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New Products

New products

Vanair ThermalGuard: No time for downtime 

Vanair’s exclusive underdeck innovations provide lifelong cost savings. The Vanair PTO Underdeck System’s patented ThermalGuard Weather Protection Kit option allows you to arrive at the worksite ready to go. The Vanair underdeck exclusive innovation uses the vehicle’s warm engine coolant to preheat the compressor oil and regulators for instant productivity. 

Benefits of ThermalGuard Weather Protection Kit include: 

  • Preheats the system while traveling to the job site.
  • Aids in the elimination of moisture.
  • Allows crews to work the system immediately, even in cold weather.
  • Provides smooth, easy start-ups and protects equipment in cold weather.
  • Helps to get rid of water in the system in the warmer months.
  • Saves money by eliminating oil changes due to moisture.
  • Does not require operator action.

Vanair provides rehabilitation and maintenance solutions to the sewer industry, including cured-in-place pipe, manhole monoforming, pipeline inspection cameras, and grouter/cutter tools. 


Vanair, (800) 526-8817, 

ADS turnkey services avoid spills, reduce costs 

By using ADS’ ECHO level monitor and D-Site service for monitoring and managing its sewer system, the city of Oakland (Calif.) has been able to improve both its ability to avoid SSOs and reduce overall costs. 

The Oakland, Calif., Public Works Department owns and operates over 932 miles of sewer mains, ranging from 6 inches to over 66 inches in diameter; 28,554 sewer structures; and 11 pump stations. Nearly 20 percent of the system has been rehabilitated within the past  
25 years, but much is still older than 50 years old, and some parts are as old as 100 years. 

Management of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) is a key concern area for Oakland, both because of the environmental consequences and because the city is a signatory, along with five other cities or districts, on a Consent Decree that includes a number of provisions mandating the monitoring, management and reporting of SSOs. 

As part of its ongoing SSO management program, Oakland Public Works wanted to measure full depth in a manhole. It had been using monitors with float alarms at fixed heights but found these required a significant amount of time for maintenance. 

Five years ago, Oakland began a pilot project using ECHO narrow-beam ultrasonic depth monitors from ADS Environmental Services. ECHO is a next-generation, ultrasonic monitoring system that uses patented “narrow-beam” technology. Unlike conventional ultrasonic sensors, which must be suspended on a flexible cable to within a few feet of the invert flows, ECHO is installed at the top of the manhole. 

ECHO’s narrow-beam technology gives it a full 20-feet of dynamic measurement range. Moreover, its stabilized mounting means there is no sensor movement, which occurs with cable-type ultrasonic sensors because they are prone to movement and can cause false alarms. Featuring both low- and high-flow alarms, ECHO monitors can be adapted to the exact requirements for a given manhole. 

Oakland expanded the ECHO monitor deployment to include 45 sites, and to take advantage of ADS’ D-Site comprehensive services. The D-Site approach relieves internal staff from the hassles of hardware installation, maintenance and monitoring while assuring they have a continuous 24/7 stream of comprehensive data for alerts, alarms and long-term analysis. 

For example, D-site monitoring helped avert a spill by alerting staff to a surcharge in what was termed a “good catch”. According to City of Oakland wastewater management, “the line was surcharging, the guys broke the stoppage, so it saved us from another SSO!”  


ADS Environmental Services, (877) 237-9585, 

Cardinal Wireless, Pryme Radio partner on Miller Pipeline communications solution 

Two-way radios have come a long way in the last 50 years and still hold a significant market share, despite the adoption of push-to-talk over cellular (PoC.) For two-way radio dealers, staying ahead of the communications technology curve has presented challenges, as well as opportunities. Some dealers stayed relevant through ecommerce, while some expanded in other ways. 

Cardinal Wireless, based in Indianapolis, Ind., is a company that chose a different direction. Four decades ago, it was a local two-way radio dealer and today it’s one of the top wireless equipment dealers, service centers and airtime suppliers in the Midwest. 

The key to Cardinal’s sustained success is diversification. 

“One supplier can’t be everything to everyone,” said Frank Swindler, technical Manager as Cardinal Wireless. “That’s why we offer products from as many different suppliers as possible, including some you haven’t heard of. Each has its own niche and if one doesn’t fit a customer’s needs, another will.” 

A prime example is when Miller Pipeline came to Cardinal Wireless looking for hearing protection headsets with communication capabilities that would support different types of radios. Previous headsets were not compatible with all the radios Miller Pipeline used and were very cost prohibitive. 

Cardinal Wireless found the ideal solution at PRYME Radio Products. Headquartered in Brea, Calif., it’s a foremost manufacturer of specialized mobile communication accessories for professionals in every industry sector. 

“PRYME’s dual earmuff headset offered 24dB of hearing protection and clear audio/transmit, plus easily interchangeable cables for each radio model, all at about half the cost of Miller’s legacy headset,” said Swindler. “Now, we get calls from Miller almost weekly for Pryme’s headsets.” 


Cardinal Wireless, (317) 552-1517, 

PRYME Radio Products, (800) 666-2654 


New data shows that KOROYD integrated safety helmets reduce heat stress by up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit/4.5 degrees Celsius, compared to traditional EPS internal helmet constructions. 

A rigorous test protocol was employed to evaluate the thermal comfort of industrial helmets by comparing the microclimate buildup of different models and identify the type of construction that is less likely to contribute to heat stress. 

The findings indicate that KOROYD integrated helmets and their associated reduction of up to 8 degrees F/4.5 degrees C on the heat index, complements the human body’s natural thermoregulation, helping to keep the deep body temperature at safe levels. 

“The ‘heat index’ is a measure for the perceived temperature of a microclimate, and more accurately represents when air temperature and relative humidity combine to exponentially increase the perceived temperature – and related dangerous heat levels,” said Chris Ellerby, KOROYD’s director of industrial safety. “It is vital, particularly in a warming world, to protect workers from the impacts of heat stress by improving the breathability and air circulation of their head protection.” 

As demonstrated by the test results, using KOROYD construction in a helmet better supports the body’s ability to thermoregulate, unlike traditional insulating EPS foams used in many high-performance safety helmets. Heat and humidity rise and evaporate through KOROYD’s unique tubular structure, which is 95 percent air, improving the feeling of comfort during long periods of usage and reducing the risk of heat-related injuries and fatalities. 

In hot and humid environments, KOROYD can improve the release of heat by allowing air circulation and sweat evaporation. Crucially, this can also help prevent the temptation of short-term removal of PPE, another open door to injuries and fatalities. 

“As heat stress becomes an increasingly salient topic within industrial safety, we know that head protection must advance to not only protect the wearer from impacts, but also reduce heat stress,” said John Lloyd, KOROYD founder and managing director. 

Test methodology and additional data are available at 

The industrial safety segment is a key area of growth and focus for KOROYD, and the company is proud to partner with respected brands including Studson, Caco America LLC (a GE brand licensee for personal protective equipment), Protos Integral, and Zero Height Safety. 

KOROYD is a global leader in advanced impact protection technology, offering scientifically researched, rigorously tested and user validated integrations to brand partners, with optional full-scope design and development consultancy. UI 

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