July 2009 Vol. 64 No. 7



2009 Rehab Selection Guide

View the definitive listings on the companies that specialize in rehab work, from CIPP to CCTV, manholes, trenchless pipe replacements and beyond.

Encapsulation Method Keeps Valve Functioning, Seals Leaks

Trouble in underground infrastructure often occurs in difficult-to-access areas where making necessary repairs has the potential for disrupting normal activities.

First Look: Lateral Spot Repair System Uses UV Light

A new small-diameter, sewer lateral spot repair system using an ultraviolet (UV), light emitting diode (LED) cured-glass fiber composite laminate has been introduced to the United States by Cosmic Tophat LLC.

New Boring Record Set In Louisville

After 35 working days of excavation, Ohio contractor Turn Key Tunneling Inc. had reason to celebrate. Their trenchless crossing beneath Interstate Highway 265 in Louisville, KY, had just been completed at an unprecedented bore length of 352 feet.

Phoenix Water Main Undergoing Innovative Rehabilitation Methods

When a 17 mile long Phoenix, AZ, water main was originally installed in 1975, the pipeline from its treatment plant traversed largely undeveloped land.

Rental Market: Riding The Economic Waves

Traditionally, the rental industry has been a primary purchaser of basic underground construction equipment such as loader backhoes, excavators, trenchers and multipurpose skid steer loaders with various attachments.

Timely Solution

Cured in place pipe (CIPP) technology and professional planning from Inliner Technologies provided a timely and cost effective solution for damaged pipe at a wastewater treatment plant near the Mississippi River.

UCTA Presents WaterWorks 2009

The Underground Construction Technology Association (UCTA), formerly known as the Gulf Coast Trenchless Association, invites you to join a group of expert speakers from across North America who will share their knowledge and insight into the critically important water infrastructure market.

Working Through Challenges, Clay Pipebursting Project Exceeds Expectations

As are many American cities, Phoenix, AZ, is facing the need to make major improvements to its sanitary sewer system.


EPA awards stimulus funds for water infrastructure projects in Washington

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded over $41 million to the Washington State Department of Health.

July Water Works News: New Curriculum at Marquette Law; Loma Linda Adopts Neutrality in LAFCO 3076 Consolidation

Marquette Law School launches water law curriculum Loma Linda makes decision on consolidation UN Global Compact Cities Programme welcomes Milwaukee, taps region’s freshwater expertise

Lynn Osborn Honored With AWWA Life Member Award

Lynn Osborn was awarded the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Life Member Award on April 1, at the 2009 Annual AWWA-MO/MWEA Joint Conference at the Tan-Tar-A resort in Osage Beach, MO.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies acquires rights to new desalination technology

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has acquired worldwide rights to commercialize a new patented Zero Discharge Desalination (ZDD) technology developed at the University of South Carolina by ZDD Inc.


Inrock Holds Open House

Inrock Drilling and Guidance Services recently held an open house at their facilities in Houston.

July Newsline: Steelmakers take on China; Bobcat plants idle; new AWWA publication

<strong>Steelmakers file anti-dumping case against China Bobcat plants idle for short term AWWA publishes <em>Math for Wastewater Treatment Operators</em> Leigh A. Cerda recipient of the Sidney L. Allison Award</strong>


Business News for July: John Deere, Midwest Mole, Caterpillar, American Augers

<a href="http://www.undergroundconstructionmagazine.com/business-news-july-john-deere-midwest-mole-caterpillar-american-augers#deere"><strong>John Deere</strong></name> <a href="http://www.undergroundconstructionmagazine.com/business-news-july-john-deere-midwest-mole-caterpillar-american-augers?page=3#mid"><strong>Midwest Mole</strong></name> <a href="http://www.undergroundconstructionmagazine.com/business-news-july-john-deere-midwest-mole-caterpillar-american-augers?page=3#cat"><strong>Caterpillar</strong></name> <a href="http://www.undergroundconstructionmagazine.com/business-news-july-john-deere-midwest-mole-caterpillar-american-augers?page=3#amer"><strong>American Augers</strong></name>

LVI Demonstrates Deckhand

LaValley Industries recently demonstrated their new “Deckhand Pipe Handler” system in Houston.

Midwest Mole Receives Safety Awards

The Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety Inc. (MICCS) presented Midwest Mole Inc. with two awards during the May 16 banquet.

PPI Produces New Greener Infrastructure Brochure

The Plastics Pipe Institute’s (PPI) new brochure, A Greener Infrastructure, is now available in both digital and print editions.

Editor's Log

Rehab Roars

Over the past 15 years, the underground utility rehabilitation market has exhibited a strong pattern of growth, particularly in the sewer and storm water market.

Web Exclusive

EPA Announces $179 Million in Recovery Act Funds for Wastewater Infrastructure Projects in Texas

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded over $179 million to the Texas Water Development Board in a bid to provide jobs, improve the local environment and update aging infrastructure.

IPS acquires Sheehan, forms new EPC arm

Integrated Pipeline Services, Inc. announced July 1 that it had completed the acquisition of Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Company. Terms were not disclosed.


July Rehab News: RLS hires new sales manager; Instituform wins contracts and more

<strong>RLS hires new sales manager</strong> <strong>Insituform wins contracts</strong> <strong>New manufacturer reps at Press-Seal Gasket</strong>

New Products

Bobcat T110 compact track loader

The new Bobcat T110 compact track loader boasts a narrow width of 47 inches so it can travel through narrow openings or grade on narrow lot lines without treading on a neighbor’s property.

Case CE hydraulic excavator hammer

Case’s new hydraulic excavator hammer can be used with Case excavator models CX75 through CX290.

Caterpillar 301.6 and 301.8 undercarriages

Cat 301.6 and 301.8 undercarriages including carbody are now available to other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through Caterpillar OEM Solutions Group.

Century Introduces 26-inch HDD TCI Cones

Century Products Inc. expands its arsenal of Replaceable Arm & Cone Assemblies by offering their 26-inch TCI Cones to the rock reaming world.

Hammersmith Debuts FLEXX-RIGHT

Hammersmith Mfg. introduces the FLEXX-RIGHT -- a new, dynamic and patent-pending product to the pipeline and utility location and inspection, excavation and site prep industry.

Holiday Detector Features Safety Switch

The DE Stearns Model 10/20 pulsating DC High Voltage Holiday Detector by D.E. Stearns Co. features a safety switch, one of its most significant features.

Kubota KX080-3 Super Double Boom

The KX080-3 Super Double Boom eight-ton utility class excavator adds length and functionality to the machine while allowing operators to reach further, dig deeper and level wider ranges.

Line Carrier Chutes

Chuters introduces a line of inflatable line carriers that are durable, flexible and cost effective.

McElroy MegaMc

McElroy’s new MegaMc 1600 four-jaw machine butt fuses high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) sizes from 20 to 65 inches.

Pipeline Inspection Co. brochure

Pipeline Inspection Co. offers an updated free eight-page color brochure highlighting its complete line of holiday detector, jeep meter and pig tracking equipment.

Underground Tools Inc. directional drilling pipe

Underground Tools Inc. offers a selection of premium quality directional drilling pipe for nearly every make and model of drill rig on the market.

Vermeer Targets Wind Energy Installation

The installation of wind-energy farms has grown dramatically the past five years and so has the equipment to install these lines.

Volvo EW230C

The EW230C is built around a new, more robust platform for heavy lifting applications, such as laying big pipe for drainage projects or hard digging.

Equipment Spotlight

Gas & Water Leak Detection: ADS

ADS LLC has introduced a full line of cost-efficient, advanced water loss control products for leak detection and flow measurement.

Gas & Water Leak Detection: Aries Industries

The Aries GasCam Inspection System (certified by Factory Mutual to be intrinsically safe) is an ideal color video system for the internal inspection of live gas mains.

Gas & Water Leak Detection: Crowcon Detection Instruments

Crowcon’s flexible Tetra Personal Monitor alerts confined space workers to dangerous changes in air quality by detecting hazardous gases.

Gas & Water Leak Detection: Echologics

LeakfinderRT is a leak noise correlator for locating leaks in all types of water and other fluids transmission and distribution pipes.

Gas & Water Leak Detection: Fluid Conservation Systems

Deployed throughout a utility’s distribution system, Permalog + units attach magnetically to valves and use advanced algorithms to discern the acoustic signature of leaks from background noise.

Gas & Water Leak Detection: Heath Consultants

The AQUA-SCOPE water leak detector amplifies the frequencies (sound waves) generated by a water leak.

Gas & Water Leak Detection: Metrotech

The HL 5 is a wireless professional water leak detection instrument with both a visual and audible indication of a leak.

Gas & Water Leak Detection: Moffatt Enterprises

Test each pipe joint as it’s laid in less than 30 seconds and tell whether it is going to leak or not, before it’s buried, without pressure.

Gas & Water Leak Detection: Pressure Pipe Inspection Co.

The Sahara Leak Location System uses tethered inline acoustic technology to pinpoint the location and estimates the magnitude of leaks and air pockets in transmission mains 12 inch and larger of any construction type.

Gas & Water Leak Detection: Pure Technologies

SouthPrint SmartBall leak detection technology is a free-swimming foam ball with an instrumented aluminum core capable of detecting very small acoustic events in pipelines.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: Heath Consultants

The Sure-Lock multi-frequency pipe and cable locator ranges in frequency from 8.1K to 480kHz.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: Ditch Witch

With the new Ditch Witch 980 fault system, industry contractors can locate faults—even those under snow or frozen ground—with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: MALA

The Easy Locator, the ground penetrating radar system for utility locators, helps find non-metallic utilities and perform surveys for unknown buried objects and utilities.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: McLaughlin

The McLaughlin Verifier G2 uses “Smart” transmitter technology along with improved noise reduction to achieve extreme accuracy in line location and depth calculation.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: Metrotech

The i5000 Utility Locating System is an ergonomically designed handheld receiver for comfort, all day use.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: Pipehorn Utility Tool Company

The Pipehorn 800 Series features the same high frequency (480 kHz) performance as the Classic Pipehorn, and it is ideal when direct connect is not possible.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: Radiodetection

The RD8000 and RD7000 are ergonomically designed delivering a light weight, energy efficient and exceptionally well balanced tool.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: Schonstedt Instrument

The Schonstedt XTpc Pipe & Cable Locating “Kit” is the only complete locator system you can carry on your tool belt.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: Sensors & Software

Sensors & Software Inc. sells and rents a wide range of subsurface imaging products.

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: SubSurface Instruments

The Innspector 07 is a lightweight, hand-held locator that detects buried pipes, cables and objects made of virtually anything - from clay to metal to plastic to concrete.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: Allegro Industries

Five models of dewatering and sludge pumps from Allegro Industries offer continuous operation at low water levels and extended dry runs without overheating the motor.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: Godwin Pumps

The Dri-Prime 4-inch CD103M automatic priming centrifugal pump is a highly maneuverable portable trash pump with flow capabilities to 1,000 gpm, heads to 170 feet and solids handling to 3 inches in diameter.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: Gorman-Rupp

Gorman-Rupp is introducing 11 new models to its expanded and redesigned IPT line of utility pumps in its Off-the-Shelf program.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: Goulds Pumps/ITT

ITT’s Goulds Pumps brand offers a wide range of reliable and trouble-free wastewater handling products for residential and commercial applications.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: Griffin Pump & Equipment

Griffin Non-Clog Pumps are capable of passing a 4inch solid, delivering flow of more than 17,000 gpm and head capacities of 240 feet or more.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: Grindex Pumps

Grindex offers the MEGA pump, an extension of its product range of larger dewatering pumps.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: ITT Flygt

The 2600 series of dewatering pumps include six models with output ranges of 1.2 to 27 hp.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: Multiquip

The Dry Prime Pumps deliver up to 3,500 gpm in model sizes ranging from 6 to 8 inches.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: Rain for Rent

Air-Operated Diaphragm (AOD) pumps easily and efficiently handle a wide variety of fluids from water to heavy solids.

Pumps & Dewatering Equipment: Thompson Pump & Mfg.

Thompson Pump’s hydraulically-driven submersible pump ends and hydraulic power units with automatic start/stop are great for dewatering.