March 2016, Vol. 71, No. 3


#TBT Subsite 950 R/T Locator Features Technology Advances

Subsite Introduces 950 R/T Locator

by Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Art Director

It’s Throwback Thursday, that time of week when you realize you’re suddenly much older than you used to be. Today we take a trip back to March 2001 and our First Look column: Subsite 950 Locator Features Technology Advances. (Click here for larger view of page)

It was a new century! We breezed past Y2K. You know, that day the world was supposed to descend into chaos because one little flip of the year would confuse every computer on earth, thus thrusting all of humanity into a post apocalyptic, Flinstonian technology dystopia. However, as long as birds still existed, we’d be good.

Think of all the things birds did for the Flintstones — stereo, camera, telephone, airplane, end of work whistle. We’d manage. People got overly dramatic over nothing. Although we’d all have to change our names to incorporate the word ‘rock’, there was that. Perhaps the drama was justified.

Luckily, none of that happened, yet looking back on the technology of 15 years ago, it makes you wonder. But first, think of all the things we didn’t have in March of 2001: 3G Wireless; iPod; Xbox; Facebook; Google Maps (how did we ever find anything?! Oh right, printed maps, those things people had been using for over 5,000 years); and Rickrolling. If we had fallen into a Flinstonian dystopia it would have been Rockrolling, by Rock Astley.

Now take a look at the Subsite 950 from March 2001*. For sure, state-of-art at the time with all kinds of frequency goodness for finding underground utilities. It was also lightweight, weather resistant, had boxy styling with rounded edges and … it was beige! Plus, if you wanted to be a stylish locator, you wore your beige Dockers. It made for a classic ensemble.

Thankfully, times change and Subsite locators have changed with them. There have been some color changes, like with this 250R from May of 2008.

Subsite 250R locator

Fast forward to the new Subsite brand and color. From the Subsite website:

“Until now, Subsite products were largely orange in color and marketed under the Ditch Witch brand.  But now, we’re Going Green!  You can still purchase the same great Subsite products, from the same trusted Ditch Witch dealers, but they will now be green, branded Subsite Electronics and feature our new logo.”

Subsite utility locator

These new Subsite locators are really slick and the green makes them stand out. But, how will we view them 15 years from now? Maybe in 15 years all you’ll have to do is pass your hand over the ground all Yoda-like and The Force will tell you what’s below.

For more information:
Subsite Electronics,

*Sorry, had to do it ;>

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