September 2015 Vol. 70 No. 9


Directional Drilling: Reamers & Hole Openers

Century Products
Century Products introduces a new line of Fly Cutters engineered for maximum performance and reliability.  Incorporating a robust square tube design to ensure longevity with superior strength, this new design features the ability to pull or push ream due to strategically placed cutter bars with replaceable teeth both forward and aft. Protected carbide nozzles are also placed in a concentric pattern to clear cuttings. Fly Cutters are available in 18- to 72-inch diameters.  262.820.3600,

Sharewell HDD Hydramax Fluted ReamerSharewell HDD
Precise Drilling Components and Sharewell HDD recently annouced a new product offering for the small rig market, the Hydramax Fluted Reamer. The reamer is comprised of the highest standard in American carbide in conjunction with pro cut cutter modelling software. These features give the Hydramax the added benefits of cutting in either direction; reduced torque to operate; cutting faster in all formations; capable of handling rock and cobble; easily repairable to new standards and available in sizes ranging from 10- to 24-inch diameters. 281.288.2560,

RailheadRailhead Incredibit
Railhead’s Incredibit drill head is named for its ability to bore and steer through tough, rocky conditions. Its patented technology allows contractors to accomplish bores in ground that can’t be drilled with conventional bits. It also allows smaller machines to drill through some conditions that would otherwise require a mud motor. It’s a multipurpose bit that steers through soft conditions as well as rock and cobble. Rather than using simple abrasion, the Incredibit fractures rock in a random elliptical pattern. It “dances” in the hole, allowing the Incredibit to be productive in all kinds of soils and formations. Bits for big rigs are also now available with the ability to cut a 10- to 12-inch hole and are available with a 5-inch sonde housing. 888.313.7455,

The Klaw hole opener from Atlas Copco SecorocAtlas Copco Secoroc
The Klaw hole opener from Atlas Copco Secoroc is a one-piece 4140 alloy steel bit body that provides complete blade and body strength. Stabilizer pads center the hole opener in the pilot bore, and cutter locations and bit features are CNC machined to meet exact design specifications and ensure product repeatability. The Klaw hole opener provides higher penetration rates, efficient cleaning of bore, smoother drilling and longer lasting bits. 800.732.6762,

VermeerVermeer fluted reamers include robotically applied carbide mesh grit hard facing to add longevity
These fluted reamers get the job done with a robust thru-shaft design and heat treated, cast-alloy steel for durability. To reduce the amount of resistance-causing spoil build-up, a built-in swivel minimizes the distance to the product pipe. Vermeer fluted reamers include robotically applied carbide mesh grit hard facing to add longevity. They’re available with rotary or Shark Teeth to create an aggressive cutting action which is ideal for rugged ground conditions ranging from hard pan and soft rock to cobble. 888.837.6337,

the Hole Opener by American Augers is the much needed HDD jobsite tool American Augers
From 18 inches to 34 inches, the Hole Opener by American Augers is the much needed HDD jobsite tool when conducting reaming or pre-reaming operation through intrusive hard soils or rock formations. Features include excellent flow characteristics, cutting ability and low torque due to rolling cutters. 419.869.7107,

Ditch WitchThe Ditch Witch Trihawk Reamer bit is intended for fast, easy, small-diameter installations.
The Trihawk Reamer bit is intended for fast, easy, small-diameter installations. When finishing a bore with the TriHawk system, simply drive out the two roll pins holding the bit and install the reamer bit instead. This cast reamer is equipped with a pulling tab intended to be used in conjunction with a swivel and will cut a 5.25-inch hole. 800.645.6481,

Terra-Bore Clay Reamer with Conical Teeth Terra-Bore
The Clay Reamer with Conical Teeth ranges in size from 6 inches to 60 inches in diameter. The shaft ranges from 2.75 inches to 6.75 inches in diameter. Fabricated from heat treated alloy steel for strength and durability, these Clay Reamers are available with a built-in 20K, 30K or 45K swivel or drawbar, pin or rear connection. The API REG box fronts will accept any API pin crossover needed to attach to your drill. Made for aggressive cutting, mixing and pumping in sticky clay while also, an excellent choice for shale and sandstone. Choose front and rear reamer couplings (adapters/crossovers, drawbars, direct connect swivels) from the company’s online Reamer Coupling Selection Chart. Custom sizes and designs are also available on request. 609.859.3300,

INROCK Standard Rock Reamers INROCK Standard Rock Reamers are fabricated using only “new bit” Sealed Bearing Drill Bits Sections. INROCK Rock Reamers are assembled under rigid quality control fabrication standards. Proper tool design, welding techniques, heat treating and hard-facing are critical during the fabrication process to ensure tool strength, cutter integrity and bearing life. Understanding downhole torsional stress and vibration effects on welded components is vital in providing reliable standard rock reamers. 713.690.5600,

Radius HDD Tools now offers a complete line of split bit hole openersRadius HDD Tools
Keep your hard rock HDD projects on schedule! Radius now offers a complete line of split bit hole openers in stock and available for same day shipping. Radius hole openers are designed to offer you maximum production in some of the hardest rock conditions and are built to last. And Radius still offers custom hole openers built to your specific requirements as well. 855.471.2771,

Horizontal TechnologyUsing Horizontal Technology's RockReamer means no more downtime waiting on new tools/cutters
The RockReamer’s unique design minimizes on-site inventory, lowering cost. Using the RockReamer means no more downtime waiting on new tools/cutters when the need to push ream occurs. It pushes or pulls with the same body and cutters, and one body opens to six sizes. Increased on-bottom rotating time minimizes cutter cost and trip time. Cutters and arms are easily changed in the field without torches and welders. 888.556.5511,

Melfred Borzall’s new FastReam SystemMelfred Borzall
Melfred Borzall’s new FastReam System allows you to backream up to a 12-inch hole without taking the drill head off. FastReam Terminator style blades provide efficient cutting and mixing action. Special FastReam adapters equipped with Mud Boost fluid ports ensure maximum flow for a smooth pullback. Strategically placed carbide hardfacing increases the life of the housing. Attachments are available for a complete FastBack system. 800.833.1252,

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