Damage Prevention & Safety

Common Ground Alliance Releases Newest Edition of Best Practices Guide

The Common Ground Alliance has released a new edition of its Best Practices Guide.

PG&E Announces New Electric Infrastructure Safety Initiative to Protect Communities from Wildfire Threat

PG&E announces a new initiative to protect communities from wildfire threats by expanding its underground electric distribution power lines.

New Cybersecurity Order Issued for US Pipeline Operators

The Department of Homeland Security introduced new requirements for pipeline cybersecurity.

Governor Asks Californians to Voluntarily Cut Water Use

California governor asks residents and businesses to cut water use as the region faces droughts.

LSC-University Park Provides Steady Career Path Safeguarding Pipelines

Lone Star College-University Park developed a program for a career in corrosion control.

Analysis: Louisiana Lawmakers Tackle Water System Upgrades

Officials in Louisiana are working to improve the state's water systems through infrastructure upgrades and effective grading metrics.

Army Corps Plans Thorough Review of Great Lakes Tunnel Plan

The Army Corps plans an extensive review of an Enbridge oil pipeline project planned to be placed under a Great Lakes channel.

Environmentalists Sue Over Wastewater Leak in Florida

Environmentalists in Florida filed a lawsuit over the hazardous wastewater in Tampa Bay caused by a leaky reservoir.

Company Agrees to Settle Alleged Clean Water Act Violations

Phoenix Petroleum agrees to pay a penalty in a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Citgo to Pay $19.7M for Louisiana Wastewater Spill Damage

Citgo agreed to pay $19.7 million for environmental damage from a 2006 wastewater spill.

Kansas Officials Warn Johnson County Residents of Sewage in Tomahawk Creek

Officials warn Johnson County residents near Tomahawk Creek to avoid the creek due to a sewer line break.

Utah Governor Calls for Reduced Water Usage Amid Drought

The governor of Utah urges state residents and businesses to reduce their water usage due to drought.

Red Tide Limits Harvesting at Aquatic Farms in Tampa Bay

Red tide blooms caused by wastewater containments are impacting water quality in Tampa Bay.

United Rentals Trench Safety Digital Learning Series Discusses Safety Powered by Productivity

United Rentals will have an online series June 14-18 that offers free educational sessions about work safety.

Alaska Governor Declares Disaster for Area After Flooding

Flooding in areas in northwest Alaska caused significant damage to home, roads and utility infrastructure.

Biden Pledges Aggressive Response to Pipeline Cyber Attacks

President Joe Biden pledges to respond aggressively to the cyber attacks on Colonial Pipeline.

$302M in BP Oil Spill Money Budgeted to Restore Ecosystems

Texas may receive up to $79 million in restoration money from a BP oil spill.

Tunnel Boring Machine “MudHoney” Ready to Get to Work in Seattle

The Tunnel Boring Machine is now in use for a water quality project in Washington to prevent polluted water from entering multiple lakes and canals.

US Seeks Keep Critical Sectors Safe from Cyberattacks

Officials are looking into ways to protect critical industries from cyberattacks.

Biden Redefines Infrastructure Plan and Breaks Down Costs

President Joe Biden has released a breakdown of a new infrastructure package that will focus on raising corporate taxes and redefining infrastructure.

Gas Driller Pays $1.9M for Wetland and Waterway Damages

A natural gas driller in Pennsylvania agrees to pay $1.9 million for construction damages.

Grand Canyon National Park to Undergo Repairs on Water Pipeline

The Grand Canyon National Park will undergo repairs on a leaking drinking water pipeline.

Civil Engineers Give Ohio a “C-“ and Texas a “C” in Latest 2021 Infrastructure Report Cards

Ohio and Texas receive mediocre infrastructure ratings from civil engineers.

U.S. Department of Labor Implements Inspection Program to Target Workplaces with Highest Injury and Illness Rates

The U.S. Department of Labor is updating its inspection program to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

Civil Engineers Give West Virginia a “D” and Maine a “C-“ in the 2020 Infrastructure Report Card

A new 2020 Infrastructure Report Card for West Virginia and Maine with overall low ratings.


The co-owner and general manager of Barbco conducted a seminar at about trench safety.

$56M Settlement Approved in Massachusetts Gas Explosions

A $56 million settlement was approved between Massachusetts and Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, the utility responsible for a series of explosions and fires.

NASSCO Releases Brochure to Inform Communities About Styrene Safety

NASSCO published “What’s That Odor,” a two-page brochure to help inform communities about the safety of styrene used in the steam cure process of Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP).

New Plan Will Increase Protection and Resilience of the Texas Coast

The Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Study Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement was released to increase resilience and reduce risk of coastal storm surges.

CGA Research on Utility Locating Points to Stressed Damage Prevention System

The Common Ground Alliance published a new White Paper that is based on recent research among locating stakeholders that points to an often strained damage prevention system.