Chevron agrees to pay more than $13 million in fines for California oil spills

Chevron has agreed to pay more than $13 million in fines for dozens of past oil spills in California.

Navy reports break in 8-inch sewer line, releasing over 1,000 gallons in Pearl Harbor

The U.S. Navy disclosed on Dec. 15 that a rupture in an 8-inch sewer line near Hickam housing on Dec. 14 resulted in the discharge of 1,050 gallons of untreated wastewater, Hawai’I Public Radio reported.

Regulators report no signs of pollution after Olympic Pipeline gas spill in Washington

About 25,660 gallons (97,100 liters) of gasoline spilled after a small tube leading from the main Olympic Pipeline to a pressure-check valve failed on Sunday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said in a news release.

Search underway for Main Pass pipeline leak after 1.1 million gallons of oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

As much as 1.1 million gallons of oil may have been discharged into the Gulf of Mexico from a pipeline system off Louisiana’s southeast coast, the U.S. Coast Guard said Tuesday. The affected pipeline has been shut down but authorities are still trying to determine the exact location and cause of the leak.

Federal authorities investigate underwater oil pipeline leak off the coast of Louisiana

Federal authorities said Saturday that they’re investigating a leak from an underwater oil pipeline off the coast of Louisiana.

Cleanup is done on a big Kansas oil spill on the Keystone system, the company and EPA say

The operator of the Keystone pipeline system has finished cleaning up a massive December 2022 oil spill, and the creek affected by it is flowing naturally again, the company and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said.

Pipeline companies to pay $12.5 million after oil spills in Montana, North Dakota

Two pipeline operators have agreed to pay a $12.5 million civil penalty related to crude oil spills in Montana and North Dakota. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday announced the settlement in a 2022 federal court lawsuit.

6 days after fuel spill reported, most in Tennessee city still can’t drink the tap water

Many of the 40,000 people who live and work in the Memphis suburb of Germantown remained under an order Wednesday to avoid using water for everything except flushing toilets. They can't drink or boil tap water, or use it for showering or bathing.

Residents of Tennessee city ordered to avoid using tap water after fuel spill

Residents of a Tennessee city must keep avoiding using their tap water after diesel fuel being used to power a generator at a treatment plant leaked into a reservoir, officials said Friday.

Mechanical error leads to sewer overflow in Amarillo, Texas

(UI) — An overflow from a manhole was caused by the event, resulting in the leakage of some 850,000 gallons of untreated wastewater, according to the local authorities.

Kansas lawmakers fear oil spills from Keystone pipeline due to frequent earthquakes

Several lawmakers said they are nervous about the pipeline in the Wichita area, about 160 miles south of the Washington County spill site. The area began experiencing an increase in earthquakes in 2013, after Keystone opened its Kansas pipeline segment, tied to activities associated with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in oil and natural gas production.


Colorado Developer Progressing Plans for $2.3 Billion Water Pipeline, EPA Announces $6.5 Billion in Funding for Water Infrastructure Projects and more.

North Carolina, Colonial Pipeline reach agreement on underground gasoline spill

NCDEQ filed a 29-page lawsuit in which it called on Colonial to take a number of steps, including removal, treatment or control contaminants that have the potential to contaminate groundwater.

Water company fined $1.2 million for sewage discharge into Rio Grande

The New Mexico Environment Department has fined El Paso Water $1.2 million for allegedly discharging more than 1 billion gallons of raw sewage into the Rio Grande in Sunland Park.

Rhode Island wastewater plant still discharging partly treated sewage into Blackstone River

A wastewater treatment plant in Rhode Island has been discharging sewage that’s only partly treated into the Blackstone River all week, state environmental officials said.

Pipeline’s safeguards not working in Louisiana diesel spill

A corroded pipeline that spilled in Lousiana was found to not have a full functioning leak detection system at the time and the spill was larger than previously reported.

Pipeline rupture spills over 300,000 gallons of diesel in Louisiana

A pipeline rupture in New Orleans spills over 300,000 gallons of diesel.

Sunoco Ordered to Dredge Lake, Pay $4M Over Pipeline Spill

Sunoco Pipeline will dredge part of a lake and pay more than $4 million for spilling drilling fluid at a popular state park outside Philadelphia, in a settlement that will allow Mariner East 2 pipeline construction to resume.

New Reports of Spills Along Line 3 Construction Route

Regulators in Minnesota report new releases of drilling fluid along the Line 3 pipeline.

Colorado Mine Owner Seeks US Compensation Over 2015 Spill

A mine owner wants compensation for using his land as an emergency staging for a wastewater cleanup in the area.

Company Fined $35M for Wastewater Spill in North Dakota

A company was fined $35M for waiting over five months to report a 2014 wastewater spill.

Virginia Health Officials Warn Against Swimming in James River

Health officials in Virginia are warning residents to avoid swimming in the James River due to a sewage spill.

Company Agrees to Settle Alleged Clean Water Act Violations

Phoenix Petroleum agrees to pay a penalty in a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Citgo to Pay $19.7M for Louisiana Wastewater Spill Damage

Citgo agreed to pay $19.7 million for environmental damage from a 2006 wastewater spill.

Colorado Orders 87 Oil and Gas Wells Shut Pending Cleanup

Colorado orders cleanups to several oil and gas wells after a series of spills and releases.

Size of Pipeline Spill Again Underestimated in North Carolina

A major pipeline in the U.S. was underestimated by the amount of fuel spilled which is now estimated to be more than 1.2 million gallons spilled.

Texas Oil Company Agrees to Fine for Wastewater Spill

Merit Energy Company is held responsible for a 2018 spill and agrees to pay a $115,000 fine for the damages.

Delaware Sewer Break Discharges Wastewater into River

Wastewater flows into Delaware river after a force main break.

Frozen Pipe Burst Causes Wastewater Spill

A frozen ethanol pipe in Nebraska burst and caused a wastewater spill.

Sewer Blockage Pushes Waste Into 300 New York City Homes

A blocked sewer main flooded basements last month with brown filth and left residents in the neighborhood near New York City’s Kennedy Airport feeling sickened by the stench.