May 2024 Vol. 79 No. 5

New Products

New products


Subsite, a leader in underground utility locating products, launched the UtiliGuard 2 RTK (real-time kinematic) receiver. Designed with survey-grade technology and dual-band antennas, the receiver delivers centimeter-grade accuracy, making it an ideal solution for locating abandoned and untracked utilities that are often difficult to pinpoint.  

The simple and easy-to-operate UtiliGuard 2 RTK empowers operators with reliable positioning data, enabling them to quickly verify installed utilities and tailor bids to match job-site needs. Its high-precision capabilities also provide valuable insights into underground infrastructure, helping crews avoid cross bores during future projects.  

Like the UtiliGuard 2 Standard and Advanced receivers, RTK features integrated data capture, GPS positioning and an intuitive user interface to improve work quality and maximize locate awareness.  

Additional enhancements include dead-reckoning capabilities, which help operators maintain accurate locates in heavy tree canopy or areas where GPS signals falter. A multi-frequency fault-finding capability also empowers contractors to accurately identify and locate faulted power lines using a broad spectrum of customizable frequencies, up to 10 kHz.  

“These enhanced features can help contractors meet growing demand for precision in areas where achieving high accuracy has traditionally been a challenge,” said Rodolfo Cabello, Subsite product manager.  

“Centimeter-grade accuracy and mapping-ready data makes the UtiliGuard 2 RTK receiver the ultimate precision tool for contractors seeking to maximize productivity, enhance safety and comply with the latest industry regulations.” 

To further enhance efficiency in the field, the MyUtiliGuard App enables seamless data capture, mapping, and sharing directly from the RTK receiver, streamlining the entire utility locating process. The Subsite Realtime Mapping App also seamlessly logs real-time data with Esri GIS platforms, removing the need for manual data exporting and file conversions. 

Subsite is committed to providing underground construction professionals the most comprehensive suite of electronic products in the industry, including utility locators, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) guidance equipment, utility inspection systems, and equipment machine controls. By utilizing innovative technologies, extensive market feedback and outstanding customer support, Subsite has established itself as the premier source of electronic technology to support the installation, maintenance and inspection of underground pipe and cable. 

Premier Truck Rental 

Premier Truck Rental introduced Hydrabed Reel Loaders, as a single solution to efficiently transport reels and deploy fiber installation in  residential areas. 

Many fiber-installation companies currently rely on larger flatbed trucks with reel carriers, which require licensed CDL drivers to operate. Maneuvering these larger trucks into tight spaces and navigating job sites can be difficult. Additionally, these companies have to invest in hiring more drivers to help accommodate their fleet requirements. 

Integrating Hydrabed Wheel Loaders into a fleet, however, can overcome these challenges. 

The compact, 2-ton design makes it more agile, providing access to tight spaces and enhanced maneuverability. This enables operators to efficiently navigate residential areas and undertake a wider variety of installation tasks, expanding their fiber deployment operations. 

It’s also multi-functional, accommodating diverse material handling requirements. This means multiple units can be consolidated into a single Hydrabed Reel Loader. Versatility is further expanded through the optional figure-8 attachments, which streamline the fiber optic installation process. 

In these ways, Hydrabed enhances overall efficiency, producing time and cost savings and reduced crew requirements. Furthermore, the reduction in equipment damage and repair costs underscore its durability and reliability. 

This can transform the approach to fiber optic installation. The expedited process translates into accelerated project timelines and improved overall precision and productivity, which aligns with companies’ objectives of optimizing resource utilization and enhancing operational efficiency and growth, while maintaining a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape. 

“Hydrabed Reel Loaders are superior to any other type of truck or reel set-up when you are handling reels or blowing fiber,” said an owner about the impact of the units on his company.  

Premier Truck Rental is a Kansas-based company that specializes in fiber-to-home construction. 


Reveal, a leading underground utility data management company, launched a new data processing service, Underdots, which massively speeds up the analysis of ground penetrating radar data for utility locators.  

Underdots creates an intuitive, accessible point-cloud visualization from multi-channel GPR data in a matter of hours. Clustered dots plotted in 3D space show the intensity and depth of radar reflections, which can reveal the presence or absence of underground utilities in large areas. 

Compatible with the most popular multi-channel ground-penetrating radar models – from Kontur and IDS – Underdots should work with all 3D GPR arrays. Users upload raw GPR data from their units to the Underdots cloud service, and the data is automatically processed and added to a GIS project with a publicly available or customer-supplied elevation model applied. Reveal CTO  

“Mass radar data collection tools have rapidly improved over the past 10 years, but interpretation and visualization of the raw radar data has remained expensive and time-consuming,” said Tim Rastall, Receal CTO. “Underdots leverages the fast cloud computational resources we have available to process raw radar data into a format that is useful and can provide immediate actionable insights for designers and consulting engineers at the design and planning phase of their projects.”  

The key insights from Underdots include the ability to compare the geophysical investigation data with existing utility plan information in a single environment. 

“The Underdots visualization is great for confirming the location of utilities, but more often we are finding evidence of utilities in areas where the plans say there shouldn’t be anything at all,” Rastall added, “Underdots can help prioritize the investigations budget for further invasive potholing or trenches, saving thousands of dollars in the process.” 

Reveal has been trialing the use of Underdots with several major infrastructure projects in New Zealand and Australia using Reveal’s own data collection service, but Underdots is now available worldwide for any utility locator or contractor with a compatible radar.  

Reveal is Australasia’s leading utility locating technology company, with a staff of subsurface utility engineers, geophysicists and GIS analysts working together to provide insights into the subsurface for a range of major civil infrastructure clients and utility network owners. 

Volvo CE 

Compact wheel loaders have proven themselves across construction sites, municipalities, landscaping, agriculture and waste and recycling applications for years. Two updated models from Volvo Construction Equipment are coming to market with some operator-focused improvements that build on that foundation. 
With the latest L30 and L35 compact wheel loaders, customers looking for 1.31.6 cubic yard bucket capacity or 2.4- to 2.6-ton fork payload will experience faster work cycles in addition to improved maneuverability, tractive force and performance. 
In addition to their already industry-leading visibility, these updated compact wheel loaders provide an even greater range of sight to the front and sides, thanks to a slimmer dashboard. Operators will benefit from more intuitive functions with a larger display that’s navigated via a jog wheel, and a more ergonomic multi-function joystick. 

A new feature unique to this size class is an advanced boom kick-out and bucket leveler option with boundary limits that can automatically lift and tilt the bucket to pre-programmed positions. Not only does this help experienced operators ensure precise repetitive movement with less fatigue, but it also helps less-experienced operators carry out speedier loading cycles. 
An electro-hydraulic main control valve enhances flow sharing among the hydraulic functions. The adjustable boom and tilt function (optional), allows the operator to set the flow of these functions using the jog wheel and display. This enables customized flows for specialty buckets or attachments. Independent hydraulic pumps provide simultaneous lifting and steering at speed. 

A big change for the new L30 and L35 is the addition of an eight-pin harness on the boom, which can be activated by a button on the joystick. This allows a wider range of attachments to be used without installing additional wiring – a major convenience for both operators and service techs. 

The new-generation units come with additional sensors to monitor their engine and cooling performance. A standard reversible cooling fan is adjustable to handle dusty and high debris conditions. The operator is informed of deviations in machine behavior, further improving reliability and reducing unplanned downtime. 
Volvo Construction Equipment is a leading international manufacturer of premium construction equipment, and one of the largest companies in the industry. It offers a wide range of products and services in more than 140 countries through its global distribution network.  

Miller Electric 

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, released the Bobcat 265 Air Pak and Trailblazer 330 Air Pak. In addition to the Air Pak options, Bobcat 265 is available in gas and LP models, while Trailblazer 330 comes in gas and diesel.  

The new Air Paks offer all the legendary benefits with the added advantage of an integrated industrial rotary-screw air compressor that eliminates the need for a separate compressor. These powerful machines are lighter and smaller than previous models, offering multi-process weld quality, auxiliary power, battery charge/crank assist and now, an air compressor – delivering all-in-one capabilities for maintenance, repair operations and field fabrication. 

Both Air Pak machines allow operators to run air impact wrenches and give 100-percent deliverable air. The compressor produces 30 cfm of air at 100-percent duty cycle and delivers 80-160 psi of air, with an optional storage tank for consistent airflow performance.  

Other benefits of the Bobcat 265 Air Pak and Trailblazer 330 Air Pak include:  

  • Auto-Set technology makes weld parameter setup quick, easy and precise for all operators. 
  • Standard battery charge/crank assist eliminates the need to carry a stand-alone battery charger. 
  • Advanced, independent welder and generator power system ensures no interaction between the welding arc and job-site tools, weld quality is increased, and job-site tools can run without interruption.  
  • Multi-process welder allows common welding processes, helping operators complete quality welds every time. 
  • Direct spool gun connection makes it quick and easy to connect spool guns for welding aluminum.  
  • Front panel predictive maintenance displays alert you when equipment needs to be serviced, and access doors and toolless panels make servicing the machine accessible and simple. 
  • Easily connect 240-volt tools without the need for an adapter. 
  • Digital interface speeds and simplifies machine setup. 
  • Machines are smaller and lighter than previous models for easier mobility and more truck space. 

Beyond the shared features, each machine has unique benefits. Bobcat 265 Air Pak is lightweight, at only 570 pounds, with a small footprint to fit easily on a work truck. 

Trailblazer 330 Air Pak features advanced settings designed to further productivity and weld quality. It provides up to 330 amps at 30.5 volts and 100-percent duty cycle to allow high deposition rates by running bigger-diameter, flux-cored wire and gouging thicker materials.  

Operators also get more control with pulsed TIG, and the updated Dynamic DIG technology provides smooth, consistent stick arcs tailored to match applications, materials, fit-up and welder technique.  

The Bobcat 265 Air Pak and Trailblazer 330 Air Pak engine-driven welders are now equipped with industrial rotary-screw air compressors to tackle maintenance and repair on any truck or job site. By eliminating the need for a separate air compressor, these all-in-one solutions can save operators and operations time, money and space.  

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, headquartered in Appleton, Wisc., is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller brand arc welding products and a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. 

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