Develon introduces new mid-size dozer for construction site productivity

(UI) – The DD130 is the newest addition to the DEVELON dozer lineup, delivering best-in-class horsepower, plus more pushing power, superior traction, leading visibility and advanced technologies for more job site productivity.

The new mid-size 145.8-hp DD130 dozer is ideal for construction industries pursing grading, leveling, site preparation and land clearing.

DEVELON entered the North American dozer market in 2022 with a small-size machine, the DD100. It competes in the 140-hp and under category. The DD130 is the next step up from the DD100. It builds on the early success of the DD100 with many of the same popular features but in the 140-hp and over category.

Dozer blade pushes productivity

Productivity is driven by the dozer’s 6-way power-tilt angle blade. Operators can work more efficiently and reduce the number of passes on each job by lifting, tilting and angling the 6-way power-tilt angle blade to move dirt or other materials exactly where they need to go. A 2-way mechanical adjustment also allows operators to adjust the blade pitch from 52 to 58 degrees to control how steeply it bites into the ground.

The DD130 comes standard with the oscillating serrated track system, which ensures consistent, stable ground contact for optimal grading performance and operator comfort. The oscillating serrated track system follows the terrain and enables more precise blade control. Also available is a blade float function for smooth back grading. The dozer blade moves up and down following the contours of the ground. A blade shake button helps operators quickly remove materials stuck to the blade without leaving the cab.

The DD130 also features a reduced-wear undercarriage link design. Single- and dual-flange rollers help maintain a reliable track system while reducing wear to increase expected component life.

Technologies enhance dozer operation, efficiency

A 2D grading system option is available to make precision grading easier, even for novice operators. The operator programs the needed inputs, and the machine controls blade functions — finishing the job faster and with better accuracy. The optional 2D grading system does not require GPS or lasers. Optional 3D machine guidance and machine control features will be available in the future for use with the DD130 dozer.

Electrohydraulic controls are standard on the DD130, making the machine easier to operate — even for an inexperienced operator. The ergonomically designed joystick offers low-effort control to help reduce operator fatigue. Operators can customize the controls to their individual preferences and skill level.

DEVELON Fleet Management telematics system is a standard feature on the DD130 dozer, making it easy for customers to remotely monitor and maintain their machine. They can monitor the health, location and productivity of the dozer from a user-friendly mobile app and website. The customer’s dealer can also see the equipment status and notify them when it’s time for service to minimize machine downtime.

To further protect customers’ DD130 equipment investment, DEVELON offers its Smart X-Care™ service. An experienced team of heavy equipment specialists actively track machine telematics from a secure, state-of-the-art machine monitoring center. They interpret the data in real time, provide recommendations and deliver reports.

A leader in visibility

One of the biggest differences between the DD130 dozer and other brands is the visibility to the machine’s blade. The narrower design of the dozer’s front engine compartment makes it easier for operators to see their work.

An in-line precleaner is placed under the hood to provide the operator with a less obstructed view of the dozer blade. The electronic cooling system was moved to the back of the dozer to further improve front visibility. The cab’s low-profile front pillars provide maximum glass area. All-glass doors provide a full view of the working environment.

For further visibility and safety, a standard rearview camera provides operators with an additional view of the dozer’s surroundings. The full-color, 8-inch Smart Touch display shows the rearview camera view. Also standard are four high-illumination LED lights, two in front and two in back, to enhance visibility when working in low-light conditions. Two additional LED lights are available as an option. Four premium, smooth-glide wiper blades — including one each on the front, rear and side windows — enhance visibility to the job site when working in wet weather.

Serviceability made easy

Regular inspection points on the DD130 are easily accessible at ground level. The DD130 comes standard with an electronically operated tilting cab that provides access to internal components when maintenance is needed. Even with the cab tilted, the dozer can be started while the machine is being diagnosed or repaired.

An in-line precleaner, also standard, helps to improve filter life and is integrated with the air cleaner. It’s also more compact to fit in the smaller engine compartment. Self-cleaning and maintenance-free, the intake system can expel a variety of debris, including mud, snow, leaves, sawdust and chaff.

The dozer undercarriage is designed for convenience and cost-effective maintenance. Areas of the undercarriage that naturally experience greater wear and tear are easy to access. For example, a removable side panel provides access to an area to add grease to the undercarriage’s tension system.

ECO mode improves fuel efficiency

To further improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing grading performance, DD130 operators can select the ECO mode for light grading conditions and reduce daily fuel consumption up to 5%. This fuel-saving feature lowers the pump power output when working in lower tractive conditions. Auto idle and auto shutdown are standard features to help customers increase fuel efficiency on the job site.

Attachments add versatility

The DD130 dozer comes standard with piping for an optional 3-shank ripper attachment. The ripper attachment features parallel linkage that helps maintain a constant angle to the ground regardless of the height. The attachment can quickly break up hard, rugged materials prior to grading, and it can be used to install erosion control. Also available as an attachment is a towing draw bar, allowing operators to use the dozer to tow other equipment.


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