Aqua Pennsylvania files rate request to fund $953 million in water infrastructure updates through 2025

(UI) – Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. filed an application with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) requesting an adjustment in water and wastewater rates for its customers.

This rate request reflects recovery of the $953 million in infrastructure investments through the end of 2025 and highlights Aqua’s commitment to improving reliability and service for its customers across the commonwealth.

“We are at a critical point when it comes to our water and wastewater infrastructure here in Pennsylvania and across the country,” said Aqua Pennsylvania President Marc Lucca. “I am proud to share that our replacement of older pipes that deliver drinking water not only improves customer service by reducing the number of water main breaks and leaks, but also decreases environmental impacts that may occur from these breaks.

“In addition, we are aggressively responding to new regulations requiring treatment of source water to remove PFAS and replacement of lead service lines, as well as defending against threats from cyber-attacks, which is becoming a more common occurrence throughout our industry.”

The request, Aqua’s first in almost three years, covers capital investments and system repairs that Aqua has made since April 2023 and is projected to make through the end of 2025.

This includes the replacement of approximately 200 miles of aging water main, as well as associated valves and customer service lines, throughout the approximately 5,900-mile distribution system. Aqua has also replaced hundreds of fire hydrants, drastically improving public safety in the communities it serves.

“While I’m proud of the work we have done, and will continue to do, in modernizing our water and wastewater infrastructure, I also understand rate changes can be difficult for our customers,” said Lucca.

“That’s why we are aggressively seeking grants and low-interest loans to moderate rate impacts. In fact, in the past few years, we have successfully secured approximately $32 million in state grants and low-interest loans and have an additional pending request for nearly $85 million to benefit our customers. We commit to continue pursuing these grants and low-interest loans.”

Aqua’s requested base rate increase requires investigation and approval by the PUC. The rate review process can take up to nine months, which means customers can expect any approved increases to take effect at the end of February 2025.


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