Pennsylvania's water infrastructure gets boost with $194 million investment

(UI) — Governor Josh Shapiro has announced the investment of $194.3 million for 28 drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and non-point source projects across 20 counties through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST).

The projects include replacing lead or other corrosive pipes, rehabilitating aging systems, upgrading service capabilities, extending service to more communities, and reducing environmental contaminants through the compliance with current regulatory levels and agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP’s).

The Shapiro Administration is committed to ensuring every community in the Commonwealth has access to clean drinking water to safeguard public health and advance environmental justice – and these projects will help ensure more Pennsylvanians have that access.

“Ensuring that Pennsylvania’s citizens have access to safe and secure infrastructure is a fundamental responsibility of government. My Administration will continue to lead the way to protect public health and the environment across the Commonwealth,” Governor Josh Shapiro said.

The funding for these projects originates from a combination of state funds approved by voters, Growing Greener funds, Marcellus Legacy funds, the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) stimulus funds, the federal grant awards to PENNVEST from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments, and the recycled loan repayments from previous PENNVEST funding awards.

These investments can help to not only modernize, but futurize, Pennsylvania water infrastructure to ensure it operates efficiently, effectively, and provides clean water for Pennsylvanians.

Drinking Water Projects:

Allegheny County - Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority:
Received a $13,779,719 grant and an $18,278,381 loan for lead service line replacement in various areas including Millvale Borough, Mount Washington, South Side Slopes, Garfield, Upper Lawrenceville, Central Northside, Manchester, Perry North, Perry South, and Spring Hill. The project aims to eliminate high lead exposure levels and conserve water in these communities.

Armstrong County - Ford City Borough:

Secured a $9,554,500 grant and a $4,770,500 loan for replacing cast iron pipes, reducing health risks associated with potential lead exposure.

Received a $2,407,081 grant and a $3,192,919 loan for replacing existing leaded gooseneck or galvanized steel service connections with plastic piping, ensuring safer drinking water throughout the Borough.

Blair County - Bellwood Borough Authority:

Received a $3,437,176 grant and a $2,410,569 loan for Phase III of a project to replace existing cast iron water distribution main, decreasing potential lead contamination and water loss. Also secured a $211,101 grant and a $280,019 loan to replace existing lead or galvanized service connections with copper piping, eliminating the risk of lead contamination in the community’s water supply.

Franklin County - Washington Township Municipal Authority:
Received an $8,400,000 loan for constructing and relocating a booster pumping station, improving service reliability, water availability, and fire protection.

Greene County - Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority (SPWA):
Secured an $894,697 grant and a $1,084,303 loan to extend the water distribution system to serve the Brave Water and Sewer Authority (BWSA) system, bringing BWSA’s water into compliance with regulations.

Mercer County - Sandy Lake Borough:
Received a $4,245,927 grant and a $4,144,073 loan for improvements to its drinking water distribution system, benefiting approximately 300 customers by reducing potential water outages and ensuring water quality.

Northampton County - Easton Suburban Water Authority:
Received a $1,102,099 grant and a $2,190,901 loan to replace up to an estimated 195 lead or galvanized steel lines in specific areas in the City of Easton, reducing unaccounted-for water loss and potential health impacts related to elevated lead levels.

Venango County - General Authority of the City of Franklin:
Received a $3,680,000 loan to replace cast iron waterlines with lead joints in Sugarcreek Borough, decreasing potential lead contamination and increasing water flow capacity to residents.

Warren County - North Warren Municipal Authority:
Received a $3,196,500 loan to upgrade the capability of the Hillcrest Development’s booster pump station, increasing the system’s ability to provide fire protection and reducing water loss due to pipe leakage.

Wastewater Projects:

Chester County - Northwestern Chester County Municipal Authority:
Received a $12,600,000 loan for system upgrades, including improved nitrification and aeration, bringing the Authority into ammonia-nitrogen (NH3-N) effluent concentration compliance.

Clearfield County - Curwensville Municipal Authority:
Received a $970,740 grant and a $1,754,360 loan for Phase II (B) of a larger project, reducing sewer overflows and excess inflow and infiltration during wet weather events.

Erie County - North East Township Water and Sewer Authority:
Received a $2,441,314 loan to expand wastewater service to homes, lots, and businesses, eliminating small flow treatment systems.

Indiana County - Central Indiana County Joint Sanitary Authority:
Received a $2,000,000 loan for upgrades to the operating equipment at the Homer City Sewage Treatment Plant, ensuring continued and reliable wastewater service.

Lancaster County - Elizabethtown Borough:
Received a $9,898,000 loan for improvements to the Radio Road Interceptor, reducing inflow and infiltration throughout the sewer collection system.

Philadelphia County - City of Philadelphia:
Received a $37,070,670 loan to install a new channel air mixing system, correcting leakage issues, increasing hydraulic capacity, and decreasing operations and maintenance requirements.

Potter County - Shinglehouse Borough:
Received a $9,496,807 grant and a $5,995,193 loan to update the treatment plant’s aging equipment, ensuring the system meets current effluent limitations.

Tioga County - Wellsboro Municipal Authority:
Received a $1,024,000 grant and a $108,100 loan to replace the Chlorine Gas Disinfection System with a new Ultraviolet Disinfection System, ensuring compliance with new NPDES permit chlorine concentration discharge levels.

Stormwater Projects:

Cambria County - Ebensburg Municipal Authority:
Received a $3,389,310 loan to install a new stormwater collection and conveyance system, reducing flooding, ponding, and erosion.

Mercer County - Borough of Greenville:
Received a $797,674 loan to increase stormwater capacity around North Third Street, preventing sinkholes and controlling flooding events.

Northampton County - Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority:
Received a $4,354,000 loan to construct a new storm sewer system around Walnut and Turner Streets, reducing property damage and minimizing sediment pollution to Nancy Run.

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