April 2024 Vol. 79 No. 4

New Products

New Products


Experience the revolution of power with the all-new EPEQ Light Duty Electrified Power Skid – a game-changer that ushers in a new era of sustainability, adaptability, and convenience. Engineered for swift installation and removal, this skid is ready to accompany your vehicles wherever you go – from pickups to UTVs, vans to trailers.

Technical Performance 

  • ELiMENT LiFePO4 Battery: the foundation for sustained energy; rely on its cutting-edge technology for consistent and dependable power. 
  • EPEQ AIR20 Compressor: 20 CFM of air power, reaching an impressive 150 PSI. 
  • EPEQ INVERTER3000: Unleash a reliable 3kW of pure sine wave 120VAC electricity. 
  • EPEQ Shore Power 120VAC:Enjoy the flexibility of shore power, ensuring devices stay energized no matter the setting. 

Vanair also introduced three versatile adapter kits for its dual-voltage Start•All Jump•Pack 12/24V lithium-ion jump-starter by Goodall. 

Each kit comes complete with all the necessary components and easy instructions to quickly and flawlessly modify any Start•All Jump•Pack. This enables it to serve construction and mining equipment and everything from 6-liter gas and 4-liter diesel engines to 16-liter diesels and vocational vehicles of all kinds.

The Start•All Jump•Pack 12/24V offers up to 10,000/5000 Amps, 12/24-Volts and 166,500 joules5s of starting power. Rugged and compact, these handheld devices can fit in tight spaces, allowing them to get between tightly parked vehicles and go virtually anywhere a jump start is needed.  

These three new adapter kits now make Vanair’s Start•AllJump•Pack the ultimate all-purpose jump-starting tool, particularly for fleets with a mix of both specialized and traditional vehicles.  

The NATO, Whitaker and Anderson adapter kits will be sold separately, and each comes with a corresponding connector and requisite components and cabling. The kits include simple instructions on how to install new male and female Lenco connectors on both the Start•All Jump•Pack’s existing cables and its existing alligator connectors.  

Once complete, users can easily transition from specialized NATO, Whitaker or Anderson charging capabilities, back to traditional alligator clamps in seconds, by simply unplugging one set and plugging in the other. 

EZG Manufacturing 

EZG Manufacturing, a leader in innovative construction equipment, introduced the Mobile Mud Hog Trench Mixer, a game-changer for precision pour applications in tight spaces and utility work.

Ideal for micro-trenching and utility work, Mobile Mud Hog Trench Mixer ensures efficient mixing and controlled material flow. It’s suitable for walk-behind and standard/full-sized skid steers, providing operational simplicity for contractors prioritizing efficiency on-site. 
A range of features contribute to the product’s exceptional performance. It is equipped with sturdy integrated lifting pockets, ensuring easy transport, and comes with a standard skid steer attachment plate for added convenience. The mixing bin has a substantial capacity, accommodating 9 cubic feet, or 1/3 yard of material, equivalent to eight-to-nine 80-pound premix bags.  

The mixer incorporates patented rubber blades designed to facilitate optimal mixing, ensuring a uniform blend of materials. The hydraulic-controlled release gate adds precision to material flow, enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, the unit comes standard with a choice of a universal or walk-behind skid steer backing plate, offering versatility to cater to various equipment preferences. 

The company reports Mobile Mud Hog Trench Mixer has been well-received. is a game-changer for contractors who demand precision and efficiency in their pour applications. As our valued customers who have worked closely with us to trial the unit can attest, they are not just satisfied but genuinely stoked about the unit's performance.  

Specifications for MMH9-MICRO-TRENCH 

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 61" x 33" x 42" (1549 x 383 x 1067 mm) 
  • Trencher Plate (L x W): 12" x 6" (305 x 154 mm) 
  • Trencher Opening (L x W): 8" x 1.5" (203 x 38 mm) 
  • Weight Empty: 700 lbs. (318 kg) 
  • Capacity: 9 ft3 / 1/3 yards (approximately 8-9 bags) 
  • Hydraulic Flow: Min 4 gpm @2,000 PSI / Max 26 gpm @ 3,000 PSI 
  • Drum Thickness: 1/4" (6 mm) 
  • Forklift Pockets: Standard 


If you or your techs have a difficult time walking out fiber drops; if your longer drop lines are difficult to manage because they tend to 'spring' back, U-TECK has the solution.

Made from solid impact-resistant plastic, Fiber Drop Caddy can handle the everyday wear and tear all your equipment is subjected to, and then some. 

U-TECK's Fiber Drop Caddy is designed to hold and manage Fiber Drop Hand Coils. This caddy is adjustable to accommodate various inside diameters of coils from various manufacturers. The removable spools can be easily adjusted by removing the thumb screws, sliding the (six) black spacers within the yellow spool sides to the desired location, and reinserting the thumb screws. 

This caddy can also be used to pay out fiber coils, wire, or pull tape, that are already on a core with a 1.25-inch inside diameter and a 5.25-inch width, by using the spindle only. 


  • Loads in seconds 
  • Constructed from impact resistant plastic 
  • Fiber coil easily attaches to caddy with just ONE carabiner (included) OR zip ties (not included). 
  • Can handle up to 1,500-foot fiber drops 
  • Pivoting, rubber feet and wide base prevent sliding or tipping 
  • Compact design perfect for storage and transport 
  • Made in America 
  • Fits multiple coil diameters from various manufacturers 

Atlas Copco  

Atlas Copco launched a groundbreaking addition to its portable air compressors DrillAir family: X-Air⁺ 750-25. This advanced product marks a leap forward in highly productive and efficient portable air solutions. 

With an unwavering commitment to efficiency, X-Air⁺ 750-25 features at least 10-percent greater efficiency than its predecessor, ensuring low total cost of ownership for customers – and a notable reduction in carbon footprint across the DrillAir range.

X-Air+ 750-25 on job site in Bad Wurzach, Germany. 

X-Air⁺ 750-25 heralds a new era in compact solutions for medium-depth drilling, by being fully flexible, between 16 and 25 bar pressure and a flow between 350 and 320 liters per second. 

Engineered with a highly efficient 6.7-liter Cummins engine, it offers toughness and power with half the footprint and weight of the predecessor, enhancing agility and versatility. 

At the heart of the unit’s performance is the AirXpert patented, automatic regulation technology that adjusts operating parameters based on real-time flow requirements. This leads to significant reductions in fuel and energy consumption and optimizes medium-depth drilling operations. 

The dynamic flow boost feature further optimizes performance by enhancing flow rates during drilling's most demanding phases, notably improving flushing and drill stem refilling. This innovation ensures a quicker, more efficient borewell completion process, streamlining operations and significantly cutting down project timelines. 

This X-Air⁺ model is tailored for a wide range of industries, offering robust and efficient solutions for construction, mining, and energy sectors. Additionally, the compressor's quiet operation; reliability; reduced maintenance costs; and logistical ease, due to its significantly reduced weight, simplify transportation and lowers warehousing costs for Atlas Copco fleet owners. Its enhanced capabilities translate into direct benefits for customers, including reduced operational costs, improved drilling speeds, and minimized environmental impact. 

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