Prime Resins hosting a geotechnical course Oct. 19

Prime Resins plans to help attendees learn the art and science of using chemical grouts for geotechnical applications with its geotechnical course next month.

Avanti opens registration for Industrial and Geotechnical Injection Grout School in November

Registration is now open for the semi-annual Industrial and Geotechnical Injection Grout School taking place at Avanti’s headquarters in Webster, Texas, on Nov. 9-10, 2022.

Municipal Sewer Grout School Sept. 13-14, 2017

A Municipal Sewer Grout School will take place Sept. 13-14, at Aries Industries’ facility in Lithia Springs, GA. Co-sponsored by Aries Industries Inc., Avanti International and Logiball Inc., the two-day program focuses on compliance with NASSCO/ICGA specifications. Contractors, municipal professio..

Municipal Grouting Video Series Helps Solve I&I Problems

Avanti International has produced a new learning resource for solving Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) issues in sanitary and storm water systems. Fundamentals of Municipal Grouting is a 16-module video series designed as an interactive learning experience for those who need-to-know and want-to-solve t..

The Evolution Of Grouting Solutions

Injection grouting is described by its proponents as the first trenchless technology to repair leaks in underground pipes. First used for municipal applications more than 50 years ago, injection grouting has advanced to become the most economical and reliable method for controlling infiltration in ..

CUES New Easy Grout Computerized Grout Control System

CUES offers a full line of portable, truck, and trailer mounted grout rehabilitation systems for mainline, manhole, and lateral joint sealing with the latest CCTV equipment and decision support software. Its new Easy Grout computerized grout control system is designed to consolidate all the valves, ..

Illinois Community Utilizes Economical Grouting Solution

By Tom Fuszard Communities and sewage districts looking to save on repairs to leaking laterals are finding chemical grouting a great option. For pipes that are structurally sound, it is often the best method to use. Sugarloaf Township, IL, used this process and discovered that the project paid for ..

Municipal Sewer Grout School

The tradition continues as Aries, Avanti and Logiball join forces to bring hands-on demonstrations of equipment performance, and test and seal process of injection grout for compliance with the NASSCO/ICGA Operating Standard, Jan. 11-12, at Avanti International in Houston. Catering to those who spe..

National Water Company Sponsors Pilot Project with SANIPOR® to Offer Flood Grouting for Lateral/Side Sewer Lines

National Water Company (NWC), has sponsored a pilot project in Seattle with SANIPOR® to offer flood grouting for qualifying lateral or side sewer lines insured by NWC. SANIPOR’s special flood grouting process internally floods an exterior sewer line all at once with two liquid silicate compounds th..

15th Anniversary of 9/11: Sealing The Bathtub - No Small Project

In early 2002, Moretrench American Corporation was asked to essentially save the “Bathtub” section of the destroyed World Trade Center in New York City. Moretrench chose to use Avanti grout for the work. The bathtub is a nine-block area of the site that was excavated down to bedrock and hard soils ..

Avanti Announces Jacob Swanson As New Midwest Regional Manager

Avanti International introduced Jacob Swanson as its new Midwest Regional Manager, earlier this year. Swanson comes into his new role with more than 10 years of injection grouting experience. Swanson is an expert injection specialist of acrylics, polyurethane and cementitious grouts, with past resp..

Rapid Set Products for Keyhole Utility Repairs from Buzzi Unicem

Buzzi Unicem USA manufactures Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cement used in their keyhole products. Ulti-Grout is used for core reinstatement, Ulti-Pave3 is for unusable cores and Utility-Fill One Step, a fast setting, self-compacting backfill material. All three materials are used for small-hole technolog..

Logiball Test and Seal Packers

Logiball manufactures a complete line of Test and Seal Packers for the Trenchless Rehabilitation of collection systems. The lateral packers are used around the world by specialty contractors and municipalities to stop infiltration at lateral connections, and in lateral joints all from the mainline s..

Manhole Rehab with Avanti's Chemical Grout

Manhole rehab with Avanti’s chemical grout is necessary for the safety and longevity of our underground infrastructure. Groundwater enters into sewer systems everyday through manholes causing treatment plant overloads. There are five techniques to stop infiltration: Curtain Grouting, Vertical and Ho..

Reversing the Cause of Infiltration & Restoring Collection Systems

The single biggest sewer challenge facing engineers and municipalities is inflow and infiltration (I&I). I&I is destroying our underground infrastructure and shortening the critical life-span of our existing sewer collection systems. If this problem is not resolved, structural rehabilitation becomes..