Rock Construction

Tunneling Milestone Reached on World’s Longest Underground Rail Link Project

A Herrenknecht tunnel boring machine has broken through marking the first significant milestone in the world's largest rail link project.

Mud Motors Remain Effective Tool for HDD Hard Rock Drilling

Underground Construction magazine has covered the evolution of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) since the first compact drill rigs made their appearance on utility job sites in the early ‘90s. The magazine publishes reports about HDD projects and products of interest to the industry, and over ..

Melfred Borzall

Melfred Borzall’s new Black Diamond directional blade cuts through the competition. Not only does it increase drilling efficiency inhard-ground conditions, but it  also addresses everyday production-draining issues such as blade drag, carbide wear and pullback efficiency. This new blade design is t..

Vermeer T655 Commander 3 tractor with rock wheel attachment

Cut through tough ground conditions with the Vermeer T655 Commander 3 tractor with optional trencher or bucket wheel attachment which is designed for the installation of small-diameter cross-country pipelines helps increase productivity in soft soils. The Tier 3 John Deere 6090 HF diesel engine prov..

Directional Drilling: Reamers & Hole Openers

Century Products Century Products introduces a new line of Fly Cutters engineered for maximum performance and reliability.  Incorporating a robust square tube design to ensure longevity with superior strength, this new design features the ability to pull or push ream due to strategically placed cut..