May 2022 Vol. 77 No. 5

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Crawler-Mounted Vac Designed for Challenging Ground Conditions

Jeff Griffin | Senior Editor  

Ring-O-Matic has introduced two crawler-mounted vacuum excavators for use in areas where truck- and trailer-mounted units are unable to travel, said Tony Bokhoven, Ring-O-Matic director of sales and business development. 

Tracks distribute weight of the machine over a greater area with less ground pressure than wheels, for traveling across rough, uneven terrain and soft or wet soils. 

They are used for keeping work sites clear of horizontal directional drilling fluids, potholing to visually verify locations of existing utilities, digging trench in hard to access locations, and general clean up. 

“We were contacted by our customer, Multi Machine Inc., to design and develop hydraulic-driven units that would utilize the power plant and hydraulic system from two different Prinoth Panther crawler units,” said Bokhoven. 

The T8 model has a 550-gallon spoil tank and develops 1200 CFM from a 412 RAM positive displacement blower at 16 inches hg. The larger T12 has an 850-gallon spoil tank and develops 1,700 CFM from its 418 RAM PD blower. 

Standard crawlers for vacuum excavation unit are Prinoth Panthers. 

“Or,” Bokhoven said, “buyers may request a crawler of their choice, and we work with them to decide which unit is right for their machine, based on the specifications they are requesting. Once that is determined, they send us a crawler and we build the unit on their crawler. 

“Aside from the enhanced mobility and ground clearance provided by the Prinoth Panther crawlers, these units are equipped with reverse pressure for offloading material and obstructed hose clean out, higher CFM than standard units, as well as enhanced filtration to protect and enhance the life of the positive displacement blowers. 

“By utilizing the power plant and hydraulic system from the crawlers, the overall package of the machine is smaller, with less overall weight, optimizing flotation in wet and less stable terrain.” 

Multi Machine Inc., Asbury, N.H., owns six Ring-O-Matic crawler vacuum excavators, which the company rents to a variety of customers. 

“Contractors and project owners rent them for various projects where other equipment can’t be used,” said Curt Mornman, sales and rental manager. “Work in soft soils on wind and solar farms are two that come to mind. Customers like them because they are self-contained crawlers and vac units. Two are T12 models, four are T8s.” 

Ring-O-Matic is a leading innovator of trailer- and truck-mounted vacuum excavation and fluid management vacuum only machines. 

Multi Machine is a premier dealer for Prinoth tracked crawlers and provides a wide variety of equipment to construction markets. • 


Ring-O-Matic, (641) 628-1515, 

Multi Machine, 




Length: 18’7” 

Width: 8’ 

Height: 8’7” 

Ground Clearance: 17” 

Weight: 19,000 lbs. 

Payload: 16,000 lbs. 

Engine Horsepower: 225 hp 

Uphill Grade: 31 degrees 

Sidehill Grade: 21.8 degrees 

Max Speed: 6.2 mph 


Length: 25’3” 

Width: 8’6” 

Height: 11’8” 

Ground Clearance: 21” 

Weight: 33,700 lbs. 

Max Speed: 6.2 mph 




Specifications of Vacuum Excavator Units 


550-Gallon Spoils Tank 

200 CFM 412 RAM positive displacement blower @ 16” hg, driven by hydraulic drive system 

Pressurized Tank Offload, Pressure Filter Backflush 

Reverse Flow Suction Hose Blow-Out 

2x100-gallon poly freshwater tanks 

6.0 gpm @ 4000psi water pump 

Premium silencer package 

Hydraulic tank hoist 

Hydraulic full opening rear door standard with power door lock 

Sight-glass for level detection 

4” suction hose 

50’ x 3/8” high pressure hose reel with wash gun 

5’ potholing lance 

LED work lights 

Manual boom (strong arm) with 10’ reach 

Removable Water Heater with Setup (200,000 BTU: 60 degrees F over ambient @ 6 gpm; fuel burn rate of 1.8 g/hour) 

Spoils Tank Double Wash in-tank washing system 


850-Gallon Spoil Tank 

1700 CFM 418 RAM PD Blower 

Reverse Flow 

2x250-gallon water tanks 

6gpm / 4000 psi water pump 

6” six-way hydraulic boom 

Hydraulic Tank Hoist 

Full opening rear door 

Sight Glass in rear door 

Wireless remote 

480K BTU Water Heater 

Double in tank spoil wash out system 

Cyclonic 00 

Suction Hose: 6” 

Uphill Grade: 31 degrees 

Sidehill Grade: 21.8 degrees 

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