the MOP was to provide good guidance to engineers tasked with making wall thickness designs of liners, such as cured in place pipe.

Burst sewage pipe adds to infrastructure woes at COP27

Attendees of this year's U.N. climate conference in Egypt found themselves stepping over streams of foul-smelling fluid Wednesday after a pipe or tank holding liquid waste appeared to have burst near one of the venue's main thoroughfares.

US military to begin draining Pearl Harbor pipelines

The U.S. military said it’s ready to begin draining 1 million gallons of fuel from three pipelines as part of an initial step toward closing a World War II-era fuel storage facility that leaked petroleum into Pearl Harbor’s tap water last year.

Missouri city to have lead water pipes removed, once they are located

Officials believe adding monochloramine to Trenton, Missouri’s drinking water in 2014 corroded old lead pipes. By the next time the city was required to test for lead in the water in 2017, dangerous amounts were detected.

Report: Navy’s Hawaii fuel tanks need repair before draining

A contractor hired by the Navy is recommending a series of structural repairs to a massive fuel tank farm in Hawaii to make sure the facility doesn’t leak petroleum when its tanks are drained.

Hobas Pipe USA expands product offerings and capacity to meet growing demand

Hobas Pipe USA, a North American manufacturer of corrosion-resistant fiberglass pipe products for water and wastewater related infrastructure, announced an increase in the company's product offerings and capacity to meet the growing demand in the municipal potable water market.

Pressure Pipe Cleaning and Preparation for Rehabilitation

Pressure pipes, like gravity pipelines, need to be cleaned and prepared for rehabilitation. This NASSCO Tech Tip will discuss pressure pipe cleaning methods and requirements before a pipe rehabilitation is completed.

Environmental groups file complaint over lead pipes

Environmental groups file a civil rights complaint stating that lead pipe replacement work disproportionately increases the risk of lead exposure for residents of color.

NCPI Releases New CCTV Inspection Handbook

The National Clay Pipe Institute (NCPI) recently published a new Handbook titled Analyzing CCTV Inspection of Vitrified Clay Pipe.

New Pipes Could Ease Some Water Woes in Mississippi Capital

Jackson will soon start installing new water pipes to replace some of the lines that failed during the freeze earlier this year.

PPI Introduces New Standard for HDPE Pressure Pipes and Fittings

A new standard for HDPE pressure pipes and fittings has been added and will be effective Nov. 1, 2021.

Shifting Ground Prompts Utility to Shut Down Gas Main

A utility in Michigan shut down a gas main due to ground shifting beneath the pavement.