Transmission Pipeline Construction

Construction begins on new water pipeline project in Kyle, Texas

At over 20 miles in length, Segment C marks the final segment of the Alliance Water transmission system to begin construction and is anticipated to be completed in Fall 2025.

Eastern New Mexico water pipeline project receives $20 million grant

The Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority secures a $20 million grant from the state's Water Trust Board to advance critical phases of their rural water system. The project includes a pipeline spanning multiple phases, with construction already underway.

Plastic Pipes Institute introduces free online Conduit Design Calculator

Plastic Pipes Institute introduced a free online calculator that allows you to input your project details and tells you the safe wall thickness for your intended installation.

New Mexico Energizes First Leg of Major Transmission Line

The first leg of a renewable energy transmission line has been energized in New Mexico.

Call or Click for Safe Digging

Calling 811 before any digging begins starts the process of identifying and marking buried utility lines in the United States and preventing the damage, service disruption, injuries, potential fines and costly repairs that result from unintentionally hitting them.