DEVELON improves wheel loader series with new technologies

(UI) - DEVELON introduced new innovative technologies on its next-generation-7 Series wheel loaders in North America that help improve operator productivity, visibility and safety.

Devlon DX 2-7

The exclusive Transparent Bucket is offered as standard on all next-generation machines, from the DL200-7 through the DL580-7. This “technology offers a supplemental view from a monitor inside the wheel loader cab,” said Bill Zak, wheel loader product manager.

“The system has two cameras with protective guarding, one mounted high on the cab and one mounted low on the axle on the front of the machine. The system’s processor automatically adjusts the camera inputs into a single image that makes the bucket appear transparent on an in-cab monitor.”

With an unobstructed view in front of the wheel loader bucket, operators can see objects, such as large rocks, construction materials, obstacles and even people in front of the machine — objects that would otherwise be obstructed from view by the bucket. Since operators can “see through” the wheel loader bucket, it helps them efficiently dig into and precisely place material where it needs to go. This technology helps maximize productivity on the most challenging job sites.

Increased visibility can also potentially help reduce fatalities. According to a report published in March 2023 by the Center for Construction Research and Training, 17 percent of fatal injuries in construction from 2011 to 2021 were the result of a person being “struck by a vehicle, object, or equipment.”

For additional visibility and safety on job sites, DEVELON -7 Series wheel loaders have an AVM camera system. Three cameras and several sensors are mounted on the rear of the wheel loader, giving operators up to 270 degrees of enhanced visibility.

When wheel loader operators combine the AVM camera system, floor-to-ceiling side cab windows and the Transparent Bucket technology, they have nearly 360 degrees of visibility.

Other smart technology features on the 2023-7 Series wheel loaders that can make meaningful improvements to productivity are:

  • DEVELON Fleet Management telematics system makes it easy for owners to monitor their fleet and manage maintenance to reduce operating costs.
  • Situation Awareness Technology (SAT) automatically monitors the machine’s activity and adjusts the wheel loader engine’s output to match real-time requirements of the hydraulic system and drivetrain.
  • Smart Guidance System analyzes operator driving habits and provides tips during operation on the Smart Touch display to improve efficiency.
  • Load Isolation System (LIS) improves wheel loader stability while moving, which can reduce cycle times, increase productivity and boost fuel efficiency.
  • Smart Load weighing system tells the operator the weight of material in the bucket. All menus and settings are integrated into the Smart Touch screen.

DEVELON also expanded its range of mini excavators, by introducing the DX42-7.

With a 47-net-horsepower and conventional tail swing configuration, this model is ideally suited for navigating tight, congested job sites and urban areas. Its impressive features include fast cycle times, efficient torque-limiting piston pumps that respond to load demands, and a larger counterweight for improved balance and durability.

“Weighing in at 4 metric tons, the DX42-7 delivers the power, maneuverability and versatility our customers have come to expect from DEVELON mini excavators,” said Thomas Lee, director of product management at DEVELON.

The DX42-7 is equipped with exceptional capabilities that improve job-site productivity. One optional standout feature is its four-way swing blade on the front, enabling optimal blade positioning and reducing the need for frequent machine repositioning, as well as facilitating efficient backfilling. Additional productivity features include the following:

  • A thumb-ready arm: The DX42-7 comes equipped with a standard thumb-ready arm. Durable thumb mounts are seamlessly integrated into the excavator arm, eliminating the need for any welding when adding a thumb attachment.
  • Quick-coupler-ready design: With a quick-coupler hydraulic piping installed at the end of the arm, the DX42-7 eliminates the need for additional accessories when installing a compatible quick coupler to the machine. This design enhancement significantly reduces the time needed to switch attachments.
  • Lever pattern control: Customers can choose between two control patterns: ISO and BHL. This allows customers to select the pattern that best suits their preferences and ensures ease of use during operation.

DX42-7 effectively addresses various challenges encountered on job sites, particularly concerning visibility and safety:

  • A framed full-glass door improves visibility to the surrounding work area.
  • For additional visibility, an optional rearview camera offers an extra perspective.
  • High-illumination LED lamps are incorporated to offer optimal visibility of the work group, allowing operators to navigate across the job site.
  • A standard travel alarm provides more job-site awareness. The alarm is activated when the machine is moving in reverse motion or is operating on the job site, alerting workers to its presence.
  • An optional rotating beacon is available for enhanced safety when working in high-traffic areas or low-light situations.

DX42-7 Mini Excavator Specs

  • Horsepower: 47 hp at 2200 rpm
  • Operating weight: 9,877 pounds
  • Maximum digging depth: 11 feet, 5 inches
  • Maximum digging reach (ground): 18 feet, 3 inches
  • Maximum loading height: 12 feet, 6 inches
  • Travel speed: 2.1 – 3.1 mph

Specs reflect the standard excavator arm.

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