January 2023 Vol. 78 No. 1

New Products

New Products

Aries Industries Partners with RinnoVision to Bolster Infrastructure Inspection Solutions 

Expanding its state-of-the-art products line, Aries Industries now offers RV-Pro 360, RinnoVision Inc.’s powerful manhole inspection system. 

A fast, safe alternative to sending workers into manholes to conduct inspections, the 360-degree, virtual-reality RV-Pro 360 camera provides real-time viewing of conditions inside pipes, manholes, tanks, tunnels, wells and other confined spaces. 

It’s also innovative, reliable and cost-effective. Lightweight and waterproof, RV-Pro 360 can fit into pipes as small as 5 inches in diameter and has a built-in, ultra-bright 3,300-lumens light. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 4.5 hours. The camera is controlled via cell phone, or a tablet included with the unit. One person operating it can complete up to 80 inspections per day, 

“The savings in time and labor costs are immediate and ongoing,” said Jim Kraschinsky, vice president of sales at Aries Industries. “The RV-Pro 360 defines ‘efficiency.’” 

Founded in 1985, Aries Industries manufactures durable video pipeline inspection and rehabilitation systems, plus data management software, to meet the toughest challenges of underground infrastructure and environmental applications. 

The RinnoVision partnership is another logical step in Aries Industries’ commitment to enhancing municipalities and contractors’ success by providing value-added, turnkey solutions that improve condition assessment of the world’s aging infrastructure. UI 


Aries Industries, (800) 234-7205, ariesindustries.com 


John Deere Debuts Next Phase of Performance-Tiering Excavators 

Building on its “Performance Tiering” strategy, John Deere added new P-Tier excavators: the large-sized 470, 670 and 870, and  
mid-sized 135, 210, 245, 250, 300 and 345. 

For customers looking to enhance their job-site productivity, P-Tier excavator models can be counted on to produce at high levels, day in and day out. 

For example, auto-idle technology automatically reduces engine speed when hydraulics are not used, helping to save fuel during operation. The auto-shutdown feature further preserves fuel, while the hydraulic reversing fan helps keep the coolers clean in high-debris environments. 

The hydraulic system helps balance engine performance and hydraulic flow for predictable operations and applications. An operator can select the productivity mode – High, Power, or Economy – that fits the job at hand, reducing fuel consumption and operation cost. 

Enhanced visibility features are another productivity – and safety – booster. Standard right, rear, and left camera systems, with added LED surround lighting, all integrated into the main monitor, provide a 270-degree view of the area around the machine. 

Also, 470 P-Tier comes equipped with grade management options engineered to minimize rework. Customers can choose a level of technology that’s right for them – 2D guidance, 2D SmartGrade Ready Control, and SmartGrade 3D Control – with the ability to upgrade as their business needs grow. 

The new mid-sized P-Tier machines boast these advanced features and deliver exceptional performance, efficiency and comfort. 

With grease points at the arm-tip for easy greasing, extended uptime and better torque retention at the clamp, these new models were designed to provide optimal performance and easier serviceability. Plus, the redesigned boom-foot bushings offer enhanced durability for an extended machine life span. 

In addition, the company introduced a brand-new model to its family of G-Tier excavators: 200 G-Tier. 

Helping to enhance efficiency and reliability without sacrificing power or torque, 200 G-Tier’s PowerTech 4.5-liter engine delivers optimal performance for operators of all skill levels. Easy-to-maintain, high-uptime exhaust filters help decrease downtime for service, while in-monitor adjustable flow and pressure auxiliary hydraulics are easily controlled using the auxiliary function lever. 

The 200 G-Tier’s Powerwise Plus hydraulic-management system combines extra ability with smooth control and pinpoint finesse. Through intuitive technology, the system delivers on-demand power. 

Offering precise pump flow, the pilot controls are metered, helping to provide reliable, fuel-efficient machine performance. Supporting operator ease of use, ergonomically correct, short-throw pilot joysticks on 200 G-Tier provide smooth, precise fingertip control with less movement or effort. 

Designed to provide consistency on the job, by accommodating different operators with the simple flip of a lever, the control pattern change valve comes standard on the 200 G-Tier. Also standard, is the pattern-control switch, which is conveniently accessible at ground level. 

John Deere G- and P-Tier excavators can be equipped with a full line of buckets for various applications. The new hydraulic coupler-ready option includes factory-installed hydraulic plumbing to the end of the arm, additional coupler controls integrated into a switch in the cab, and a quick and efficient coupler installation capability. 

Popular in the underground segment, couplers allow excavators to efficiently switch attachments and get more, productive working hours each day. 


John Deere, (844) 809-1508, johndeere.com 


GF Piping Systems Expands ‘Stress Less’ Pipe Support System 

GF Piping Systems has expanded its Stress Less offerings, enabling its use with more plastic piping systems. 

Traditional clamps hold piping in a fixed location. If plastic pipes are held in place too tightly, without allowance for thermal expansion, mechanical stress is transferred to the pipe. Stress of this kind is the leading cause of premature piping leaks and failures. 

Stress Less is engineered to protect and extend the life of thermoplastic piping systems by eliminating any stress transfer to plastic pipe during thermal expansion. Consisting of a uniquely designed polypropylene insert within a trivalent chrome-coated metal hoop, each Stress Less support leaves room for movement between the inner plastic insert and the pipe. 

The smooth inner surface of the insert allows the piping to slide freely in the axial direction, with minimal stress and wear, during each thermal expansion cycle. Meanwhile, the outer metal bracket never comes into contact with the pipe, no matter how tightly it is bolted down at installation. 

In addition to more sizes, Stress Less protects pipes in a wide variety of conditions, giving users peace of mind. 

It can accommodate most plastic pipe materials and systems. 

Consisting of pipe guides, clevis hangers, and valve supports, the Stress Less system allows installers the flexibility to mount it directly on any flat surface, on pipe support rail, horizontally as a hanger, or vertically. 

The hoops are coated with a trivalent gold chromium-coated steel, which protects the brackets from rusting, corrosion and wear, and the plastic inserts are made from a UV-resistant polypropylene plastic for added durability. These materials make Stress Less suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor installation settings, from highly corrosive environments to high purity facilities.


GF Piping Systems, (800) 854-4090, gfps.com/us 

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